Hazelnuts and Tofu

Doesn’t sound so yummy . . but those are two ingredients in this dish!

A  blog reader sent fresh hazelnuts and this recipe.  It was so good!  There are lots of bean sprouts in there so I figured Chad wouldn’t eat it.  When he came home for the weekend, I told him it was in the fridge and then Monday at lunch I was going to serve the leftovers for lunch but . . there were no leftovers!  Chad had feasted on this Pad Thai recipe and apparently loved it.

Thanks Kathy for the hazelnuts and the recipe.


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    Oh, it looks SO good! I would enjoy the recipe too! Usually pad thai has peanuts in it, which I can’t serve at our house due to allergies. This looks like a great alternative.

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    I wonder if it would be good with chicken? I’m allergic to soy protein, so no tofu for me. We’ve got plenty of hazelnuts here in Oregon though! Looks yummy.

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    Deb Myers says

    will you share the recipe? pretty please??? that food looks delish! i LOVE hazelnuts and tofu~ the thought of them together actually sounds quite yummy!! glad you’re enjoying shipshewana~ sure is a lovely little town, isn’t it?? we get to visit frequently~ it’s only 3+ hours from chi-town! (we’re slightly west of chicago~~~) i’m tempted to hop in my car and drive east~~ just to get to meet you!!! have a wonderful weekend!

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    Kathy doesn’t have to send hazelnuts to the rest of us, but I’m sure all of your readers would love to have the recipe.

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      Kathy C says

      I’ll post the link to the Hazelnut Pad Thai (tofu & hazelnuts) below so Judy can enjoy her retreat and not have to do this when she gets home. Sounds like she is having WAY TOO much fun.
      YES Linda, they were Oregon hazelnuts (they call them filberts in the other 49 states).
      I am delighted that Judy et al. enjoyed the dish.