Pat Sloan Radio Interview

Tomorrow I’ll be interviewed for Pat Sloan’s radio show.  The show starts at 4 p.m. Eastern time and I’ll be on the second segment.  You can listen here.  If you’ve never listened to Pat’s radio show, she has them all archived and they can be downloaded.  I’ve gone back and listened to most all of them and plan to listen to some of them again.  You feel like you really get to know the artist listening to them chat with Pat.

I’ll post another note tomorrow to remind you about the interview.


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    Oh yippee! I am clapping here! I download the podcast every week and listen to it while I sew. Can’t wait to hear your interview…have fun!

  2. 2

    Linda P in IL says

    Yea, I can’t wait to hear it…I’ve listened to all the others, what fun!! two of my fav quilters together!!

  3. 5

    Shirley in Canada says

    Will be wonderful to hear you on Pat’s show today! Wishing you loads of fun doing the show!!
    Thank you for the wonderful give-aways today!!

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    Joan says

    great interview. I love reading your blog as it makes me thankful that my kids did grow up, and eventually did make lives of their own. Now the last of the grandkids is a junior in college and soon my kids will have empty nests. Your missing your son reminds me so much of a friend of mine when her last daughter (who is 10 years younger than her siblings) was graduating and going off to college. I told her she had devoted 18 years to making her daughter independent and trying to teach her everything she needed to know to make it in the world. Now it was time to watch her fly. It took several times of having a good cry but now, 10 years later, she still says I saved her sanity. So my quilt blog friend. Give him a big hug and then give yourself a big hug and say to yourself “JOB WELL DONE”.

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    I just listened to your radio interview…how fun! Did you do the interview from home, or did you have to travel to a special radio station? I wish there was only one guest per show, because the time just went by too fast!

  6. 10

    Carol R says

    I listened to the interview and enjoyed every minute. We all appreciate that you share your patterns with us. I’m looking forward to your new book on borders.