Thanksgiving, 2010

Except for the leftovers, Thanksgiving, 2010 is history at our house.  The turkey was the best I’ve ever made I think.

It was right at 20 pounds and I don’t usually fix one that big but it worked just perfect.

For those who asked about brining, the salt causes the proteins to break down and results in the meat seeming more tender.  The salt also causes the meat to absorb liquid and flavors more.  In the past, I’ve always  made a  brine solution in a 5 gallon bucket, stuck the turkey in the liquid and kept it in the fridge for several days.  I just didn’t have room in either fridge for that this year and had read about using a dry brine.  It worked great and that’s what I will do from now on.

The turkey was rubbed with kosher salt and chopped fresh rosemary, double bagged in plastic trash bags, placed in an ice chest and kept on ice for 3 days.  Several times a day I would massage the turkey through the bags. This morning I rinsed it really well, dried it with paper towels, let it come almost to room temp, roasted it for about 4-1/2 hours and it was fantastic.  Even Chad thought it was great and he never wants anything but  fried turkey.

When Vince and I met, I lived in Louisiana and he lived in GA.  One Thanksgiving, I went there for the holidays and decided we should have a full Thanksgiving meal.  I had never made a turkey or dressing.  My grandma and mom had always done all that and if you’ve ever tried making dressing by getting directions over the phone, you will know what my mom went through.  I can’t even remember how our food turned out.  But, Vince worked with a couple from Ireland.  I knew they had no family in the area so I said “Vince, let’s invite Ann and Tom over for Thanksgiving!”  He said “Why?”  I said “Well, it’s Thanksgiving!”  Vince’s response”  The Pilgrims didn’t land in Ireland!”  Huh?  We didn’t invite them over.

Now I’m off to find a spot in the fridge for all the leftovers and then maybe I’ll try for the 2nd time today to get a nap.  Chad was up and out of here to go hunting this morning at 4 a.m.  Wal-Mart has a big sale starting at midnight tonight and Chad is going there; Vince might be going too.  In the morning at 5 a.m., electronics go on sale at Wal-Mart and Vince wants to go to that.  I’m not going anywhere but you can bet I can’t sleep through it all so around here lately, I have to grab sleep any time I can get it.  What’s wrong with these people?  🙂


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    fitzy says

    Sounds like your meal and day were idealic. Same here! We went out for dinner, and then to the casino, lol.

    Get your rest when you can, the next “season” will be on us officially tomorrow!

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    Our turkey was very good, too. I, also, don’t get why folks would want to go out super late at night or super early in the morning and stand on lines and be with horrible crowds to do any shopping. I don’t think there is anything I want badly enough to do that. I did it once for a certain toy one year…Furbie, I think…and vowed never again and I have stuck to that now! Besides…most of the stores BIG Black Friday ticket items are this year also sold online (I’ve been told)…much easier to do it that way.

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    Truly blessed to have almost half of our children here for Thanksgiving- good food, wonderful family, good times!!! First Thanksgiving ever for our foreign exchange student- she loved it!! Thanks for having such a nice blog, Judy!!

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    Linda in NE says

    I just don’t get keeping those sort of hours to go to Wal-Mart sales. I pretty much did all my Christmas shopping yesterday & today…..all on-line. I know there will be those who will be all up-in-arms because I didn’t “shop local.” (I DID shop at home though…with my laptop on my lap. LOL) Driving an hour away to get any kind of variety isn’t exactly local anyway. The local hardware store has it’s strong points but they just don’t carry anything that people on my list might want. I got some pretty good deals on stuff for myself too, with additional 30% & 40% off on entire orders. I needed some brighter cold weather clothes to replace the dark, dreary, slightly ratty looking ones.

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    Lydia says

    Judy, when you brined the turkey, did you just rub the salt and rosemary on the skin, or up under the skin on the meat itself? Seems like if it was just on the skin, it wouldn’t necessarily get to the muscle tissue, but as I’ve never done it, I thought I’d ask one who has 😉

    Against my better judgment, I’m actually going to two Black Friday sales in the morning. One is a shoe place in the neighborhood, with monstrously large price cuts before noon, and I need some cold-weather shoes for when I can’t wear my clogs. They open at 5, and I think I’m going to go then, so I get there before the hordes of folks who may take everything in my size. The second stop is the LQS (though it’s not so local, about 45 minutes away). She’s opening at 7, and has some good sales going on, so while I’m out I’ll just zip out there, then come home and go back to bed. I don’t think I’ve EVER done the Black Friday thing before. Depending on how it goes in the morning, I may never do it again. We’ll see.

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    Marilyn Smith says

    Not really a Black Friday girl. I hate to shop for anything but fabric and food….and their are days I don’t want to go for food! This year, my Bliss system will be installed in the am. We are helping. I will be up early breaking as much down as I can and hopefully DH will get out of bed as well.

    We had the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever. I made a mistake, left the bag with the leftover Honey Baked Ham on the floor//went to the bathroom and the kid’s dog got into it.a Could have been worse and sh only got a few bites. I can cut around that.

    We just had the best day ever..hugging and loving on our just turned 14 y/o grandson who is taller than me, my DH and his mom. This means he is over 5′ ’10”. Beats me at 5’9″. DH at 5’10. his Mom at 5’9 too…..lots of height on both side of the family. And, he is a hunka if you know what I mean. What a great young man. We are so proud of him. 5 y/o Kaitlin was just loving on both of us, did some cheerleadig and gymnastics routines for us. Her Dad did one too. We were in hysterics!

    Food was fantastic…it is so nice to have such a warm relationship with the kid’s in laws. The day could not have been better!

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    Judy, I had heard that they use to put pesticide in garbage bags….Don’t know if it is/was true or not. They use to warn againest putting food in them. Too late now! Sorry!