Note to Self Quilt Along Tips

Don’t forget the Note to Self Quilt Along starts tomorrow. The first set of instructions will be posted around noon.

Over on the right sidebar, I’m adding a box to keep up with the Quilt along!  It will stay up til a couple of weeks after the Quilt Along is finished.

If you’re cutting your 2-1/2″ squares from 2-1/2″ strips, save all the leftover strips and piece them together for the binding.

Be sure that there’s plenty of contrast between your dark and light colored fabrics.

It doesn’t matter a whole lot about the amount of contrast between your light colored fabric and your background fabric because they are not next to each other anywhere.

Be sure your dark and light black fabrics do not blend with your dark colored fabrics.

For my own top, because I couldn’t come up with a light black, which I was hoping would be a black with a white design in it, I ended up using a dark navy for my dark black and a medium blue for my light black, all tone on tone (who would have guessed?) fabrics.  I was determined to use stash fabrics.

My top is done and I love it and hope you will too.  I did end up leaving off a couple of the borders because mine is going to be a donation quilt to the children’s home in Louisiana.  Once you’ve finished the main part of the top, you can do anything you wish with the borders but I will give you a border box with the sizes needed to make the top as shown.

Have fun!  Can’t wait to see the tops you make.


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    Debby Hughey says

    I’ve been in kind of a quilting rut lately. I’m getting excited about the quilt along! Your quilt designs are always cheery and bright. Thank you so much!