I Love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is really my favorite holiday.  I just wish I had family here but I’m thankful Chad will be home and Vince is here and Speck is here and doing better.  This time of year, life seems to pass a big more slowly and there’s more time to sit and visit and enjoy our time.   And, Thanksgiving foods are so good!

This afternoon was time to put the turkey on to brine.  I’m doing a dry brine for the first time this year.

After the turkey was rinsed and dried, all the “surprises” were removed, I coated the skin in a mixture of chopped fresh rosemaray and kosher salt.

Then she went into two trash bags.

And then she went into the cooler.

A few times a day between now and Thursday, I’ll massage the turkey, drain the cooler and add more ice as needed.  Hungry for turkey yet?  🙂


  1. 3

    Mary Beth says

    Lucky turkey…I would love a massage twice a day….however, I guess the end results wouldn’t be much fun. The hot tub would be just a bit too hot for me. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. 6

    Judy C says

    Why do you brine a turkey? I’ve heard of doing it, but don’t know why. Thanks and Happy Turkey Day.