Digital Velocity Iron Review

When I first got the Digital Velocity steam generator iron in September, I told you I’d review it on Thanksgiving Day.  It’s this iron:

You can read more about it on Amazon here.  And you can read the other blog posts here and here.

The reason I waited from September to Thanksgiving for my full review is because I’ve bought too many irons thinking they were great, only to find after using them for a month or so that they were not what I wanted or expected.  This iron is not inexpensive, nor is it outrageously expensive for those of us who iron a lot so I wanted to make sure I’d given it a fair workout, as fair as I can in 2 months, before reviewing it.

Here are my thoughts:

Steam – I don’t think I could be any happier with any iron when it comes to steam.  When the steam generator button is on . . I’ve steamed the heck out of my fingers a couple of times because it steams like nothing I’ve ever had before.  With the steam generator button not on, it’s comparable to any other steam iron that does a good job of steaming.

Heat – It heats up very quickly, and has several (three I think) settings.  I always turn it over to maximum for full heat.  I’ve noticed no inconsistency in the temperature.  Some irons I’ve had seem perfect and after ea few passes across yardage, the iron hardly seems hot at all.  This iron seems to stay on the temperature I’ve chosen.

Auto On/Off – Love that I can bypass the auto off feature and it will stay on.  When I’m doing a lot of piecing and am back and forth to the ironing board, I love that it’s hot and waiting for me.  I have a tendency to wiggle the iron to wake it up, go read email while waiting for it to get hot, spend too much time at the computer, the iron shuts off again and I repeat that cycle several times til I decide to just stand there and wait for it to get hot.  If I’m chain piecing and it’s going to be some amount of time before I’m back to the iron, I let the auto off shut itself off and then I find it’s very quick to get hot again.

Leaking – In over 2 months of heavy use, I have not had a drop of water leak from the base of the iron or from the spot where I fill the iron.  Sometimes I get a bit too much rhythm going and water comes out the fill hole or I’ll try to use the iron before it’s completely hot and it spits and spews.  Not once has this iron spit or leaked.

Weight – It’s heavy! I like a heavy iron and was a bit surprised by how heavy this one really is but I’ve gotten use to it and it doesn’t bother me a bit.

The only drawback for me is that with the steam generator, it uses a LOT of water and I use distilled water in it so I go through a good bit of water but I can’t have steam without water and that’s certainly not anything negative about the iron.

I am 100% pleased with this iron and don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants a lot of steam, and doesn’t mind a heavy iron.  By the way, when I was at a retreat last month, one of the girls there brought this iron. She’s a very prolific quilter and said she’s been  using this iron for quite a while and she loves it!

The other thing I was supposed to do on Thanksgiving was change my ironing board cover but since I haven’t remembered to get any fabric for covering it, I may have to wait just a little longer!  I use duck cloth and Wal-Mart has it but there’s no way I’m going to Wal-Mart today!  No way!!


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    I went to Walmart today and bought GROCERIES! The lady laughed at me 🙂 It wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. I was there around 9am and I guess all of the early birds had been there and left already. I like my $10 Walmart iron just fine.

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    Cher says

    Thanks Judy, I’m going to be in the market pretty soon as mine is starting to not work quite right. I was waiting to hear what you thought of your new iron. How are you making out with your spool of piecing thread? Don’t finish it too quickly, I think I guessed February.
    Happy Thanksgiving to your family

    Cher in BC

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    Debbie Bailey says

    I have been waiting for your review…I always try and keep two irons in the house…one expensive in the sewing room and a cheapo for my laundry room. (I have two floors separating those areas.) My “nice” iron, an Oliso with the retractible support (lifts the iron off the pressing surface when you take your hand off the iron.) quit working several months but it never steamed well and was VERY pricey…loved the retracting stand but didn’t want to get another one. I had bad luck with the last Rowena I owned…steam problems with it so I’ve been anxious for your review…sounds like I have a Christmas present idea…something I can be very specific about that a husband can find!

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    I too would like to know about the sole plate. Is it just a flat piece of metal or does it have metal wrapped up over the edges? I found I am very picky about that. I like the wrapped kind. For me it makes it easier to press the seams. Just curious and I can’t tell from the photo.

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    I just looked it up on Amazon and it is a ‘salty dog’! But it sounds like it’s worth it. I’ve got a pile of fabric waiting to be ironed but for now I’ll stick with my regular iron. Someday…..

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    Elizabeth says

    Very happy to have you do the research for us. I have had a EuroPro 8005 steam generator iron for about twelve years and have had it in for repairs to the cord while under warranty only to have the cover slip off of the cord a week later. It has lasted but is leaking around the sole plate, so thanks so much for the help. I’ve ordered it from Reliable and now just have to wait for it to come.

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    I still love mine, but several people are asking about the sole plate. I think the sole plate is quite thin could be made of a much thicker guage metal. This feature wouldn’t keep me from buying. I have a few dents in my sole plate from ironing pins.

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    I’ll have to remember this when I’m in the market for a new iron. The iron I have now, a rowenta, isn’t the absolute best but it still works and doesn’t leak, yet! But when it does, it’s gone.

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    Jackie says

    YouTube has a video showing the iron from all angles. Thanks for the review. I’m in the market for a new one.

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    Susan says

    How timely! I’m looking at irons because my beloved one is dying after 8 years. Sigh. They don’t make it any more. Everything I looked at seemed so lightweight and I WANT a heavy iron! Makes it do the work, not me. Thanks for the review from someone I trust.

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    barbara says

    on the subject of distilled water, i never really understood this: some irons say to not use distilled water. why? why would distilled water hurt the iron? i think it would be the other way around – that the minerals in tap or well water would clog an iron and distilled water would be better, don’t you? does anyone know the answer?

    right now, i have cheapo sewing room GE and it has the best steam surge i ever had. i’m not impressed with my laundry room rowenta and would never buy one again at their prices.