Did it Again!

I need this sign on my oven control panel!

Normally I make two loaves of bread on Thursday or Friday.  One loaf lasts through the week for us and one loaf goes back with Chad on Sunday.  For some reason, we’ve used a whole loaf since I made the bread on Thursday.  There’s still a full loaf for Chad to take back but I decided to make one loaf of whole wheat bread this morning.  I figured that would get us through Thursday (we’ll have rolls on Thanksgiving Day) and then I’ll make white bread on Friday because we like that for turkey sandwiches.

Ground the wheat, made the bread, let it rise, stuck it in the oven but since we were fixing to eat lunch, I figured I’d just get the bread out when lunch was over and didn’t set the timer.  Nope . . got up from the table and went downstairs, added borders to a quilt, quilted a quilt, trimmed the quilt.  Came upstairs two hours later to a very burnt loaf of bread.

Poor Vince.  He’s trying to make me feel better and he said “Oh, that’s how I like it!  Real crusty!”  Real crusty alright!  He tried to get me to eat a piece.  No way.  I have a temporary crown that has to stay on another 10 days or so.  I doubt my dentist would understand how eating a piece of bread knocked that temporary crown off.

Ground more wheat, made more bread, let it rise.

Put it in the oven.  Timer is set.

Timer goes off.

Bread is done and comes out of the oven right on time.

Yep, from now on, I’m setting the timer and not relying on my memory!


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    Mary Beth says

    Hey, I put a turkey in the oven once. Cleaned my house. Took a shower and got ready to go to a play with my Sunday School class. Went to the play. Went out to an ice cream parlor with friends. Got home at 11:00 pm. Turkey baked for about 12 hours……we had to get his dental records to identify him, lol.

  2. 3

    Gwen says

    I’ve burnt toast in the toaster over two mornings this week. One moring it too the third slice to have breakfast! I guess I need to start setting a time for it!

  3. 4

    Ava Crotinger says

    I know that feeling. I’ve done it with garlic toast, cookies, and a new recipe I called Blackened Beef, just sounded better than burnt pot roast.

  4. 5


    Hahaha! My husband happened to be reading over my shoulder when I pulled up your blog just now. He says I need a *caution* sign over my oven too! LOL! 🙂

  5. 7

    peggy says

    What I’ve done when not setting the timer is to leave a diet coke in the freezer too long. Let me just say that it’s not fun trying to clean exploded coke out of the freezer.

  6. 8

    Linda in NE says

    The relying on the memory thing never works for me either. The bread looks so yummy……I can smell it from here. LOL

  7. 9


    I once put a loaf in the oven and forgot that I hadn’t turned the oven on. And then forgot the entire process until about 7 hours later. On the other hand, I made a rosemary bread last week, and baked it on too high temp and too long. so the whole time it lasted, I had to slice off that burnt crust. Inside was tasty, however.

  8. 10


    I gave up on that “memory” thing a long time ago. I set the timer for EVERYTHING, especially things that have to do with “fire”. I cant even leave things on the grill if I am cooking! What, the laundry needs to be changed? Oh, the lights need to be turned off in the sewing room? No wait, I need to iron this fabric I forgot about, that’s why the lights are on….Timers, alarms, auto shut off on everything hot. and the sad thing is that I am catching my husband doing it too. Go over to get something from the counter-hmm, why is it so warm over here….? CRAP, the stove is still on!….etc. It is really SAD, and scary. My mom left a pot roast on the stove to boil and went shopping (about 19 years go now) and we were coming to visit, and got there before she came back, smoke FILLED the house and the smell was aweful. I thought she was NUTS. Thought we were going to have to lock her up. You only do those things when you are “old” and senile, of course….yikes! I thought it was scary then, it is scarier when it is ME!

  9. 11

    Liz says

    That is why I have a iron that shuts off, an electric tea kettle and sometimes use the bread machine – they all shut off by themselves. Mom did have an oven that you set for the time you wanted and it shut off.You had to learn how long it took to preheat the oven as well as be willing to reprogram the oven to cook the item for just a little bit longer. But, there were no burnt items.

    My favorite holiday story was when we moved into a house that had a gas oven. Mom was used to cooking the turkey and then putting it back in to the oven after we ate – we would all be nibbling at the turkey over the rest of the afternoon. We discovered that you don’t do that with a gas oven with a pilot light. We didn’t have left overs that year.

  10. 12


    I’ve even taken to setting more than one timer sometimes because I’m afraid I won’t hear one of them. It’s a weird obsession. What a total bummer that your loaves of bread burned after all that trouble!

  11. 14

    Marky says

    My “timer” experience happened before the bread went in the oven. The dough was rising in a bowl (enough for 6 loaves), when I went to my basement sewingroom for “just a quick minute”…. several hours later I went back to the kitchen (not even remembering I was in the process of baking bread!) to find the dough had risen over the top of the bowl and all over the countertop. Now when I’m baking bread, the sewingroom is off limits until the bread is out of the oven!

  12. 15

    Rose says

    Oh, my, I can relate. Just yesterday I put some pork chops into fry pan and then decided to take out the kitchen garbage. Well while I was outdoors decided I should shovel the couple inches of snow that had accumulated on the porch and then swept off the porch so it was nice and snow-free. Guess I left the burner on just a little too high. When I returned indoors I knew I was in trouble as could smell the chops just a little too much. Needless to say, I didn’t need to even brown the second side as they were already fully cooked. I was sure the chops were completely ruined but only just a little browner than normal. I consider myself lucky this time. Guess I will need to watch the multi-tasking a bit closer.