How Many Days is He Off?

Vince is off four days . . in a row!  This evening has been an exercise in patience.  Some days I wonder how two people who are so opposite can make it.  I’m not saying he’s wrong and I’m right . . well, maybe I’m saying that!

These are the things that have happened just since he got home from work today.

  1. Do you remember what happened last year when it snowed and all our snow shovels were in the rental building?  The blog post is here.  Since about Labor Day, I’ve been saying “where are our snow shovels?”  The weatherman says we could have “wintry mix” tonight.  I said “VINCE!  Where are our snow shovels?”  He went to the building and he couldn’t find them.  He thinks they may be in the attic.  Snow shovels don’t take up much room.  Why can’t we just keep them in the garage? I think I’m going to buy one and hide it in my closet.
  2. He looked at the pies I made and he said “I guess you want to save those for tomorrow?”  My thought was . . do you want to live to see tomorrow?
  3. I saw something on an ad on TV and I said “If Santa really wanted to get me something for Christmas, that would be nice!”  Vince said “Santa is dead!”
  4. We have extra propane bottles for the gas grill.  Especially during the winter, I like to keep the extras filled . . just in case the power goes off.  I’ve begged him to fill those extra bottles and today he said “I think one that you think is empty isn’t all the way empty!
  5. When the weatherman was talking about the possibility of ice on power lines tonight, Vince looked at me and said “We don’t have any gas for the generator!”  How can he know how prepared I am for every situation and he just buries his head in the sand (or snow) and doesn’t worry about anything!

Really, I’m not complaining.  I probably make him more crazy than he makes me.  I’m able to laugh at our differences . . most days.


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    I think Santa is dead at our house too! My hubby and I are total opposites too, so I laugh with you, but feel your pain at the same time. I like to eat dinner out once in a while. My hubby bragged that he has spent the last 4 days entirely inside the house! If he had things his way, he could live inside the house for an entire year and never go anywhere. Hoping you don’t need the generator or snow shovel!

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    Peggy says

    That is exactly why I do most of those things myself. I did get DH to buy extra water…..just in case. I did tell him we needed it for traveling, not for emergencies.

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    candace says

    I am thankful for the laughter you’ve me and the smile on my face! I hope your Thanksgiving is free of the need to whack something or someone 😉

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    Marina Louw says

    It makes me think of a text message I received long ago that goes someting like “Lord please give me patience but please do not give me strength …”
    The best way to deal with this, is to do it youself – go ahead and buy the shovel and keep it in your closet!

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    Oh, Judy, thanks for the laugh…I am sure I will have some stories I can add by the end of the long weekend! To his credit, my husband did mop the kitchen floor tonight 🙂

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    Today, I am baking pecan pie and pumpkin custard bowls, and I thought, how nice. He is off and we have done his stuff all day, cooked his favorite meal and maybe he would help me with the pies.

    He shuffled along like I was forcing a 6 year old to clean his room. Then when we got the pecan pie done I went to start on the pumpkin he says, we really don’t need any more pies, where-upon I went to my quilt room to sew.

    Then he came in and said, I really could use dessert, and I reminded him about the empty pumpkin custard bowls. I capitulated and made him his pumpkin.

    glen: they are pretty much all the same, these guys.

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    Marge Davies says

    Judy, My DH and I have the same conversations. He is very laid back and I’m more uptight. I always like my ducks in a row and he doesn’t know where his ducks are and most of the time he doesn’t care. I quilt to keep from pecking him to death. He tells me I have to much time to think. It’s good one of us THINK in this family. He is a really good guy and keeps me grounded. Look on the bright side they make us laugh.

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    Ah yes snow. Normally I’ve lived in London, snow doesn’t arrive until the third week of January, and doesn’t hang around. But now, I live in Northumberland (virtually Scotland). We got warning, but did I move the car to the top of the hill outside the close? No. Did I do what I intended and buy snow chains? No. Am I seriously irritated that tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to the annual textiles show further south (Harrogate) but even if the roads are clear, I won’t be, because my car is stuck in half a foot of snow at the bottom of an ungritted hill? Yes. And it’s all my own fault arghhhhh.
    The landscape’s pretty in the sunshine though….

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    Dawn says

    I too hear your “plight” about men sometimes. They really ARE from another planet. Mine is 6 feet tall and retired. I am still working. So what does he do in his spare time? Rearranges my cabinets with things I use all the time on the top shelf. Mind you, I AM ONLY 5 FEET TALL so this REALLY irks me! I say to him you could do something else like fold the laundry or do the dishes and then I get “You don’t appreciate what I do for you.” they are truly from another planet.
    Also, does Vince go out on several trips the same day when they could be combined into one? drives me NUTS. I go out and do errands and get them all done. Not him. Go one place, go home. Go to another place, go home. It is as if the brain can’t comprehend more than one thing at a time. hmmmmmmm……..may have hit on something here! LOL
    But I love him and wouldnt trade him. Enjoy your turkey day! even if the “turkey” is home for 4 days. LOL

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    I hope Vince and you survive the weekend. They just don’t get things do they? I was going to cover our outside facets due to the forecasted cold, but he said he would do it. I replied, I’ll do it now so we don’t forget and he said, no he’d do it. I went to find the covers and couldn’t locate them, I asked where they were and he said again he’d do it. At 10:00 PM last night he asked if I had ever found the facet covers! He did locate the covers and take care of the facets, but when he came back in he asked why didn’t I remind him that he was supposed to take care of the facets. Which is why I wanted to do it that afternoon, before I forgot. We have this same conversation regularly, just substitute get the oil changed, fix _____, etc.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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    Aren’t husbands wonderful? Can’t live with them and can’t live without them……. Seems like you and I are lucky to have two of the good ones…………

    I am upstairs in the studio and I am leaving Lem downstairs with the TV. That way maybe we will survive me being home for four whole days………..

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    pdudgeon says

    yep, i’m with you on those things. i learned early on that if it needed doing around home and i could do it, that was the best way to handle things. for some reason most men associate work with their jobs, and home is where they relax and chill. it used to take my ex two full weeks to get out of ‘work’ mode and into ‘family’ mode.

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    What’s the old saying Opposites attracts?

    As for the dessert, The Angel food cake was cooling last night, after dinner he says the same thing . . . is that for tomorrow?

    Where’s their sign?

    Happy thanksgiving.

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    Cheryl L says

    That “Santa is dead” comment had me doubled over laughing!! I’ve never met Vince, but I can picture him saying that! Thanks for my belly-laugh for the day! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner (hopefully there’s still pie left!:)

  15. 22

    Karen says

    Well, I was sitting here early this morning reading all the comments, chuckling at some of them and considering myself very lucky to have my husband who vacuumed the house yesterday & cleaned the bathrooms, went to the store & cleaned the pond pump. Then, said husband, gets up this morning and says to me ‘what did you plan for breakfast?’ Last week I told him, no breakfast cooking on Thanksgiving – I need the kitchen. He loves breakfast – and loves to cook a big breakfast especially when our kids are here. I think it’s a ‘boy brain’ thing – they just don’t get it sometimes. So…..tomorrow he’ll get to cook his big breakfast for everyone – today he had toast – fixed it himself.

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    I read this to my husband and he was cracking up! BTW, hubby has been home with me for over 9 years now. I keep him really busy helping care for our little ones.

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    A long time ago the humor columnist Dave Barry wrote a column where he talked about the different ways women and men think. He termed men’s way of thinking “Guy Logic”. Having that term has kept me sane in all the my years of marriage ever since. Whenever my husband does (or doesn’t) do something and I go “why would he do/not do that?” I go “oh yeah, Guy Logic” and am able to calm down and move on!