Ugly Shoes

They would be ugly enough if they were mine but it’s worse . . they’re Vince’s.  You thought the purple Crocs were ugly!

A lady attending the retreat brought Vince a gift — decorations for his Crocs.  I just don’t know if I’m going to give them to him.  These shoes are bad enough but adding decorations . . I don’t think so.

He said “Don’t worry . . I won’t wear them outside the house.”  I wanted to say “You’re so right . . you won’t wear them with me . . that’s for sure!”.

I’m thinking they just may get lost . . soon!


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    Ida says

    My son has two pair of pink crocs .. each in a shade of hot pink. And he PROUDLY wears them out of the house. Then again, he wears them to get the reaction … and because they’re comfy. 😉

    For the record, I got tired of him stealing my pink/salmon pair anytime he was here … and tromping down the ‘back’ because his feet are bigger than mine. He kept saying that if he had his own pink crocs he’d stop taking mine. So, I searched and searched, and finally broke down and ordered him a pair from The second pair, well, he found those at Ollies [a discount store]. They’re not TRUE Crocs, but they pass well enough. 😀

    My crocs come in: pink/salmon, purple, moss-green, army green mary-jane, black mary-jane, black (no holes), and yellow (no holes — really look like Mickey Mouse feet!).

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      Ida says

      OH! And I have some of those ‘decorations’. On my purple pair I proudly wear a pink breast cancer ribbon Jibbitz ™ [ ]. I have some others, but that’s the only one I wear. And the purple were purchased ESPECIALLY for a Relay for Life walk/march in D.C. — 10,000+ walkers strong!

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    Diane says

    I have arthritis in my feet andankles so even though Crocs have to be the ugliest shoes I have seen I have several pair. When my feet hurt they are the only shoes I can wear. I have a pair of Sketcher slide on shoes that are very cushy too for when I need to leave the house and look presentable.

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    carlasuewho says

    Ha ha! That`s funny. Last Mother`s Day my son`s family came to visit. He walked in wearing camouflage crocs. I said “Those are the ugliest shoes I`ve ever seen”. He handed me a gift bag and said “Happy Mother`s Day”. You guessed it, camo crocs. He thought they`d be good to wear in the garden. After wearing them in the house 3 minutes, they became my fave shoes EVAH. Ugly, yes. But comfy! Different son gave me decorative buttons for them on my birthday. 10 of them, 5 for each shoe. I`m wearing them now, with Halloween socks.

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    pat says

    I have them and wear them everywhere I go.

    Even in the hospitals the doctor’s and nurses are wearing them because their legs don’t hurt at the end of the day. And they can wash them if something gets on them.

    I wear them because I have leg and feet trouble and I can’t wear alot of different shoes but these I can.

    I wish I had some decorations for my shoes. I would be proud to wear them.

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    Oh, I love my crocs!! I say REAL MEN WEAR CROCS!!!!! Now…I am sure you won’t show Vince this comment!!!! I love them for the comfort….but you are right…they are not too pretty to look at!!

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    lw says

    I don’t have any, and I don’t know where I’d buy them, but I think they’d make great gardening shoes. Hopefully they come in navy blue (so they go with my jeans.)

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Judy, I love my crrocs. Have had a pair for about 3 years (navy). I wear them in the winter all the time. I wear a size 12 shoe and have a very difficult time buying real shoes. Just bought a pair of Cole Hann suede loafers when we were in Las Vegas and there was a Nordstroms. I am hoping they will work for wearing with jeans and slacks this winter. I have about 6 pairs of their sandals which I love. DH has several pairs of sandals which he really likes. The are so ugly but sooo comfortable!

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    Melanie says

    They are ugly. I wear mine when I quilt on my concrete floor or when I am home doing housework. I can stand all day in them and not have every bone and muscle in my body ache. Mine are bright orange and my dad calls them clown shoes. He hates to see me wearing them.

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    Oh, yes….Crocs are ugly BUT I find them comfy, too. I do have one decoration…a Mickey Mouse to wear when we go to Walt Disney World. I wear my Crocs as often as I can. I’m at the age where I don’t care if somebody thinks my shoes are ugly. LOL

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    shirley bruner says

    Crocs are all i wear…everywhere. my feet love them. i have every color. my hubby has some, too. after a certain age comfort is more important than style. i have camo ones, too. LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    ROTFLOL, you’d never believe this, but i can just see you and Vince at the VIP author’s table at Paducah. you’d be dressed really nice and Vince would be there with his green t-shirt, navy shorts, and purple DECORATED crocs.

    now that would be a hoot!
    You two would have the most popular table there.

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    Do you watch “Project Runway”? Hey, it’s about sewing!! Anyway, Tim Gunn, the mentor and fashion expert was asked, “what fashion item would you like to wipe off the face of the earth”. His reply, “No question. Crocks!”

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    Wait a minute. I LOVE crocs. I have several kinds and have introduced my husband and daughter to them, too. Very comfortable and mine last and last. And purple is great: orange is better.

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      Angie says

      Amy, I’m with you. I’ve tried wearing Crocs, and my feet get all sweaty and start slipping around in them. I actually got a blister on the ball of my foot from wearing them. They just feel squishy, which I guess is their appeal.

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    Darlene S says

    OH NO Judy, don’t you dare throw those beautiful crocs out — Unless of course you throw them my way. I love purple as you know and a lot of my wardrobe is red too. (I once was a purple hat lady). My husband ran the lawnmower over one of my purple crocs and now it has little bite size pieces missing from the top and around the heel. I still can keep them on, so they are worn almost every day (at home because of their scruffy looking). My feet are large (9 1/2) so I’m sure Vince’s would fit.!! 🙂 🙂

    I didn’t see the decorations on them though, unless you mean the colored heel flap was different than the shoes. Dar

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    Marie says

    A number of yrs ago I bought two pairs of Croc’s from my Avon rep. They had them on sale for 4.99 and I have never regretted it. Have one pr that is hot pink/orange and the other is green/blue and wear them all the time and everywhere. They are the greatest when you have to walk for a long time like at a hospital. Would not want to live without them.

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    Sandy says

    I have a pair of red Crocs that I love. Hubby hates them and will ask me “are you going to wear those?” if we are planning on going somewhere. I usually wear them around the house but wintering in TX, ALOT of people wear them everywhere! Now don’t laugh…………but I don’t like the sweaty feeling wearing them barefoot so I wear them with white socks. I know I will never be a fashion statement. I go for comfort,lol.