Spoiled Children

Even if my boy is an adult, he’s still my boy and I aim to please.

When he was a youngster and even into high school, he didn’t like onions or celery or bell pepper.

When we had something like gumbo, I’d strain the liquid for his bowl so he didn’t get any onion or green pepper or celery.

But now that he’s all grown up, he eats bell pepper in his gumbo and he loves cooked onions and even eats onion rings!

Before making the dressing, I sent him a message on Facebook and asked him if he still wants a separate dish of dressing with no celery and here’s the response:

“yes, but put it in the food processor, and use only like half the amount”

He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask!    He will get his own dish of dressing and it will have half as much celery and the celery will be ground to a pulp in the food processor.  I hope when I’m too old to cook Thanksgiving dinner, he remembers how much trouble I went to so he’d have a good dinner!


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    Kathie L in MD says

    guess my daughter is not the only spoiled one out there. At least you show me hope that maybe just maybe she will eat “normally” when she gets a few years older. I think she could live on burgers, tacos and chicken tenders.

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    I think that those of us who love to cook and have boys who love to eat have set the bar very high for our future daughters-in-law! LOL The boys might end up doing the cooking.

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    Ah, yes he will remember and it will be mentioned with a smile in years to come. My brother had to have an even number of ice cubes in his glass of tea and the tea was to be made ahead and cooled to room temperature….. We still talk about how Mama took good care of him…………. And we girls too but he had more rules…

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    My mom used to separate the stew into “roast, potatoes and carrots” for my brother… lol He used to smile at us and say “Mom likes me best” and we would smile back ….cause we knew better…

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    LOL, I agree on how he’ll probably be the cook in his marriage 🙂 Very handsome young man you have there Judy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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    Two things Judy – he has really grown into a handsome man! I think it’s just fascinating to see pictures from childhood on into adulthood – you see glimpses of the man in the boy and glimpses of the boy in the man. 🙂 Second, my son is 34 and I’m making this awful thing he calls Pink Salad because he, and only he, wants it every Thanksgiving. It’s what a mother’s heart demands. blessings, marlene

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      That’s funny Marlene, we have to have Pink Salad at our dinners……..tradition! 🙂

      I see nothing wrong with fixing special things for our children no matter how old they are.
      Love the pictures Judy. He’s grown into a very fine young man. Good job Mom and Dad.

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    My mom always made a bowl of banana pudding without the bananas for my brother. I think he has finally started eating them now. We used to tease her and him about it. But . . . I always got the wishbone from the fried chicken. lol

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    Gwen says

    This goes way back in our family! My Dad didn’t like the onions and celery pieces in dressing. My grandmother would cook them until soft and mash with a potato masher to puree. Mom continued the pattern and I still cook them pretty soft. Dad’s been gone since 1962!

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    That’s too funny!! I remember picking out every little morsel of food that I wouldn’t eat from spaghetti sauce and everything else that was made. It wasn’t until I was in high school that they got the hint and started leaving big chunks of onions and other things in whatever was being made so that it could be avoided when the food was dished out. lol

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    Elaine says

    I remember pickin’ the beans out of the chili for John when he was little. And he would NOT eat anything that was green, no beans, no celery, no lettuce, no broccoli, not even green jello. No green koolaid even. Now, of course, his wife makes him eat all that stuff! Chad looks like he’s really happy, I sure hope he stays that way.

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    And I hope his wife will take care of him too! My husband is the same way and my family doesn’t understand why I strain the spaghetti sauce or make special meals for him when we go over to their place to eat. It ended up in a big fight one time at my sister’s house because he asked me to make him a turkey sandwich instead of what they were eating (lots of onions and peppers and weird stuff he wouldn’t eat). It’s ok at home, but stressful when we are out 🙁

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    At our house it was “Your mother worked hard to put this food on the table and you can eat it or do without”. That works for me to this day.

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    I do the exact same thing when I make dressing – the onions and celery go into the food processor! I love the taste – but the texture of the two bothers me. Tell Chad he is in good company!

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    Don’t worry we all have them. Spoiled kids. My 33 yr old son is getting Angel Food cake tomorrow for his dessert. The 26 yr old daughter will get canned goods from home since she won’t make it in from Oklahoma!

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    Perry says

    I am sure he is the envy of all of his friends! That’s what moms are for, after all, and it is good training for future grandmas! Lol

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    Can you cook for me? I still don’t do onions…but have learned to be okay with the green pepper and celery….just never could do the onions and I guess by this age, I’m never going to get to like them! (Onion powder is my best friend in recipes that call for onion! LOL)