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Yesterday I heard from a high school friend, who is also a facebook friend, about (stay with me here) . . her parents have a friend whose 7 year old granddaughter has cancer.  I want to make a quick quilt for her.  I’m thinking disappearing nine patch.  I need to get it done and in the mail.  Help me decide which fabrics to use for a little girl.

No. 1 is a bundle of fat quarters, Piggy Pirouette by Benartex.  I love that dancing pig . . but I only have 10 fat quarters.  I don’t think that would a big enough quilt, even for a cuddle size.  The pink is a rosy pink, the green is a dusty green and I’m not having any luck pulling fabrics from my stash that don’t look like “Hey . . she stuck an extra piece or two in.”  That’s why I rarely buy collections of anything.

No. 2 is this fat quarter bundle.  There are 18 fat quarters here and that’s plenty but I think this looks more boyish than girlish.

Third choice is this group:

I do have fabrics I can pull to go with this.  But, look what happened when I did that.

Out went the prints and the tone on tones stayed in.  I’m kinda thinking of doing it using these fabrics and then using the stripe in the border.  Do you think the floral is too big for a 7 year old?  I’ll keep looking through my stash but please tell me what you think about these three options.  And . . what size quilt should it be for a 7 year old for a snuggle quilt?



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    Do you happen to know what her favorite color is? I seem to like the first two choices. Seven year old girls like fun things. Whatever you choose, what a blessing that she will receive her own quilt. I’d say lap size.

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    Connie says

    I think the piggy fabric is cute and lots of fun for a little girl; know my granddaughters would love those.

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    trina says

    I like number two. That one would be bright and happy for a little girl. Yet I think whatever fabric you use to make the quilt she will like it because someone made her something special.

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    I like number 2 also, but if you went with number 3, the floral is not too big. My 4 1/2 year old picks out big floral prints all the time and loves them (while I don’t!).

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    Poor Baby! I hate to hear about that sweet little girl going through this! I work in a schhol media center and I have noticed that the younger girls love PINK and PURPLE!! I think number 2 would be very sweet! No matter which you pick, it will be a special quilt for a special girl!!!

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    I’m in for the second choice and if you make it adult lap size that will give her plenty of warmth and snuggle. You are a good person Judy.

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    Judy C in NC says

    I like the last bundle definitely with the floral thrown in as a “popper” especially if used throughout in the D9P. IMHO

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    I like #3 best. But I would take out the yellows and put the prints back in. I think they make the quilt fun and it would be a shame to lose them. But no matter what you decide in the end, I know it will be beautiful.

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    Maria says

    The last bundle would be great for her – I have nieces that are 6 and they would love that. Oh reading this breaks my heart – you are kind to make this for her. Also, a lap size would be great.

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    Diann Smith says

    I like the first set (piggy) and I don’t think the others looked like you stuck them in to make the quilt big enough.

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    Jane says

    I vote for bundle #2. However, I also don’t think the floral is too large. About the size, I’d be interested to see what others think. I’ve been mulling over quilt ideas for a friends three year old who is on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

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    Sharlene says

    I like the fat quarter bundle. I think the addition of the the other fabrics make it look too ‘old’ for a little girl.
    My granddaughter loves bright and cheery, purple and blue also.
    45X55 is a good size.

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    Annette says

    Sorry to hear of this, but know she will love your gift. I like the 3rd group and would do adult lap size.

  14. 17

    Paula says

    Definitely #2 or#3 and the brighter the better. Either look great cause they have pink in them and most little girls like pink and purple.

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    I like the bright colors in number 2. She will be thrilled with it no matter which you pick. bless you for blessing her.

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    All of these would make a great quilt. You can’t make a wrong decision so go with whatever you want out of your stash. I would make a snuggle quilt that is 60 x 60 at least….I actually prefer a single size for a snuggle.

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    I think she would LOVE the big floral print. I would use it in the quilt, or as the border…maybe a stripe border and the floral border on the outside…and maybe add some of the pink prints from that second batch.

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    #2 looks “girlish” with the small flowers in it. I wouldn’t use much of the blues, but the rest would work up quickly. You could do a lasagna quilt quickly and use the prints mixed with the rest. My DGDs like prints (4 and 6 years old). Anything you make will be a blessing to this little one. You could put minkee or other soft fabric for the backing to make it especially cuddly.

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    I like #2 myself and make quilts for kids all of the time. Mine come out about 42x 60 so anything in that range is great. They don’t want something too big, because they will be dragging it EVERYWHERE with them–to the hospital, in the car, on the couch, to bed. Just big enough to cover them up. They will have blankets and sheets to keep them warm, this is a comfort quilt. If it gets too big, it will get in the way of everything and may get left behind. Prayers for this little girl!

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    pdudgeon says

    use the last group, and use the floral as a backing. that way she gets the best of both! as for size, i’d make it 5 x 6.

  21. 30


    Poor girl – and poor parents too.
    As I mother of two girls (five and seven) I’d probably choose the third bundle but add in the big prints again. Hard choice, though, as they would all look lovely!
    My girls love their quilts that are about 42″ x 60″. Not too heavy to haul about, but big enough to cover them when they curl up and want a snuggle.
    I’m sure you’ll manage to stitch lots of love into your quilt, whichever size shape or colour you choose……

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    I like the 3rd set of fabric. However 7 year old girls seem to like pink and purple so any of the choice would be great. I think a good size would be 60×70. My daughter always likes to totally wrap up in her quilts.

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    Sarah B says

    Judy, I think you are over analyzing! All three would make beautiful quilts for a girl. My girls are 16, 10 and 9. The only one who wouldn’t like anything is the 16yr. old (goes with the age, I think.) My girls love quilts for their snuggly-goodness and don’t care if it’s one of the old plaid ones or one of the silky pink ones. I know when my girls, and boys for that matter, are sick nothing makes them feel better than snuggling tucked under the arms of Mom or Dad with a quilt wrapped around them. When it’s something like Cancer it’s really all a matter of making them feel as secure and loved as possible. Not much help, am I?! :o)

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    Helene says

    I’ve got to vote for the #2 bundle. Looks bright and cheerful. A quilt made from your hands will be such a blessing for the little girl.

  25. 34


    I agree…number 2…and I would recommend a small lap size… She may want to take it with her to the hospital and treatments and the small lap size will be easier to carry and drag along…

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    Doe in Mi says

    I like #2 besides being bright and cheery it has more interest in the prints. Something to catch her interest when shes feeling down. Poor baby needs some prayers. Lap size would be nice.

  27. 38


    I like the first one best…could you add a couple of borders to make it bigger? But if not, then the second one. It’s not boyish at all to me, just bright and colorful. blessings, marlene

  28. 39


    I actually like your 3rd choice. The stripe fabric will pull it all together. Another reason is that it’s really, really bright which makes it a “happy” quilt. The flowers would be okay in my opinion as all the colors have been pulled from it. I’d make it lap size about 48″ x 64″ or some where around those measurements.

  29. 40


    I really like your third choice. I think it is very “girlie” and girls that age like “girlie” things. Also, the polka-dots with stripes is very in right now. I had been seeing a lot of quilts with these type of fabrics. I actually made a couple too!

    It is very nice of you to think of this little girl!

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    Diane says

    I haven’t read the other comments yet so this is my unvarnished opinion.
    1. I love the flowers in #3 and would use them.
    2. I love the colors in #2 and they would be great also.
    3. If the fabrics in #1 make you feel uneasy skip it this time and use them in another quilt when you feel like you have more time to choose.

    Diappearing 9-patch would be great and you could make it with the large flowers in the center square each time so there is a consistent design happening. You know play with it in EQ and see.

    It will be great no matter what. You have a good heart. 🙂

  31. 42


    I like the fat quarter bundle – #2. The colors are so bright and cheery. The colors seem to pop – kind of an electric assortment. I’d make a twin size – plenty to wrap up in – and will fit her bed!! She’ll never let it go….

  32. 45


    # 1 # 2, dancing pigs are worth a giggle-always needed in this situation.
    A smaller size is better when it comes to waiting rooms, drs, wheel chairs , and snuggling, plus carrying all the stuff we do in a hospital.

  33. 46

    LadyBaltimore says

    I like the bright, happy FQ bundle in #2.
    Poor little sweetie; that’s so great of you to make her a cuddle quilt.

  34. 47

    Marilyn W says

    I like #2. I also think you are AWESOME! Surely earning another jewel in your heavenly crown. She’ll LOVE whatever you make. Kids are like that.

  35. 49

    Eleanor Seltzer says

    I’m for #3 with the flowers. Bright and cheerful for a 7-year old. I know my granddaughters would love that choice.

  36. 50


    I don’t think the 2nd choice is ‘boyish’ at all! It’s bright and she’ll love it. My thoughts are with her and with YOU, Judy for bringing this little girl some comfort and caring. You’re a gem!

  37. 51


    I also like #2.

    As for Nicolas Sparks, he made me mad with the ending of one of his books and I stopped reading his novels. I felt he was “using” the reader’s emotions TOO much so I moved on. However, a good cry never hurts and a good book is a good book if you enjoy it.

  38. 53

    Rose says

    Judy, when my GDs were 7 yrs old, the brighter colors the better. Your fabrics are all fun colors for a little girl. Whichever you decide she will be so happy to get a quilt all of her own. She will be cuddling in the quilt during times when she needs comforting, like medical appointments, etc. So nice of you to think of her.

  39. 54


    That’s so nice of you! A set of 9 FQ’s makes a 40″ quilt square if you cut 6.5″ squares. set 3 x 3. I like that size and if you added just one border to make it bigger, it would be big enough. I like the piggy’s too.

  40. 55


    My preference is to first find out what is her favorite color, Hospital are so dull, dull, So any bright are always nice. I like the second (2) bunch as it is bright and then I would put her favorite color in. Another thing I found that the kids always love is flannel back as it is warm and hospital are always cold to keep germs down.
    Whatever you do I am sure that they will love it. And most important appreciate your loving kindness at their time of Despair and anguish.

    Nancy Garner, Spring Valley, Ca.

  41. 56


    My preference is to first find out what is her favorite color, Hospitals are so dull, dull, So any brights are always nice. I like the second (2) bunch as it is bright and then I would put her favorite colors in. Another thing I found that the kids always love is flannel back as it is warm and hospital are always cold to keep germs down.
    Whatever you do I am sure that they will love it. And most important appreciate your loving kindness at their time of Despair and anguish.

    Nancy Garner, Spring Valley, Ca.

  42. 57


    My preference is to first find out what is her favorite color, Hospitals are so dull, dull, So any brights are always nice. I like the second (2) bunch as it is bright and then I would put her favorite colors in. Another thing I found that the kids always love is flannel backs as it is warm and hospital are always cold to keep germs down.
    Whatever you do I am sure that they will love it. And most important appreciate your loving kindness at their time of Despair and anguish.

    Nancy Garner, Spring Valley, Ca.

  43. 58

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Soft pastels like pink and blue are soothing according to color studies. She will likely have nausea. Think about what colors make you feel better when you are sick. The most important thing is that you are making a quilt with love, that will really be what stands out the most.

  44. 59

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    I’d find a way to use that pink pig fabric. Scrappy quilts are so comforting. Who said everything has to be so coordinated? Thank you for being the kind person that you are.

  45. 62

    Susan says

    I would choose group #3. It’s so bright and fun with those polka dots and very cheerful. I would try to use the big floral print, since girls love flowers. You are so kind to make a quilt for this little girl. The quilt will brighten her day as well as her parents. Love reading your blog also.

  46. 64

    Pat Bandura says

    I like the second pack the best. It will make a bright and cheery quilt. I would make a lap quilt size bigger than a bay quilt but not as big as a twin.

  47. 65


    40 x 60 is the suggested Project Linus size for children. I go for #1. Looks like white in these fabrics. Add in white. #2 must look different in person because it looks girly to me. White would bring out both of these bundles perfectly for a girl of 7. #3 seems a little older to me, more teenager. Whatever you decide on she’ll love it!

  48. 66


    I like the bold floral with the stripes and polka dots. The others look a more babyish. I think that collection is still young but fresh and something that she can grow with. ~ksp

  49. 69

    Pam says

    The beauty of a DNP is that it is tossed and turned so that everything goes. Use the piggy one . You will have enough 5 inch squares (120) but you only need 108 to make a throw. It would measure 39X52. So you could add a border.
    Or you could add another lighter or darker fabric for the 4 inner outside parts of the nine patch. (This gives more definition to the design.) Then you would only need 5 piggy fabrics per nine patch. So with 120 piggy squares and 96 of another one or more fabrics, you will have 24 finished squares for a 52×78 quilt.
    That’s my 50 cents worth.

  50. 70


    #3 with or without the florals. I think she’d like those colors. As for size, I’d say about 40ish x 60ish. Not too big to lug around and will cover her down to her toes when she’s on the sofa. You’re so sweet, Judy.

  51. 74

    Kathy C says

    I am thinking the Piggy fabric.
    Although I like #2, I think the Piggy fabric would be adorable.

  52. 75


    My eight year old granddaughter loves animals. She loves purple right now LOL. I’m sure this sweet little girl would love whatever you made her.

  53. 76

    Barbara says

    I love the last set of fabrics. Keep the floral and the stripes, My 5 year old loves colors and patterns, the more the merrier in everything she does and wears. Most days I want to pin a note tio her back saying she picked it out and dressed herself!!

  54. 77

    Nancy says

    I love the last set too. I used the big floral in my daughter’s quilt and then I used the same fabric leftovers and made her friend a quilt. They both love those fabrics. Great choices