Memorial Day Challenge Quilts Sent

I had planned to line the Memorial Day Challenge Quilts up on the clothesline and get a picture but I’ve waited and waited and it’s either been raining or too wet or too windy so . . I give up!  Some that are being sent in this box can be seen here and some here.  Five quilts are ready to be sent but I could only get four in the box so, along with the one that didn’t fit, the ones shown below will go into the next box to Alycia.

The lighting is horrible in these pictures.  I don’t know why I didn’t have the overhead lights on but . . I didn’t! I’ll get better pictures once they’re finished and before I send them to Alycia.

This one needs binding.  It was sent in by Barbara S.

This one was sent in by Jo.  The colors are just gorgeous — rich, navy and red and she sent the same red fabric for the binding.

This one was sent in by Roxann and I’m going to hope she doesn’t mind and copy a bit of the note she sent along with the top:

This QOV top is in honor of my Dad who is a WWII vet.

Thank you Roxann, and thank you Roxann’s dad for your service!

There’s still at least one more and maybe two more to be quilted and finished.  Thanks again to every one of you who sent tops!


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    Thank you to you and everyone else who participated! As a soldier’s wife, I can tell you how I’ve heard these quilts are well received in the field.

    God bless…


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    That is so generous of you to do this quilting Judy! Most people have a hard enough time finishing their own projects, let alone tops that other people make!

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    Thank YOU judy, for providing the patterns AND finishing the tops. I wanted to do the quilt, but knew I couldn’t make the deadline, and my sewing room is a disaster, has been all summer (and probably eariler) but it is certainly on my list as soon as I finish my OTHER QOV quilt-maybe at quilt camp on Halloween! I am SO glad it is FINALLY fall, and the sewing can begin! (The REAL sewing that is….)

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    Mary Jo says

    It’s just amazing how different a quilt can look, just from the choice of fabrics. These quilts are all beautiful

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    These quilts are wonderful! I think there’s a special place in heaven for those who make beautiful, cozy quilts for total strangers whose appreciation for each other is timeless.