Dad Update

My dad is still in the hospital.  Again, thank you so much for your prayers and emails.  The only information I’m getting is from mom and she’s tired and worried and I’m hoping this is all correct.  They did a stress test today and maybe another test and there is some blockage.   I believe they’re doing angioplasty tomorrow and maybe a stint (maybe those two are the same thing . . I don’t know).

Please continue to pray for Dad and Mom.  My sister will be there with mom tomorrow for the surgery so at least Mom isn’t going to be alone.


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    Hi Judy, I’m well acquainted with stints since my DH has a “stint in a stint” in his left carotid artery. Best wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery, and I’ll send up prayers for him, your mom, you, and the doctors. I know you wish you could be there. Keep us posted.

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    Gwen says

    Judy, your Dad, Mom and Sister are in my prayers. You especially have my prayers because I know how very hard it is to be the one not th..ere. Stent procedures are not new to my family. My youngest son had is first two almost 8 years ago. Between Nov ’09 and March ’10 he had three more. He will be 42 in Jan. I’ll be virtually holding your hand tomorrow and saying many, many prayers. Hugs

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    Thinking of you my dear and Mom and Dad of course. Angioplasty is the procedure to go in and try to open the blockage. If it doesn’t stay open the stent will be used.

    Again many hugs!

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    Sandy says

    Judy, your dad is in my prayers. Angioplasty is quite common these days and many patients are up and around soon after. I had a 90% blockage in my aortic artery a week before I turned 46. The doctor said mine was caused from having uncontrolled high blood pressure. It will be 15 years on December 6th this year and I haven’t had any trouble since then and feel great. It is good that they found it before he had a heart attack. My heart wasn’t damaged either as they opened up the blockage before it could cause damage. I will be praying for your dad that he has a successful surgery.

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    Glad your Dad is getting evaluation and things are going forward. The human body is a complicated thing! I am a medical transcriptionist for the physiology (heart and lung studies) department of a hospital so have typed lots of stress tests. Angioplasty is no fun but can definitely improve everything if successful and the stent works well. Healing thoughts sent your way and for your Dad.

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    Judy, I will keep your dad, your mom and your family in my prayers this week. Hope the path the doctors need to follow becomes clearer tomorrow. It’s so hard not knowing where things are going when it’s family.

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    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. My DH had a heart attack a couple of months ago and had 2 stents put in and has been fine since then – typical man he had chest pains and numbness in his arm for a week before he said anything about it. It is amazing what medical science can do these days. I’ll say an extra prayer that he sails through this with flying colors – take care.

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    Patricia Ojeda says

    Your Dad, Mom, you and your family are in our prayers. Especially when he will be going through the procedure. He will be fine!

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    Angie says

    My thoughts and prayers go out to your Dad and Mom and your family Judy. Heart related procedures are much more advanced in just this past decade, and you Dad should be feeling much better very soon. Take care—

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    Judy I’m still praying – my dad had bypass surgery, angioplastys numerous times, and at least a dozen stents. When they do angioplasty if he needs a stent they will likely do it while they’re there all in one procedure. Daddy always felt so much better after that – a remarkable differrence. blessings, marlene

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    Judy, praying for you. Do you have a sister in Vacaville, Ca? There is a lady out here who could be your twin! I swear, she looks just like you 🙂 She works in the trophy engraving shop in town and is just the sweetest thing. I want to call her Judy when I talk to her, but she might think I’m crazy 🙂

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    Shari says

    I’ll be keeping you and your family in my prayers Judy. I “know” things will turn out well with so many prayers being given for him.

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    I just prayed for your dad. The field of cardiology is somewhat miraculous in what they can do. I know many who have had stents and they have felt much more energetic afterwards. I hope your mom is taking care of herself and not letting herself get run-down during this stressful time.

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    quilterbee says

    Sending prayers for your Dad’s surgery and recovery. I’ll be checking back for an update.

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    Evelyn says

    I know this is hard for you being so far from your parents, so it is good that your sister can be there right now. You can’t be in 2 places at once! The hospitals tend to do these things all the time, so even though they are scary for us, they are very routine for the doctors. Just be comforted by the fact that many, many prayers and good thoughts are being sent your way during this time.

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    Freda Henderson says

    Sending prayers to and your family Judy. Stents are a good thing, my dear hubby has 7 and also a stent in a stent. Some people are blessed with blood that clots too quickly and he is one of them.

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    Judy, I’m just catching up with your news. I’m so sorry Dad is going through this, but I’m thinking positive thoughts and praying for you all. He’ll be fine and will be back looking for Featherweights before you know it! xox