Dressing is Started

Early this morning I baked a double recipe of cornbread for the dressing.

Nice and golden brown.  I resisted cutting a big hunk and spreading lots of butter on it . . yum! That would have been good . . but I didn’t do it.

Now it’s all crumbled, along with some stale white bread.

The bread crumbs will get crumbled more as they dry out.  They’ll get stirred around all day tomorrow and then on Thursday morning the dressing will get mixed up and baked . . just in time to be served with the turkey.  My dressing doesn’t go inside the bird, or then it would be called “stuffing” I suppose.  We bake it separately . . a dish for Chad without celery and a dish for us with celery.

The excitement builds!  Tomorrow I will make pies, salads, green bean bundles . . what else?  Better check the menu.

How’s Thanksgiving cooking going at your house?


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    Corn bread in a cast iron skillet is the best. That’s the only way I bake mine. I do make dressing from scratch too, but have never used corn bread in it. We toast white bread.

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    i’m making a real cheese cake tonight. i’ve never made one in a springform pan before, so this is an experiment! sunday i made the hoscah (a sweet bread with raisins and candied fruit in it) but it isn’t going to make it to thursday… haha. tomorrow night i’ll bake the pies.

    i haven’t done much sewing the past couple weeks, i guess because i’ve been gearing up for thanksgiving. hope to get back to it on friday! glad i’ve got a four day weekend.

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    Elaine says

    You can’t imagine how much I wanna come to YOUR house for Thanksgiving…..after the day I’ve had today……

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    Just finished my shopping tonight and have a little time tomorrow to prep, but it isn’t a huge meal for us and a friend is bringing a couple dishes, so it should be fairly easy to prep tomorrow and Thursday morning. I am just proud of myself that I remembered to take the bird out of the freezer before Wednesday night!

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    Evelyn says

    We are going to my niece’s house and she is a GREAT cook – she usually cooks a huge Sunday meal every week. But this is a big meal with lots of “everyone’s favorite” sides, so we are going today to her house to prep most everything. I am bringing the creamed onions! I am happy to be in the US for Thanksgiving this year. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Judy C in NC says

    Invited to daughter’s for Thanksgiving – I really think we are invited so I can cook – but I intend to be the assistant this year. Time for her to learn dont’t you think. They use to come to our house every year, but because of the grandchildren going this way and that and mostly just dropping by to eat, she has started having everyone there and only two hours from us. One of the guys will be hunting and three others will be out on the boat fishing. Gets them all out of our way in the kitchen. Good plan – now what can we do with the three great grands (5-y-o twins and 2-y-o) who just “want to help.” Send them fishing or hunting?

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    I’ve never had cornbread stuffing…I make my grandfather’s stuffing, which I love. I’ll be doing that today as well as baking an apple pie, making dinner rolls, prepping green beans and whatever else I can. Tomorrow will be all about the turkey! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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    Everything but the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy get done on Wednesday here so I’m working on pies, chutney and stuffing and I’ll put a crock pot of pinto beans on to cook overnight. Yum!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Cheesecake is downstairs, pecan pie and pumpkin pie, made the sweet potato casserole today, tonight I’ll chop the celery and onions, apricots and cook the sausage. I hope I have enough room in the oven for the 23 lb bird and the green been casserole, sweet potato casserole. We’re having smashed potatoes too. We’re having a final count of 9 for dinner.