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Sorry about Mr. Linky this morning.  I have no control over when they update/upgrade but it’s back to working now so if you missed adding your link, please come back and do so.

No news on Dad.  They’re waiting for a cardiologist to see him this morning and Mom will let me know what happens next.  Thanks so much for your comments and emails and especially for your prayers for him.

Now that I have the print tool on this blog, I’m going to start posting recipes back here.  I really can’t keep up two blogs.  I’m going to go back to posting my weekly menu on Saturday.  It will be for the following week beginning on Monday but it helps me to have it posted here so I can check it from wherever I am.  I will post links to the recipes I’m using if they’re from the internet or if they’re something I’ve adapted for us, I’ll share that recipe but if it’s something from a cookbook, I’ll tell you that also.  If it helps you with your meal planning . . great.  If not, just skip over that post.

If you’ve never done meal plans for a week in advance,  you might try it a few weeks and see what you think.  I love doing it . . takes all the guess work out of “what’s for dinner tonight?”.  Sometimes my plans get changed and we don’t follow the menu for a day or two.  It’s not like do or die . . just a guideline that helps me a lot.

I’m not crazy about the print button I have on this blog but I like the one over at Lime Green Kitchen so I’m going to change the button here.


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    Judy, I was so sad to hear that your father was having health problems. Of course we will be praying for you and your family………..

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    I’ve always done my menu planning for at least a week in advance. I look ahead to see when I’ll be in town next for my next grocery shop, and then plan enough meals to get me through until then. I’m certain it saves me money at the grocery store too since I’m never running in for just one or two things and then coming out with thirty.

    I used to make a new recipe every night. I did that for about two years before I got burned out on it, but I sure built up a nice recipe database. Now when I need to use leftovers, I just put the item in a search box, and it brings up several recipes that I could use it for. The one I use is called MasterCook. I love it.

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    We do the menu plan thing too, and if I’m feeling particularly lazy or uninspired I ask the kids to do it! The only rule is each night has to be a different meal – otherwise it would be 7 days of tacos – but they generally do a fabulous job… in a carnivorous kind of way. And the plan looks so pretty in crayons.

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    Toni says

    We do menu plans at our house. I find it saves food, time and money. We don’t always have, as an example, Mondays plan on Monday but we do have the meals planned, that week.

    We are both avid fisherpersons, my husband hunts, we raise chickens and have a garden. So we make good use of natures bounty. We think canning is fun. Recently my husband has gotten into making bread. I mean real bread! Yum!

    I have to say…I don’t know how you accomplish so much! You are an true inspiration!

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    I am trying to get the “cook” to do this. I do it when he is gone, since I HATE cooking, so I will make, or plan a few meals ahead. It works great, but since one person takes 2 weeks to eat a pot of soup (yes, I do freeze it too) I get alot of meals out of one dinner. In 2 weeks, I probably make 3 dishes. Did I mention I hate cooking? I think it IS the planning, and trying to get everything done all at the same time, and having all the ingredients. I am very linear,(sp?) and this is a problem in cooking and quilting. Read a step, do a step, dont read ahead. This might be another reason I hate to cook, you kind of have to read ahead to see about preparing, and starting something first, etc. Sometimes I wonder why I like quilting! Oh yea, FABRIC!!