The Blog in 2011

Can you believe 2011 is almost here?  Time flies and it especially seems to do so the older I get.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of my blog.  There hasn’t been a lot of quilting I could share on here lately.  Almost everything I’ve worked for what seems like months and months and months has been either for a magazine or for my next book.  I’m quilting but I just can’t share any of it yet.

In 2011, the stash reports on Sundays will continue, as will the design wall posts on Monday.

I have a new quilt that I’ve written instructions for and I think maybe we’ll do that in February or March.  You’ll get to see it ahead of time so it won’t be a mystery.  I’ll probably do it more like a Quilt Along.

Another thing I’m thinking of doing and some of you may want to play along . . is to do a monochromatic type quilt each month.  I’m thinking it would be easier as far as making a mess in the sewing room because I could pull one stack of fabric from one color, use it and then put the whole stack back.  I was thinking I would put colors on pieces of a paper, put them into a bucket and draw a color for each month.  Maybe odd numbered months could be monochromatic and even numbered months could be two color quilts where I would draw out two colors.  Could be orange and purple!  Could be anything!  Of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to do it.

Another focus is going to be on my UFO’s.  My UFO list (part 1 and part 2) from 2007 has changed some.  Hardly anything on part 1 is done and almost everything on part 2 is done.  No telling how many more UFO’s have been accumulated since 2007.

No matter what direction the blog takes in 2011, I hope to have more quilting to share.

Have you thought about any quilting plans you have for 2011?


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    Sounds great to me. I’m working hard to use up some “been hauling them around forever” fabrics. I have a very small stash compared to most quilters and I’ve made a huge dent in it this year, even my scrap bin is shrinking. This may be my year to finally roll it all over! On my ’11 quilt list is a special quilt for one of my daughters that’ll surely teach me some new techniques and a pair of matchy quilts for some little girls in my boyfriends family. I’m also finally going to finish a quilt top I made for myself several years ago.

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    pdudgeon says

    yes, i have been thinking.
    it’s been almost 2 years since i’ve gone thru my planned projects and listed them, along with the yardage required. During December I’m going to do that again to see where i stand.

    I’ll be doing the stash busting again next year, and i hope to be even more prepared than i was this year. I’ve been thinking about how many quilts i want to make from the stash, where to put the finished quilts and how to store them,
    and dreaming of the day when my number of planned projects dwindles to the point that i have room for a design wall in my room. Safe to say I’m thinking BIG on all counts.!

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    Thank you for keeping the Stash Report and Design Wall Monday going next year. I really enjoy those posts.

    I’ve cut my UFO list in half since 2009, so I’ll try to take a few more quilts off in 2011. My main focus needs to be organizaing and using up stash. I bought a lot of fabric this year, plus have a lot of older fabric that I need to do something with. That means starting more new projects next year. Since I’m not very close to a local quilt shop which offers classess, I rely on quilt alongs from the Internet as the key way to iniate new projects. So I’ll be looking for more of those in 2011. I’d also like to design more of my own projects. So those are my thoughts for 2011.

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    Diann Smith says

    I made almost an entire year of being no buy but a quilt friend came to visit for a few days and we found ourselves in two quilt shops and I bought but less than six yds. total. Trying to sew up the tons I have and have made a slight dent.
    I’ve been working on UFOs. I allow myself to start something new if I finish one UFO. Once I remember what I’m doing it hasn’t been so hard.
    If you do offer something in the Sew Alongs for the new year I vote for PURPLE.

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    Like most everyone I want to get some if not all UFOs finished. And I want to quit making UFOs. 🙂 I want to go through the fabric I have and get rid of fabrics I no longer like or want – even if it means lots of string quilts. Those are great donation quilts even if I’m not wanting to make 20 of them! When I first started quilting I didn’t know much about fabrics so I have a lot of fabric that I would never buy today – the quality isn’t as good as I want in my quilts that are more special. I want to learn to be more discerning about my purchases. And when I do buy I want to pay special attention to quilt backs. blessings, marlene

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    Quilting in 2011? I hope to have time to do some! I’d like to finish my BOM…the blocks are finished, but the sashing and cornerstones still need making. I have a few quilts I’d like to handquilt. Since my longarm is packed away until our house sells and we move, I really hope to get the house sold in 2011. Is that really a quilting goal? I’d also like to get back to blogging regularly. With not much quilting happening, I’ve had little quilting to show on the blog, so haven’t kept up. So, not a lot of plans for 2011, but there are some!

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    Judy C in NC says

    I do not have a lot of unfinished projects – just projects not done. Unfinished in my room means it needs to be quilted and I am down to about seven. Need to send them off, but the holidays are not the time to impact the long arm quilters with my procrastinations.

    This year will be dedicated to working on accumulated kits, projects, and creations I just want to do. Also, my 5-y-o great granddaughters have asked if I was working on their doll quilts? and they also need luggage tags for their back packs. Truthfully, I had forgotten about those for Christmas and are now added to the immediate list. I love your idea, Judy L, about monochromatic quilts and will love playing along. I have only made one and it was all creams beiges and light taupes.

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    I started a few ME quilts in 2010 that I hope to finish in 2011. I also have 4 graduation quilts to do for nieces and nephews that will take up the first half of the year. My annual “swap quilt” with my sisters is a Christmas theme, so I’ve got some time on that (swap fabrics in April). To stretch my skills a bit, I am also doing a midget block sampler to try some different things (and bust some scraps). This is what is planned -but i am sure other things may come along!!!

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    2011 will be much the same goals as 2010 – finish more than I start. UFO’s should decrease that way – right? I have just as many UFO’s as you. I loved the pictures you posted on the blog with all of them. Somehow I think that would make me more accountable than the spreadsheet that I currently use. I would like to have double digit finishes in 2011 again. I think finishing and stash reduction will go hand in hand -if I quit binge buying 🙂

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    2011 will be all about finishing stuff for me. I want to concentrate in the first few months on quilting my completed tops and then move on to completing partially done projects. In between I want to use up some of the old ugly fabrics still hanging around by making rag rugs. That’s a great way to quickly use up fabric that isn’t great quality too. Of course, I won’t be able to resist starting new projects as well but I will try to FINISH each new project and not just create more UFOs!

  11. 12


    In 2011 I anticipate learning to machine quilt. I have too many tops and very few quilts. The time has come for me to take a step into the next phase of quilting and learning how to finish them completely myself……………

    Of course I love your Quilt Alongs…………. Your designs are the best………

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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Quilting? I don’t read your blog for quilting. I read it because you are an excellent writer. You post several times most days. There is always something new and fresh to read from you. Keep up the great posts, whatever they may be about! Yes, I always have a quilt project going, so I am a quilter. But, there are lots and lots of quilting blogs.

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    Susan Torrens says

    I’ve been working on my hand applique, and hope to finish at least two projects next year – one bed size and one wall hanging. My biggest goal is to try to shop from my stash. I do pretty well when I am home in Canada – the prices discourage me from shopping, but when I am in Florida, all the sales beckon me, and I love internet shopping too! I finished more projects last year than ever before, and I hope to use my stash of panels and flannel to keep my guild’s community quilt project supplied for a while too.
    I have promised myself to buy fabric only to complete a project.
    I have also promised myself to make lots of Christmas table runners and mats for my guild’s boutique at our next show in 2012, (also using up all the Christmas fabrics I’ve bought over the years, but never used!)

  14. 15

    Jackie Warren says

    Being new in quilting I found out how exciting it was to buy fabric for projects that I had seen in magazines or Judy’s blog….Now I have lots of UFO’s. I decided not to buy any more fabric, however, last week I was in KC at Harper’s (my sister in law works there) and I purchased a quilt kit that I wouldn’t resist.
    I have discovered that I love making wall hangings and handquilting them. Maybe because I can finish them quicker. So 2011 is looking forward to more time at the sewing machine. Judy, I love your blog and I have my friends reading it also……Jackie in FS

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    I keep a list of UFOs on my sidebar and set a goal to finish so many each year. If you don’t like that black and green log cabin & stars any more, I’d be happy to take that one off your hands 😉 I will set my goals for next year at the end of December, but there is probably a lot of backing, quilting, and binding in store for me next year. I will also likely move my sewing room from upstairs to the basement, which will be a big endeavor!

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    Toni says

    Okay! I too am already planning what I want to accomplish in 2011 and like many others I want to get on top of the UFO’s. I am participating in a challenge at I did not make a full list, I”m afraid what it would look like, but I did pick 10 of my oldest projects to get finished next year. Other things I’ve initiated recently is tracking my usage, a stash report. I love that you do that Judy and I started tracking in October. Why wait until the first of the year? I’ll do a fiscal year not a calender year. AND, this is a biggy for me, I will finish a quilt back at the same time I finish a top! I just started that this month. My thought is that this will give me one less reason for not completing a quilt, thus fewer UFO’s. We’ll see how this works! Thanks for your posts. Fun! Good ideas! Good food! And relevant to my interests!

  17. 18


    I’m glad you are going to continue the Stash Busting and Design Wall Monday even though I don’t usually blog about the design wall (my DH pool table). How about some yarn busting? Goodness knows that is my addiction at this time!!! I love your blog – I visit several times a day to see what’s going on in your world. I wish your family was mine!!! Hugs…..

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    Omajean says

    I want to be in my new sewing room by the end of this year. I am so happy you made me start thinking about 2011 because I realized that finishing my sewing room is something that I can accomplish by the end of this year. 2011 needs to be a year of finishes for me. I love to read blogs because I see so many things that I want to make BUT that means for me lots of starts and not to many finishes. I also am knitting again which I do enjoy but it does take time away from my sewing. Oh to find a balance!!

  19. 20


    I’m starting to look ahead to next year’s projects, too 🙂 My number one priority will be to assemble all my Block-a-Day blocks into actual quilts. I’m aiming for a comfort quilt every month until the blocks get used up.

    I like the idea of a “color of the month” challenge. It would be a good way to clear out some of those scraps that keep multiplying.


  20. 21


    The things on my quilting list include MORE. Too many health issues this year, from stomach troubles to migraines. No more letting health get in the way of quliting for me! This was the year I was supposed to get better at feathers, well, that is getting pushed off to next year and I am also going to tackle triangles in my quilting. I even bought a triangle ruler 🙂 And I want to just have fun. Quilting for me is all about the fun.

  21. 22


    I haven’t though too much about 2011 yet. All I keep thinking is that the Goals I set for 2010 were a little too far reaching and I need to scale them back for next year! lol

    I like your plans though!

  22. 23

    Kathy says

    I don’t really have much of a stash but do have a number of tops that need to be quilted. I hope that if I stick with it machine quilting will become a pleasure instead of the huge challenge it is for me now. Mystery quilts are fun but I really like the idea of sew-alongs!

  23. 24


    I thought it was just me who made UFO lists and never updated them! shame on us!!!! My aim for 2011 is to actually have a design wall – but that means I need to stop being homeless and camping with the parents…. still a girl can hope. I can always share my design floor instead. 🙂

  24. 26

    Lydia says

    2011 will be a year of whittling down my UFO list. Currently, I have 150 items on that list! ACK! I’d like to get out of triple digits by the end of next year. I’ll inevitably start some things too, but I’m going to try to avoid those newly-started projects becoming UFOs.

    I’m also going to make sewing more of a priority — now, it waits until EVERYTHING else is done, which means I rarely get to enjoy my pleasure & therapy. I have to put it ahead of a lot of those less important things. EVERYTHING never really gets done, after all. I mean, I once had every bit of laundry in the house done — for about 5 minutes 😉

  25. 27

    patti says

    i found your blog when referred to a quilting article, but for some unknown reason i now need to keep caught up on everything! i joined in before you got your chickens and have followed ever since — i’m not sure exactly why, but i do enjoy every part of it and have even tried some of your recipes.

    like everyone else i want to finish up those PhDs (practically half done) and our small group is making a concerted effort. we had been getting together to go to a quilt shop for their BOM, but that ended in september. it’s the only time the 4 of us got together since we are scattered over a large area, and we didn’t want to give it up. so we each made a list of 6 projects and every two months one of them is “due” when we meet. the other months we just do lunch and perhaps near a quilt shop! we selected a random number for the first one and each do whatever is that number on our list; next time we’ll pick another number and so on until all are done. that way we still have some unknown factor and noone can “cheat” by getting ahead — we have one who is a definite over achiever! two months gives us plenty of time, we are getting stuff done, and we still have time to work on other things or even start something new. our first project is due the beginning of january so we’ll see how it goes.

    keep up the good work, interesting day to day activities, recipes, patterns, pictures, and egg count. i love it all and feel like you are a friend i’ve never had the pleasure of meeting.

  26. 28

    Toni says

    Two of my best friends were killed three weeks ago enroute to a quilting retreat. I was traveling with them but in a different car. Now I am watching the families try to decide what to do with all the UFO’s. My goal, until accomplished, is to finish my UFO’s and PIG’s. No more of this madness. There are 64 peojects on the list. Some quite small and some that will take a long time to finish.

  27. 29


    Your thoughts of doing monchromatic quilts is really exciting.It’s a thought I’ve had in the back of my head for along time.Please let us join in the fun.You are an inspiration.

  28. 30


    Yep, more piecing! While my main focus will still be quilts for donation, I plan on spending more time on my own quilts/designs/donations. And I’ll continue to knit socks too…I’ve really enjoyed that this year.

  29. 31

    Becky I. says

    Yep! I’ve certainly thought about my quilting goals for next year. I have 4 UFO’s at the border stage and 5 or 6 in the closet ready to be quilted. They need to be finished and given to someone who will love and use them. I love the monochromatic idea because I have lots of fabrics in my stash that don’t play well with other fabrics in the stash but need to be used. The monochromatic theme is something I’ve thought of many times but am not sure exactly how to do it. Having said all that, Let’s go for it. I am game if you are.

    Thanks for all you do for those of us in cyber space. We certainly do appreciate it.

  30. 32


    I’ve looked at my 2010 goals and realized that I didn’t quite make them – so I am rethinking them. Do I continue being ambitious or scale back a bit so I am successful?

    But, I’ll be still involved in the stashbusting and design wall posts and I do like the idea of a monochromatic theme, but I would also have to toss in plaids, batiks and theme fabrics so I would use up those stashes that I have.

  31. 33

    Penny says

    I am a quilter & that is how I discovered your blog! I continue to read it because you share & accomplish so much in your day especially w/ such good sense ~ Judy, you truly inspire me! And……………………………………… you also write about family life w/ so much humor. I do enjoy the pics you include, especially of ur family. I know now why I do not wear “crocs” of any color! I’ve been on a fabric diet for several yrs now & will continue to work on my UFO’s in 2011 and “busting”(maybe denting) my stash! Again, thanks for inspiring me Judy!!

  32. 34

    Marilyn Smith says

    My stash is probably 1/3 of yours. I just moved it out from under the Millie to install the Bliss. I am going to go thru it all, donate what I know I will never use before repacking into the bins. I have one quilt cut out (for a year) that I have not started. I have 4 tops to quilt and bind. 2 more tops that are Christmas presents to quilt and bind. One (Gallery in Red by Marcus Bros.) I was making for our home. I have pieced it beautifully and it is a gorgeous red/cream. I just love it. But, so did my DIL who is impossible to shop for. I have the fabric pulled for my next quilt. It is going to be yummy – blacks, browns, tans and golds. I need to get those done.

    I do not have a blog (only a family genealogy website) nor do I have a design wall. The guest bedroom bed is my design wall. I love reading what everyone is up to but do not participate. I do knit and do needlepoint, however, I have never tried socks. I also read 5-6 books every two weeks and cook up a storm like Judy. We also travel quite alot thru the year and my Bernina goes with me to Lake Tahoe every summer.

    I do not purchase alot of fabric…maybe 25 yds a year. Trying to use up what I have. I do not like to shop unless it is for fabric.

    Judy, love your site!


  33. 35


    I’m so ready for this year to be over. It was awful from all directions. In 2011 I just want to quilt, get organized, finish up projects, buy no fabric, and just be happy doing all of the forementioned!

  34. 36

    Pat in CA says

    I love your blog and am so glad you plan to continue in 2011. Your quilt plans sound good. I also have lots of UFOs so a challenge to complete one at a time might be good. I need all the inspiration I can get. Thank you.

  35. 37


    I want to quit saying that I will do a quilt for everyone who asks. HAVE to get the ‘no” thing down. It will help this year, because since we are short of money, the hub said “quit giving it away to everybody” (even tho HE is usually the one who says-‘can you make a quilt for….”, but since we cant afford to replace it right now, it might not be so hard. And since I have 6 quilts to quilt, and need a roll of batting, I will be stingy with it. So, I have 3 left to do (one is a mariner’s compass) for others, then I hope to only work on my own stuff, unless I feel like doing something for charity. I want to get to the point where when you say-“hey, let’s do a Quilt-A-Long!” I can join in, knowing that it won’t get started and never finished because I already have to many UFO’s. I always WANT to participate, but rarely do, for the fear (guilt)of creating another UFO. And I hope 2011 brings me lots of ideas to use my stash (thanks Judy!).

  36. 38


    I am cutting like crazy on my Holiday fabrics, don’t know how long it will last. Have another 5 tops in various stages. I love the idea of doing one color quilts. My favorites are two color, I will check in and see if you are doing anything I can follow. have a great 2011, hope to get to meet you when you are ready to get over this way.- cheryl

  37. 40

    Nancy Latham says

    Sounds like a plan. I have been trying to work strikly from stash. I make a lot of Quilts of Valor and some for community service. My stash does not seem to go down much. I also make a lot of scrappy quilts. I like your ideas for the monthly quilts.
    I enjoy your blog and visit often.
    Nancy L

  38. 41


    Like you, Judy, I want to work on my UFOs for I have many – it may even be in the three digits, I’m afraid to count. Recently on another blog I came across a 15 minute play idea – think it was a blog named beans or something with that. Anyway, thing is I have been doing this for years! and as a result I have a lot of ufos because I like to make blocks, just take a look at my last design wall posting. I’m thinking I should just take one of Pat Sloan’s ufo busting tips and just put some of those 15 minute creations all together – hows that for a sampler – LOL.

    Your plans for your blog sound like fun for all of us.

  39. 42

    Darlene S says

    Judy, I love the idea that you photographed your UFO’s. I have mine on an Excel spreadsheet, but having them in color might make it easier to get them finished. I do keep my list handy and out in the open so I can look at it whenever I’m tempted to start something NEW. It works most of the time, but I have started 2 new quilts for Christmas presents, ugh! My goals for 2011 will be to finish more than I start AND use more of my stash. I did well on not starting too many this year, but am not pleased with my stashbusting yet–there is still 4 weeks left though, right??
    I love your blog and really enjoy your topics. Keep writing the humorous tales and fun things in addition to quilting tips. I hate being out of town and not getting to check in to see what you are up to. Dar

  40. 43


    I started blogging specifically to join in on Design Wall Mondays, and then I discovered that I liked blogging. I’m glad you’re continuing. I’d like to join in on the quilt-alongs, but I always have so many projects going that I’m loathe to start another one. Can’t say I’ll join you but I never say never. Enjoy reading your blog whatever it is. You’ve given me lots of ideas, and one of my current projects is “Peaches and Dreams.” Keep up the good and interesting work.

  41. 44


    I would LOVE it if you do a QOV near Memorial Day again. I want to do another QOV and having the project like last year is just what I need to get me to do it. On my list is starting a long term project like a Dear Jane or Nearly Insane quilt. I also want to make a commitment to LIMIT my fabric purchases….and when I do, make it sale fabric or fabric to complete a project I have going. I’d like to do a bit more design work too.

    It’s okay that you don’t have sewing posts all the time. It’s just fun to see what’s for supper, Vince’s green shirt, hear Chad antics and know what’s going on in the garden or hen house. Don’t worry it’s not a lot of quilting. It’s fun to read blogs that people can “make everyday life interesting.” You do that well.

  42. 45


    What little planning I’ve done for next year includes finishing two recently started projects — a mini quilt for the guild auction and my sister’s wedding quilt. Beyond that, I’ll continue working on my UFOs – I just don’t know which ones. There will be some off of my ‘in progress’ list of 29 + 6 inherited projects and some off list of 40 quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

    That’s not to say I won’t start anything new — I always do, but I try to limit my new starts or at least get them to the top stage if I don’t finish them.

  43. 46


    Love the idea of the monochromatic monthly quilt! Also the 2-color quilt. My sewing group once did the same pattern but drew paint chips out of a bag to dictate the colors. Very fun project.

  44. 47

    Ann says

    Judy, all your ideas for next year are great. I enjoy quilt alongs, have wanted to do a monochromatic quilt for years, and I love two color quilts. I can hardly wait for 2011!

  45. 48


    This year I’ll have no more graduation quilts… well, maybe one for Meagan who will become “Dr. C” in June (she does deserve a quilt for all that vet school work!) but since it isn’t an expectation, there isn’t time pressure. This year I will have three full-size finishes and five “kids” size quilts finished… I’m pretty proud of me. Not nearly so many as other folks make/made/finished, but that isn’t the point… it is all about the process.

    For 2011 I’m not planning to purchase any more fabric, just change-up the design if I run out of one sort. I do have a rather large stash, but it is pretty complete, color wise. Since I’ll have no big projects planned, this year I will make a bunch of my BOM singles into donation quilts, and make other folks happy to have something warm and cozy! Strip quilts seem to be a great way to use up fabrics I don’t particularly like any more, so that may be another answer to both the donation idea and the use-it-up focus.

    I enjoy reading my “internet friends” blogs – my place is way back in the woods, so there are no neighbors to visit… not a bad thing at all, but solitary. Reading your blog is nice, Judy, it is touching base with friends.

    I’d like to try some more quilt-alongs like the first one I did with you all… the Bearpaw one. Monochromatic sounds pretty interesting to me as well – that would mean opening just one box, instead of many, to choose fabrics that “play nice”. Like most of your readers, my UFO list didn’t shrink as much as I’d like, so that will be a focus in 2011 as well.

  46. 49


    Funny that you ask about next year’s goals as I was thinking about that this morning. I have several UFOs that I thought I would complete this year and haven’t even worked on. Sew, thought maybe I would give myself the treat of beginning a new project only after I finish an old one. Now, how long do you think a quilter can pull that off?!

  47. 50


    I love the idea of monochromatic quilts. I have been thinking about that a long time. But, everytime I get into my stash, I go off on another tangent. I actually bought orange fabric for your orange quilt a while back. Still in the bin. My 8-year old grandaughter wants doll clothes for Christmas so I guess I won’t be finishing any UFO’s before the end of the year.

  48. 51

    Amanda Wulf says

    I have a new purpose for the coming year and that is to get rid of a lot of stash! I really like the idea of monochromatic quilts. I have been trying to think of a way to use the the “fun, bright funky” fabrics in quilts. I bought those for the grandbabies… so I will hopefully be busy making quilts!