Duck Boat

Even though the duck boat had been launched into the lake at the park, this morning was the first time she was taken out to the conservation area for a real duck hunt.

Yesterday Chad brought home more grass, including cat tails!

This morning, way before anyone else around here got up, Chad was off to get his spot for hunting.  He got his limit in teal and by the time Vince and I got home from the flea market (where we went to look for a sewing machine cabinet that Vince could work on to make fit my new machine), Chad already had the ducks cleaned!

Notice the purple Crocs.  He did NOT wear those hunting but they’re Vince’s shoes.  Of course Vince noticed . . why are you wearing my shoes?

All the grass and cat tails and that flapping plastic duck and Chad’s waders and whatever else was in the boat . . all goes back in til the next hunting trip.

Chad is upstairs right this minute cooking his ducks.  He makes a curry sauce and serves them with lots of veggies.  Pretty good . . even for someone like me who isn’t crazy about duck!


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    my 19 yr.old son duck hunted too – he didn’t last year since he was in college though (and won’t this year either for same reason). I DO NOT miss the ducks though – they taste like liver, ick. LOL He has all the gear though – but he has one of those ‘coffin’ blinds instead of a boat 🙂 His first year working when he was 16 I swear that’s all he spent his money on (besides gas for his truck) was duck hunting equipment!

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    carol c says

    well, he brought home the “bacon”, Judy. Better get those purple crocs VInce!
    you really have a neat family!