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You asked!  Here’s a link box to share your favorite Thanksgiving recipe.  It can be a new post, an old post — just something yummy for Thanksgiving.  One note about Mr. Linky – your link has to be to a direct post . . NOT to your main blog.

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The reason for this is because when someone comes a long in a day or two to read the recipes, they would have to dig through your blog to find the post with the recipe if the link is to your main blog.  This applies to all the link boxes that I put up.

So . . share your link and let’s start making those grocery lists.


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    Mel Meister says

    I don’t have a website, but here is the recipe for my famous Potato Rolls. You can substitute Sweet potatoes if you wish. I’ve had most of these disappear BEFORE dinner. I’m tellin’ ya.. they are awesome.

    Mashed Potato Rolls

    1 pk Yeast
    1/2 c Warm water
    1 c Mashed potatoes
    1/2 c Sugar
    2 Eggs
    1 ts Salt
    2/3 c Oil
    1 c Milk; scalded
    5 c Flour (up to 6)

    Proof yeast in warm water and a bit of the sugar.

    Mix potatoes, sugar, eggs, salt, oil and milk.

    Stir in yeast and enough flour to make a stiff dough. Place in greased bowl and cover. Can be stored up to 4 days. Punch down and knead slightly.

    Shape and let rise until doubled; bake 8 minutes at 400°.

    Yield: 3 Dozen

    Based on a recipe from:

    Mel’s notes: I use my breadmachine to make the dough. After scalding the milk and letting it cool to lukewarm, just add ingredient to your bread machine in the order suggested by the manufacturer. In my machine, all the liquid ingredients go in first, followed by the dry and then the yeast goes in last, on top.

    When the dough cycle is complete, knead a couple of times, make the rolls and let them rise. Bake in oven as previously directed.

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    This corn pudding makes a rather different but very attractive sort of side dish. I also bring this to pot lucks and it’s very much enjoyed. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!