My Family Loves Ugly Shoes

Remember the ugly tomato red Crocs?

Over the weekend Chad called me to come outside and look at something he wanted to do to his boat.  I walked out and what do you think he hadon his feet?

I said . . Chad!  Why do you have on those ugly shoes?

He said:  They match my outfit! Couldn’t argue with that.

A blog reader gave Vince some decorations for his crocks.  Chad chose one for the ugly red crocs.

He’s so proud to wear the patriotic crocs.

Then the mailman came and brought  a package for Vince.  In the package were three pairs of crocs.  Three identical pairs of crocs.  Why?  How many pairs of crocs does one man need?  In my opinion, the answer is zero.

I said to him:  Vince, you are out of control! He then walked into my sewing room and pointed to all the fabric and said “Who is out of control?”

End of discussion.  I don’t want to talk about this any more!


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    oh Judy I so hear you I dislike them very very much..nah you not out of control with your fabric you knows exactly where it is and where to store more,cheers Vickie

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    Yep, I think my mouth would be shut about now! Crocs are even uglier than my Dansko’s that my husband says “those are the ugliest shoes anyone ever wore.” I wore them when working as a nurse and they are comfortable. Of course Mike would be happy if all I ever wore was cowboy boots–not happening!

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    fitzy says

    I saw some Crocs called Patricia, it’s a really nice lookin’ sandle that I’d like to get my hands on. Now if they could just make some heels, I could dress up for work, lol. Love my Crocs, but WOW, my feet are spreading out because of their lack of support!

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      I misread your post – thought you wrote “saddle,” rather than sandal. Got all excited, thinking someone was going to bring back saddle shoes again. 🙂

  4. 7

    Diane says

    ‘Nuf said! LOL
    We no longer use that sentence in this house. Me with my fabric/sewing machines and my husband with his firearm/ammunition collection.

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, yep, we all have our favorite obsessions. one good thing though–the look like they will last a while, so it’s probably good value for the money spent.

  6. 10

    pat says

    I love my crocs and where them everywhere I go.

    And the fabric I have alot of that too which I’m not giving up either.

    I wish I had some of the decorations for my crocs too.

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    They used to only come in stupid colors, I have a pink pair, I am definitely NOT a pink person. Black is so much better….

    I will laugh all doy now! Thank you!

    glen: crocs………..LOL

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    Your son is right, those crocs do match his outfit, they are about the same colour as the word on his shirt. Amazing, a man noticing this.

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    Becky I. says

    At least he’s chosen a more neutral color. I agree about not bringing the quilt fabric into the conversation. That is completely unfair territory, he should never ever go there, after all it is cheaper than a psychiatrist and it is more effective too!

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    What is so horrible is when the foot doctor (not sure how to spell podiatrist) tells you that is the only kind of shoe you should be wearing!!! Luckily we have a Croc outlet in Monroe, OH and they make other designs besides the ones Chad and Vince are wearing. Although those are wonderful to wear in the summer in Northern Michigan where you fight sand all the time. Just douse them in water and your clean again. So maybe give them that they are doing good for their feet!!! Ugly or not!

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    Dear Judy L,
    I consider you to be my friend……..please don’t be offended as I sit here and laugh and laugh and laugh. Not very often does the husband have the last word. Thanks you for making my morning start of perfect.
    Judy D

  12. 17


    I received my first pair of Crocs when I was pregnant and I pretty much wore them the whole 41 weeks, LOL. I still wear them. Mine are a demure navy that blends in with my jeans, though. 🙂

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    Ouch! Vince dealt a low blow…besides, your stash is ‘shrinking’. You use more than you purchase.

  14. 19

    Cindy B says

    I bought my two young adult stylish DDs each a pair of fleece lined Crocs for Christmas last year. They were like, is this a gag gift, MOM? When I go to their houses (which is often, they live close by) what do you think they have on their feet? The fleece lined bright yellow Crocs.

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    I love my crocs and especially the rhinestones that add the bling across the top. They are so comfortable, that you forgive their ugliness.