Oatmeal Taste Test

This morning I decided to fix a little of both of oatmeals so we could compare.

The contents of the can are almost identical.

A little from each pan was put into a bowl and Vince didn’t know which was McCann’s and which was Aldi’s brand.  (These were actually my bowls . . Vince gets more than I get.)

Their bacon is fantastic . . some of the best we’ve had!

The winner of the blind oatmeal taste test:

And, I dug out my receipt and checked the actual price.  At Dillon’s, the McCann’s was on sale for $5.99 (regular price is $6.49).  The Aldi price for their brand is $1.89.  At Amazon, you can get the McCann’s for $25.33 for six containers, with no shipping costs, which comes to $4.22/container.  I’ll be buying the Aldi brand from now on.


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    I went to ALDI last night, then went next door to Wal-Mart for all the things I couldn’t get from ALDI (which wasn’t much). I didn’t write a lot down, but I sure did notice that the ALDI prices for like items were about 1/3 less than the Wal-Mart prices.

    Oh, and I bought wine. 🙂

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    You’re lucky to have choices. We live 10 miles from nearest shopping town and it’s a one grocery store town. It has a small WalMart (which we love) not a super WM. I always start at WM and then to grocery store. Oh well, in Hawaii a 1/2 gallon of skim milk costs as much as a gallon here!

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    pat says

    We shop at Alidi’s all the time.
    We haven’t had any bad items at all.

    They do have one of the best regular cottage cheese there.

    I rather shop there than at Walmart or Top’s because these two places are expensive.

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    I have shopped at Aldi’s quite a few times and everything I bought was very good. The only thing I had that was a little off was a can of black olives, I thought they tasted tinny. We have a Save A Lot here too that is similar but their vegetables are not as fresh. The price savings are amazing and the quality of Adli’s brands beats Walmart everytime.

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    Gwen says

    Sounds like that is a good place to shop. We are the home of the headquarters of a regional grocery chain. It began in a a small town near here. They are so strong here that there is nothing else of any quality anymore. Kroeger and Albertson’s have both been gone for several years. Target and WalMart have a few superstores, but even their grocery sections are smaller than in other areas.
    I think farmer’s markets even struggle to compete in produce. Doesn’t leave a lot of options. It can be very frustrating because it limits choices of so many things.

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    Carol Kimble says

    Just read your taste test. We have steel cut oats almost every morning – add apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, craisins, walnuts – yum. I buy ours in the 25 lb bag from Bob’s Red Mill (Portland, OR) and that bag is about 14.50. We pick it up when we visit our son and granddaughter there, but they do ship and have a website. I suspect with the shipping it would not be as good a deal as your brand there, but we love it! It is a great store if you are ever in the Portland, OR area – wonderful breakfasts and all kinds of grain products.

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    Bell says

    It looks like the steel-cut oats are a seasonal item. I bought some at Aldi last year, but when I wanted more they were out. Now that the weather is getting colder, they are carrying it again so I will stock up. I have found all of their items to be very high quality.

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    I am glad you found a good product for you! Hey, tell your dad to be careful if he is driving…he does not need to open up his heart cath incision!! Hope he is doing well…

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    We shop at Aldi’s about every two weeks. We like so many of their products. The pepper bacon is good, their butter, eggs, milk (Oh wait you don’t need eggs,) and their seasonal german items are all good. They did have red cabbage in a jar. yummy! If you are a coffee drinker, I like the coffee that is in bags. they have cheaper coffee, but that we don’t like.
    They always have the best produce too. Try their yukon gold potatoes!
    The winking owl wine is so good for the price!!! Funny thing I took a bottle for a hostess gift, I was almost embarassed when she called a couple of weeks later and said where can we get it? We want a case. It was about $3.79 a bottle Too funny!
    Happy shopping.

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    Liz says

    I’ve never been to Aldi, but there is a store in North OKC which I occasionally pass close to. The stores around me don’t carry the McCann’s brand anymore, unless I wanted the instant version.

    Don’t you have to bring your own grocery bags and “rent” the cart?

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    Doe in Mi says

    It all sounds good to me! Thanks for the info. I use alot of oatmeal in the granola
    I make, which is sooo yummy. So Aldi’s here I come. :-]

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    Beth in WI says

    I read your post this morning about Aldis having Steel Cut Oatmeal and was excited. My favorite. I usually have been buying it at the health food store in bulk. It is still pricey. So when I read your post I stopped at Aldis and didn’t see it. I was a little disappointed. Ok a lot. But as I was standing in the check out line I spotted it off to the side. Relief!!! I was a little hesitant but when I read your review of it I can hardly wait for morning!!! I usually have pretty good luck with their foods. I like their Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer also. It was $1.49. I stopped at Wal-Mart later and theirs was 2/$3 so same price for a name brand. I’d rather give Aldis my business. I even bought some bed pillows there close to exactly a year ago. I think I paid $5.99 each and was a little leary but went ahead. They are both still as nice as the day I bought them. There used to be a kind of stigma about buying from Aldis in our town a couple years ago, hardly anyone went there, but I sure see everyone in there now.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    We’ve been comparing brands too. The Great Value chunky peanut butter is better than Jiff and $2 cheaper for a 28 oz jar. The Great Value instant coffee is better than Folgers and Maxwell House (I don’t drink instant coffee but Skip likes it) and it is about $2 cheaper a big bottle too. I’ve tried Great Value cream soups and they are on parr with Campbell’s, I like to use them for easy sauces like Cream of Mushroom soup with meatballs. Right now the Campbells is cheaper but that’s just because it’s Thanksgiving time, normally the Great Value is 20 cents cheaper a can. Great Value is Walmart’s brand. I am going to try their whole wheat pasta tomorrow in Tuna Casserole.

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    Judy C in NC says

    I will definitely be trying the oatmeal and the bacon. I also love the large, plastic containers of fruit, mandarin oranges with no sugar is one of our favorites. Usually cannot find the large containers of fruit w/o sugar at Wal-Mart or local food stores.

    We never buy the bags the stores sell as we refuse to advertise for them. We have made several of our own bags and have bought ones that do not have logos on them that are insulated.

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    Deb says

    Try their hamburger in the freezer section. Very reasonable and good to. I prefer it to the regular at walmart and albertsons.

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    We shop at Aldi too for much of our groceries and supplment at the other stores we have which are WalMart and Kroger. I was glad to read to post above which mentioned the wine at Aldi. I had considered trying it but hadn’t yet, now I will.

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    I was skeptical when I first moved to Ohio and a friend took me to Aldi’s, but I have never been disappointed with their quality! (and price!) For oatmeal, I am fortunate enough to be able to buy it in bulk bags for about 30 cents/pound and have enough stored to last over a year!
    Good thing, too, because I just found the old Quaker Oats Scottish Oatmeal Scones recipe from the 1970’s on-line!!! Gotta love these computers!!

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    Dorothy S says

    Wishing I had one of those stores around here, we really only have a Wal-mart, I can not pay what they want for the steel cut oats, same 5 dollar something price, but a container half (at least) the size! Maybe if I get up to the metro area sometime can stop at Alfalfa’s and try some bulk buying.