Lazy Sunday Afternoon

My dad is in the hospital in Louisiana and I so wish I could get there quickly but until I know more, I’m going to stay here.  If I fly, I’d about have to drive to Kansas City and then fly to Houston and rent a car.  That would mean crossing bridges to get home and we know that’s not going to happen.  I want to be with Vince and Chad at Thanksgiving so going to Louisiana this week isn’t a good idea unless I really need to do so and if I need to go, I will.  Prayers for my dad and mom would be greatly appreciated.

It feels like fall here.  It’s what I would call a perfect day!  Cool, sunny, just a bit of wind.  Just gorgeous.  Most of the leaves are off the trees.

My chickens are loving the cooler weather.  I let some of them out and they love running around but they love going back into their secure area too.  Some of them won’t even come out when I coax them but others try to get out every time the door is open.  They’ve cut back on their laying and I’m only getting 4 eggs most days.  Haven’t seen a green egg from those darned Easter Eggers in forever.  Maybe they’re done with the laying.

The moles are doing what moles do.

The tomato plants that sprouted from the chicken yard are blooming but they’re going be frozen soon.

If my cabbage and broccoli don’t hurry up, a hard freeze is going to get them too.

I made bread and cookies for Chad to take back to school.  It’s from the frozen sugar cookie dough I made a while back.  Was so nice to be able to take a roll out, slice it and bake it without having a big mess to clean up.

I spent most of the afternoon making pinwheels.  There will be big ones and small ones . . lots of them!

What’s everyone else doing this lazy afternoon?


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    Dorothy S says

    Prayers for your dad! We had about 3 inches of snow on Thursday. But, so you know it is not fair to loose 20 pounds by giving up Dr. Pepper! I can go a monthe with out it, and dieting and might get lucky and loose 5 – 8 pounds.

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    I will keep you and your dad in my prayers. Hope he is back home soon.

    I’m squaring up a couple of quilts that have been quilted so I can bind them.

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    Connie says

    Praying for you folks, Judy. Hang in there! I’ve not done too much today, but I had to go to Walmart (yuck) Now I’m home hanging and will do some handquilting in a bit. Oh, I took this little trivia quiz this morning about chickens and was able to answer one right thanks to the fact that I know you and know chickens can lay green eggs. 🙂

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    Your pinwheels are perfect Judy! I keep trying to get mine that way, HA! I have rolls raising, made a fall tomato salad, and going to make chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole. Also I am sewing quilt blocks together to finish up a quilt. Great day here!

    I said a prayer for your parents Judy and I will continue to do so. Keep us posted if you can.

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    pdudgeon says

    Hope your folks will be ok, Judy.
    I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and spotted the new Quiltmaker’s “100 blocks”, and “America loves Scrap Quits” from McCall’s magazine. I’ve been waiting for both of them to arrive, so of course they went into the grocery cart as essential purchases.

    Came home and ate some delicious cajun chicken and rice soup and cheese breadsticks for lunch. then i sat down to watch the Colts win their football game, and sew the binding on my latest quilt. I’m getting quick enough to sew a binding on a twin size quilt in 4 quarters now (especially if they have a couple of official’s time outs!)

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    eve in ga says

    Your Dad and Mom and you are in my prayers, Judy. I know it’s so hard to be so far away at a time like this. {{{{HUGS}}}}

    I put a corned beef brisket in the crockpot @ 6a.m. And I ‘ve been marking and cutting 4″, 6″, and 8″ circles for 24 scrappy Bull’s Eye blocks to take to guild tomorrow night. I have over half of them cut now, but better get busy if I’m gonna have them stitched and cut into fourths in time. LOL!

    Don’s been at the hunt camp all weekend, and will drive home after the evening hunt. The veggies will be quick to fix when they’re needed to go with the brisket. Don’t think I’ll be able to wait for him, tho’. That corned beef and some mustard are really calling my name already. Eve

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    liz says

    My prayers are for your family – hope your dad will be back home soon.

    I’ve gone to the library to pick up some books, went to the grocery store to check on the cranberries (they are still too expensive to try drying them) and then I’ve been raking leaves. And, airing out my house – still haven’t figured out why I had that allergic attack, but I am sniffling again! But, now off to the quilt room!

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    Judy I have lifted you all up in prayer – praying for healing for your dad and peace about the situation for you and your mom. If there were more that I could do you know that I would, you’ve only to ask. As for what I’m doing today – it’s a gorgeous fall day here too. Blue skies, not a cloud in the sky and in the upper 50’s. I walked a little but the neighbor’s pit bulls were out so I came back in much quicker than I wanted after avoiding their house. I’m sewing hard this weekend, working on two Christmas quilts. One is from ‘Tis The Season by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks. The other is a cute Santa panel I’m putting borders on. I have 3 on and am planning a piano key border for the 4th. I love deer season when my husband is at deer camp and I don’t cook or clean or do laundry for several days – only sewing! blessings, marlene

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    Chili simmering on the stove…I was working on a table runner for which I have a class on Tuesday night…got to catch up since I missed last month’s class when we were in Wyoming. Also planning on what to take to our retreat this coming weekend!

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    Judy good thoughts are coming your way. I hope you dad is out of the hospital soon.

    Our weather here in Texas is about the same as yours today. I am reworking the rick rack border on a quilt. 🙁

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    Sandy says

    I hope you get good news about your dad and he will soon be well and back home. Thoughts and prayers are with them…and you.

    I am still getting things put away in our Texas winter home and have been shopping for end tables, lamps, a table to sew on…the list keeps growing since this will be our first year in our new home. I can’t wait to start sewing!

    We spent time visiting with neighbors on their porch this afternoon. I love the slower pace here and seeing good friends.

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    I finally made a trip to a quilt store–the first time since moving to Austin. The one closest to me is closed on Sunday, so I had to drive a bit further … but when I got there, I realized it is close enough to where I work to make a lunch time quilt store run possible, if needed 😉

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    Sending prayers for your family your way. I’m getting ready for a three-night retreat, leaving in the morning. Busy getting my meal lined up, my projects prepped, and trying to leave DH some good food at home. Whoops, notice what came last?

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    Ditto on the prayers for your dad. And if you DO drive south, we will be glad to help you get across the BIG OL’ BRIDGE in our area if you need us to.

    I had planned on having a restful afternoon after church… piecing on my son’s Christmas quilt that probably won’t be finished by Christmas, and knitting on my socks. Company showed up and I have not gotten much done. I am just about to start the 2nd block. Then I WILL go knit while I watch TV this evening. I am almost through with the heel flaps on my socks, and I am already thinking about the next pair!

    Kat in Tamale Land

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      Thanks Kat. If I were crossing the Sabine in your area, I’d definitely have to get help. When I go, I’ll probably take my usual “small bridge” route and cross over on 190.

      • says

        Yummo! You are flinging a craving on me (one of my mom’s sayings)!! We haven’t had them in a few weeks. I think it is getting time!


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    Elaine says

    Oh no, Judy, I sure hope your dad’s gonna be ok! I just got home after a fun day with the family. We had lunch at Lambert’s and then just hung out with them seeing their cruise pics! What a great time. No quilting today and it’s not lookin’ good for this week…..big painting projects goin’ on!

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    Sending prayers and good vibes to you and your family.

    Today has been a full day of visitors, some come, some go. It’s been a very full day of conversation. 🙂 Now it’s quiet and he wants to take a nap and I want to sew.
    Love your pinwheels!

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    Funny about the bridge. I do ok on the regular big ones, but we were going to cross the Misissippi River at Cairo Ill, started up this steep really narrow, OLD bridge, got scared and and backed right back down. Thank goodness no one was coming behind me.

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    Hiya, Judy. I’m working on Moda’s “Lumiere de Noel” using my own fabrics, instead of those in the kit. Same red/white/cream color scheme, but different fabrics.

    We have a ‘new’ (i.e. younger) flock of hens, which include among others 2 Americaunas, Black Jersey giants and Marans. The new flock is now 7 months old and I’m *STILL* waiting for most of them to start sitting down on the job. I know they’re not producing because I haven’t seen hide nor hair of any green shelled eggs nor the ‘chocolate’ eggs that the Jerseys & Marans are supposed to lay.

    I’ve strongly suggested that I’m about to hang a rubber chicken in the hen house as an example of what could happen to wayward hens, but like certain children who live in our household, the little ladies aren’t listening to me. 🙂

    Our white crested black Polish chickens are faithful producers but alas, their eggs are PeeWee sized! One of them turned out to be a rooster (cute little bugger!), who we have named Einstein, which if you are familiar with Polish roosters, is self-explanatory. 🙂

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    Linda in NE says

    So sorry to hear your Dad isn’t well, hope he will soon be OK. Puttered a little this afternoon on cutting some orange & blue squares for the “Orange Crush” but it’s been a pretty boring day in general.

  20. 26


    Prayers for your dad and the rest of your family too. Fairly lazy afternoon here too – play date and then a birthday party. Gonna commune with the couch and some binding this evening 🙂

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    Robin says

    Prayers for your dad- I know what you’re going through- went through the same thing myself this past June and July- it’s hard to live far away from your family.

  22. 30

    Robin says

    OOps meant to also add that i finally finished the baby quilt for the newest granddaughter who is now a month old ( better late than never I guess)

  23. 31

    Carla says

    Judy your family and Dad are in my thoughts. I hope your dad is back to his old self out of the hospital soon

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, prayers are coming your way for your dad and mom and of course you. Hope he gets to feeling well again and back home. I spent the morning cutting out some pillowcase sets for the retreat next week and planning a gift quilt for a neighbors’ young boys. This necessitated me having to go shopping for a piece of fabric (see stash report). Now I’m washing said fabric and packing for retreat. Dar

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    Patricia Ojeda says

    Judy, Your family, your Dad and you are in my prayers.

    I have been working on a signature quilt. I am squaring up the embroidered names now. After that, I will be adding half square triangles to the squares. Hopefully, I will be done with the top in a week. Pray for me! Wink Wink! I have to get this done before December 15!


  26. 34

    Cheryl L says

    Packing my bags for a week long quilt retreat!

    Judy, your dad and mom, will be in my prayers……you, too, because I know how it is to be a long distance from parents. It puts you in a real quandry when stuff like this happens and you’re torn between needing to be two places. Hopefully, he’ll be much better real soon.

  27. 35

    Judy K says

    Hope everything works out for your folks! I spent the day with my sister, road testing her new sewing machine. She had encountered a few bumps in the road during the week, but I was able to help with those. We took a walk in sunny but cool afternoon and I was able to bind two quilts while she sewed.

  28. 38

    Karla W in Texas says

    Judy my prayers are with you and your dad. I just found out that my mother spent 5 days in the hospital for double pneumonia. No one bothered to let me know until she got home. Its so hard living so far from the family especially my mom.

  29. 39

    Cindy from CA says

    Sending prayers and good thoughts for you, your Dad and your family! So hard to have everyone so far away!

    It was 72 degrees today here in California and a little humid (strange for us). So I spent some time outside planting cilantro and lettuce seeds. I also pulled up some flowering plants to give to my chickens (8)!

    I cut and sewed borders on a quilt I am making for my daughter for Christmas.

    Then I got real inspired and made Jalapeno Jelly from Jalapenos from my garden. They turned bright red before I picked them — so they will be great Christmas presents. I have enough Jalapenos for at least two more batches! Not to worry! I have enough friends and family that will take everything that I can. Just need to buy some more 1/2 pint jars!

    I enjoy your blog everyday (I check back several times!)


  30. 40


    I didn’t sew, but my design wall is getting ready now that it’s almost MONDAY.
    I am making Pinwheels too! I hope your father is alright and you don’t have to fly in a rush or drive over bridges. I think I caught your Bridge phobia from you. I get squeamish just thinking about going over a high bridge. If your design wall is empty, we will inderstand.

  31. 42


    I haven’t had any time to read blogs lately, so I was surprised when I dropped in this morning and saw the new look… FANTASTIC! This is the best yet Judy, so much more professional looking!

    I am so sorry to hear that your Dad is in the hospital. My thoughts are with you and I hope all is well soon.

    Congrats on the weight loss! Did you send it my way?

  32. 45


    I hope your dad is doing well this morning.

    I got that deer butchered. You asked me to let you know how it went: Well, I botched the skinning part, but I’ll know better next time. After that it went very smoothly. It was actually fun! We ended up with 38+ pounds of various cuts wrapped and in the deep freeze, including 11 pounds of homemade breakfast sausage and some precut cubes for Barry’s favorite venison recipe, Venison Burgundy (done in a pressure cooker). Also 7 quarts of chunks which I canned. I think I’ll do that again! I just did one canner full this time so I wouldn’t mess up too much meat if it didn’t go well.

    I also have some tallow that I have not yet weighed, but I’m guessing about 5 pounds, and I’m making stock right now from the back leg bones.

    It was a wonderful gift.

  33. 47


    Prayers for your dad. Don’t forget Springfield as an airport choice. Sometimes it is surprisingly affordable and convenient.