Design Wall Monday – August 30, 2010

This photo was taken with my cell phone.  Don’t ask me why . . my real camera is sitting right here.  This is as far as I’ve gotten with the quilt.  I think I’ll add one more vertical row and one more horizontal row, borders and then it will be big enough to be a nice size snuggle quilt.

What’s on your design wall?


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    My new design wall is working well… makes me want to keep sewing.. not that I’ve had too much time this week.
    I like the radomness [ is that a word!] of your quilt Judy.

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    Hey Judy,

    Do you have any followers in Japan? If so have them contact me, if not you will soon. Check out the news, on my blog and for the next 2 months I will be doing weekly give aways.

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    I love this quilt and someone is going to be so thrilled to own it!!! I may have to find this fabric for my horse crazy granddaughter.

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    Judy C in NC says

    This has turned into an awesome quilt. The added black was most definitely the right decision. I just love this quilt with all the beautiful colors.

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    This is a bright quilt that will make someone very happy. Especially if they like horses.
    I plugged your “Weekend Quilts” book again this week on my wall. I’m doing some more pieced borders, thanks to that book.

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    I love this quilt, Judy. The black sashings look cool. I’ll have to go back through the posts and catch up on this one. Not much time to sew last week so I didn’t read blogs as much:) Hoping to get more time this week. Then school starts here – yay!

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    It looks like it will make a great snuggle quilt. As always, I get so much inspiration from your Design Wall Monday.

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    Susan Torrens says

    Love the bright colours! Planning that type of quilt is a real challenge. I have some Noah’s Ark blocks from a panel that need the same treatment!

  9. 23


    I really like the artsy look of your quilt, Judy. Bright colors are my favorite, too. I’m finishing up a small Black-Eyed Susan quilt for my mom.

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    Good morning! I’m glad you continue to host Design Wall Mondays….they sure get me motivated to at least have a change in what’s on my wall. Your project is coming together….can’t wait to see what you do for the borders.

  11. 27


    Wow, #49 at 8:30 AM. I forget how many of you folks get up early on the other side of the country!

    Your quilt top is looking very jazzy Judy.

  12. 30


    LOL guess I forgot the hit post comment on my first try – that’s why you see a PPS in #29. Real busy this week but did get a photo up of the blocks I’ve added to my design floor.
    PS: Also hosting a giveaway on my blog. Go to my blog to enter. It’s quilting notions this time.

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    Mary P says

    Judy, Your quilt is so very cheerful. Thanks for hosting design wall Mondays for us. It’s always fun to see what everyone is up to.

  14. 33


    I have some of that same fabric. I have the pieces pinned on a ready made vest: they have been there for three years. Maybe I will get them appliqued on while you are finishing up your quilt: both will look great.

  15. 37


    This is one of my favorite of your quilts — I love working from the design wall and just seeing how things evolve. AND I like your new blog format. I can’t even remember the old one. Take Care.

  16. 39


    Wow, I love the color story and the images. They are very similar to Franz Marc’s horses, one of my favorite abstract expressionists.