Connect the Dots – Clue #3

1.  From Fabrics 2 and 4, cut 3 – 2-3/4″ strips.  Sew those together and cut into 34 – 2-3/4″ segments.

2.  From Fabrics 2 and 3, cut 3 – 2-3/4″ strips.  Sew those together and cut into 34 – 2-3/4″ segments.

3.  Sew the units from steps 1 and 2 together to make 34 four patches:

4.  Sew these units to the “F” units to create Block B.  Make 17.

5.  Sew the rows together as follows:

Make 4 Rows:

Make 3 Rows:

6.  Sew the rows together as follows.

Add a border of your choice or you can see the borders I used tomorrow.


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    Oh. My. Goodness. If I had seen the photo of this quilt, I would have never tried this mystery. I would have thought “I can not do that”. I still almost feel like that, but have to remind myself, Hey, you have half of the blocks already done!

    Judy, thank you so very much for this mystery. It has really made me feel like I can do things that look complicated. I am loving this quilt and now I wish I did not have to work today so I could sew!! I am so excited and can not wait to finish and email you the pictures!!

    This has been so much fun!!!!

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    Thanks, Judy. I think I will be doing a ‘reverse’ mystery and using up my special stash of Granny’s Mickey Mouse Christmas fabrics to make this one. Love it!

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    This quilt is beautiful! I will definitely have to make one after Christmas. Everyone always thinks I’m so clever when I make one of your patterns. They don’t know how easy you make it for us with your wonderfully clear instructions! 🙂 Thank you for giving us another great pattern.