The Last Song

A while back I read the Nicholas Sparks book, The Last Song, and I cried so much I could hardly breathe one night.  Vince was so aggravated with me for continuing to read it.  Today we received a movie from Netflix.  You know where this is going.  Vince said . . I ordered this one because you’ll like it.  It’s The Last Song and I’m crying my eyes out right now.  Hard to believe I cried through the book and now I’m crying through the movie!


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    Thanks for the heads up, Judy. I’ll probably avoid that one. I cry very easily. I actually used to cry at Pepsi commercials (remember the one with the little girl who drops her baton a million times, but catches it in the parade? GEEZ!). Tissues are a major staple in my house.

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    I’ll have to rent the movie. The book was great but then all of Nicholas sparks books are great. And all tear jerkers too. I try not to read the last few chapters in front of my hubby since he laughs at me.

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    Read it myself a few weeks ago while we were travelling to volleyball games. I’d read it on the way to a game and my husband, also Vince, would ask me to put it away when we got close so I could dry up my tears and hopefully my red face and puffy eyes would go away before we reached the game. When I read in bed, I sobbed and woke him up. Don’t think we’ll be seeing it on Netflix…I don’t have it in me!

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    Laura says

    Just finished reading his book Safe Harbour. It is also a great book and I understand it is being made into a movie.

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    Gwen says

    It’s good to have a good book or movie cry sometimes. It helps keep us from crying about other things in our lives. Hugs!

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    Sharon says

    I loved the book even though it is tough to read if you have just lost a parent as I had. Cried through the book and then boo-hooed through the movie too. How could you not? Just finished his latest book which is also great.