How About Your Shopping Plans?

How do you shop for Christmas? Will you be at the mall for the Black Friday deals? Are you already done with your shopping? Are you making most of your gifts?

We don’t do much shopping. Vince and I don’t really get gifts for each other since we pretty much get what we need (or want) during the year. There was a pot I had been wanting and a month or so ago, Vince said “get it and it will be your Christmas present.”. He said the same thing when he bought the iPad and when he had the radio thing installed on the Highlander so it charges the iPod.

Chad’s vehicle insurance comes due in January and his big gift is always that we pay his insurance. He and Vince will both have a few things to open but really, I don’t do much shopping at all. When grandkids come, I’m sure that will all change.

While some of you, including Vince, are out shopping, I’ll be calmly sewing in my warm basement! 🙂


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    No shopping here, we donate our Christmas money to Habitat for Humanity and this year we’ll buy a cow too (Heifer International). As far as the grandbaby…we decided to start a fund to contribute to for birthdays and Christmases. I’ve always felt kids get too much stuff!

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    I DO NOT shop on Black Friday! I have a few gifts done already, and will not be shopping a whole, whole lot this year…the kids are coming for dinner today, so today is my Thanksgiving celebration. Enjoy your sewing day, Judy!

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    The only Black Friday shopping I’ve ever done was a couple years I went to Joann’s for their 99cent flannel. That was insane, I just can’t handle the crowds. I’m making most gifts as I have for the last 4 or 5 years. Purchased gifts I usually pick up way in advance of the holiday.

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    I don’t even know what Black Friday is ? but then I live in England and perhaps we do not have it? I decided to really cut down this Christmas, and have been making nearly all my presents, and when asked by my son and his wife what I would like for Christmas said something that costs £2 [$3] and we have agreed on that small amount, rather than spending a fortune.
    My £2 gifts will be bought ring-binders with fabric covers I have made, machine embroidered with their names on.
    Granddaughters are a different matter.. they are getting home made Advent Calenders full of Christmas ornaments, plus little Christmas trees and each day they take out a gift and place it on their tree.. they are 3 and 7 yrs.

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    eve in ga says

    Nope, nope, nope. Not me. I braved Joann’s a couple of years for something they had on sale, but the insanity and general rudeness of the majority of the customers helped me decide to not do that again.
    Don WILL take me to Sam’s later today, but that’s only to get my glasses adjusted/straightened out. He accidentally kicked me in the face yesterday when I leaned down to pet my sister’s dog. Her leash was wrapped around his leg and he kicked upward to get it off just as I leaned down. OUCH! Now I have a swollen cheekbone, black eye, and warped glasses.
    I think I’ll just sit quietly and knit today—except for the run to get my glasses fixed. LOL!! Eve

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    Sandy K says

    No Black Friday sales for me. We usually have two of our granddaughters stay over night. This way their parents can go all night and sleep before they get picked up.This year we dropped all adults we are only buying for our three granddaughters. And books need to be apart of their gifts. Family of one granddaughter wants all her money in gift card for book store. They do not like for her to get a ton of gifts. So I respect each family since they live in different states no one knows what they get. The money is the same for all. Just different forms of gifts.

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    No Black Friday shopping for me, either.

    I’m a little like you, Judy, I buy the things I want or need during the year.

    In the past, we have even avoided buying a lot of gifts for our kiddos on Christmas, but I think we will buy a few this year.

    Christmas is usually a sad time for me and I struggle with depression, but this year, it’s not as bad, and I’m actually looking forward to it!

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    CathiHarry says

    Ha. Black Friday shopping??? No Way! I just did a little shopping for myself on the computer this a.m., but that’s it! One of our local quilt shops has a good sale on Friday & you get big discounts if you wear your pajamas. I went once & it was fun & no overwhelming crowds.

    A few years ago we started drawing names in our family (the adults) & it has taken a huges strain off the younger ones who don’t have much money to spend. Still buy for the grands…til they are 21! We have one grand who lives near who will be 21 in Jan. so I warned her yesterday that this is the last year to be a kid.

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    We do not give our gifts at christmas, but at “Sinterklaas” (which sounds a lot like Santa Claus and perhaps it his predessesor) which is at 5 december, so my deadline is looming. I always buy my gifts during the year, when I see something that I know my DH/children/family will like and is on sale. We do however, have to make ‘surprises’ (which are something like mock gifts) and I cannot start during the year because we have to draw a person for whom we have to make a surprise. The children also need to make one for school, so I get to have my deadline stress after all.
    For food for Christmas I take care to do all my shopping in the week before, so I only have to go to the store the last day for christmas for things I either forgot or that can be bought earlier and if I do I take care to go by bike, not by car, because car parking the day before Christmas resembles war.

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    I try to shop through the year, but always come up short when I look at what I’ve bought in early December. I delegated a small bit of shopping to my husband today and my big trip is going to be taking the kids for half price haircuts today! I am sure we will get to the point you’re at when our kids are grown, but for now, there is a lot of shopping in our house!

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    I debated running to Wal-Mart this morning to try and get a good deal on a tv for my step-daughter. Well, at 2:30 this morning the warm bed was too wonderful to get out of, so I stayed home. Judging by some friends Facebook posts, I probably wouldn’t have got one anyway. The boys and I will be putting up the tree. THEN I will be doing some sewing. I have new Christmas fabric I want to play with, but I am having a hard time finding a table runner pattern.

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    My guy and I took off last Monday and got a ton of Christmas shopping done. We don’t do the Black Friday shopping. From here on out, most of what I have to get is on-line stuff, so I can shop in my PJ’s , the best way to shop in my view!

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    Last year DH and I went shopping early on Black Friday – I wanted the notebook computer for DS that was one of the specials at Sam’s Club. No luck – they were out of coupons for it before the store opened. We went across town and had a nice breakfast instead! This year, the shopping is done! A little sewing remains, but the fabric is in my stash. Our DIL wants “funky” aprons – so I will make a couple for her, and DS wants a BBQ apron which I also have stash fabric for. That’s the plan for the weekend – except to watch the Arizona Wildcats football game – and catch some of the Lakers game tonight. I’m an on-line shopper mostly – I detest crowds!!!

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    I shop/craft/plan/stash all year long – so am pretty much done with everything. I may look for a few more things online, but I am not big on crowds so my day will be relaxing/cleaning/some quilting/the start of wrapping!!!

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    I haven’t shopped on black Friday in years!! These days, we don’t give elaborate gifts. We just can’t afford it any more. We usually give the kids each a small gift and some cash. I make homemade gifts too, which I love doing. This year, I’m going mug rugs, which seem to be quite popular now.

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    Evelyn says

    We like to exchange food in my family – homemade jams/jellies, fudge, cookies, etc. (with the recipe attached, of course!), or small handmade gifts. For my sisters this year I am making lavender sachets. It just makes a ton of sense. My DH’s family is big on gift exchanges though. For my son, we do a stocking and 1 toy present (Legos!), plus some needed clothing, but he gets presents from DH’s family too so it is plenty for a 7 year old! I do have great nieces/nephews that I try to get a little something for too. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Cindy says

    I never shop until the week before Christmas. This stems from when Jenna was little and changed her mind as to what she “really” wanted up until the day before.

    No, that’s not why. Let’s be serious. I don’t shop until the week before Christmas because I always pretend I have plenty of time. Plenty of time, “oh, there’s PLENTY of time!”

    So, expect a call from me the week before Christmas, begging you to go to KC with me. And you’ll say no because you hate to shop.

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    That is insane. No Black Friday shopping here. #1, we dont have the cash flow this year, and just “want” big things, like iPads, and expensive toys. #2, we really dont “need” anything.(well, besides new tires on 2 vehicles, and a roll of batting, but that is not very “christmassy”) #3, there is NO WAY I am going to stand in line when it is freezing outside to try to get a price on a stupid product that will probably sell out before I get one! (and that we would have to get up or stay up, at 1:30 to get to a 3:00 sale! No thank you. It is worth it to spend the extra cash to stay in bed and shop on the internet. I think it is insanity, but apparently, it is popular. Still lots of “shopaholics” out there. My shopping for fun days are over.

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    laceflower says

    Just DH and myself for a quiet Cmas, neither one of us ‘needs’ anything so we aren’t going to throw money at Cmas just to have something to open. I’m going your dry brine route this Cmas with the turkey, Judy. I’ve always done the wet brine, which is fabulous but too heavy for turkey so I’m going to try the dry.

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    I went to JoAnn’s this morning and had such a wonderful experience that I went to the next closest JoAnn’s and to a couple of other stores. I have been in past years and was not pleased with the other shopper’s, but this morning was awesome! Everyone was so polite and nice and cheerful. The car in front of me paid for my Starbuck’s order so I picked up the tab for the car behind me. Then, when I was done shopping, I got some cookies and took them to the first JoAnn’s that I went to and left them with an employee to share. It was a great morning! 🙂

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    Clare says

    Judy have you decided on whether the iron you bought a couple of months ago is worth the money. You said you would give us your opinion around Thanksgiving time. I’m in need of a new one and was wondering whether its a possibility.
    Thank You, an avid reader of your blog for years


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    Sandy says

    I don’t like crowds so I avoid shopping on Black Friday. I have most of my Christmas gifts purchased and will do the rest of my shopping next week. Nothing big ticket! I don’t have the cash for that, so I try for small items I think the recipients will like.

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    I am such a non-shopper that we only grocery shop every other week. If I forget something I do without which has encouraged me to make thorough lists over the years. No way would I step out of the door for more than chores today or over the weekend.
    My husband is more ‘there has to be something to open on Christmas day’ than I am. He is hard to shop for because he always rushes out in early December to buy himself his wish list, which (honestly) peeves me.

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    We’re past the giving/receiving gifts age. DD and DSIL got a quarter of beef. Other than a few handmade or gag gifts–that’s it. I love to get the old familiar decorations out. meal with family. playing cards. laughing

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    Sharlene says

    My daughter and I did the Black Friday at 5:00am and just found wonderful deals. $100.00 off many items. Lots of really good presents; polite and friendly clerks and people. Lots of fun.

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    Karla says

    Wellllll I got up at 5am and made it out in the freezing cold by six to do black friday. I got lots of deals and materials and a new mat for my quilting. I even got done by 1030 and had some breakfast. Was a good day all things considered.

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    I don’t normally shop on black friday, I usually work that day. I happened to off today and went to Joanns, and one other store at 1:00pm pretty empty. Joanns even offered their special after 12, must have been slow morning LOL. Went to a local small town toy store in my town, my grandson is now done. A Thomas the train toy ane 2 engines, his quilt is almost done too. Pretty happy over all. Oh, I did stop at my local quilt shop, showing off my military daughter before she leaves for overseas on the 5th, for a year. Her gift will be a car payment, since she is very limited on weight to travel. Youngest daughter already got hers,birthday and christmas rolled into one, she got new tires for her car. Have 3 gifts for foster children done, to donate. It really has been a good month over all.

  28. 29


    I think people who buy on black Friday do it because the great deals are enticing but it’s stuff they don’t need and really don’t want. It’s the thrill of the ‘hunt’, “can I get it before anyone else?” SO not worth the effort. Everything’s on sale through Xmas anyway! Any more, I don’t want more ‘stuff’. I want memories–theater tickets, long weekends or vacations, photos emailed to me. I’ve told my kids, ‘nothing that needs dusting or a place to store it’. Likewise, I get them gift cards for their favorite stores. It’s too hard to please their changing tastes.

    Happy holidays everyone!!

  29. 30


    I’ve never been Black Friday shopping but I think I’d like to go just once to have the experience. Or not. I’m a big fan of internet shopping! I can have a glass of tea and click away and there you go, I’m done!
    I do enjoy Christmas shopping if I’ve gotten all mine done and can just go and watch people.

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    Karen says

    I can’t think of much worse than shopping this weekend! I tend to start Christmas shopping in the summer – picking up things as I see them. We don’t give a whole lot anymore – the grandkids and our kids get a few gifts but extended family has grown too much to be able to buy or make for everyone. I try to make a few things but my intentions and ideas are always better than actually getting them finished!

  31. 33

    carol c says

    i stay home
    i ordered online for my quilty friends, the first of nov.
    i make otherwise
    i was at walmart last nite after 1:30 AM when the football was over we watched on tv.
    i dotn go into a store until January-lol
    dh never had been to a black friday, he went last year and agreed it is insane
    and not worth it.