Stash Report – November 28, 2010

How’d you do this week?  Nothing added for me, 7-1/2 yards used.  Basically all I used was a backing and a bit of fabric for more four patches.

Please share how you’ve done this week.


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    Morning, Judy! You forgot to put your total numbers for us, or are you waiting until the last week to WOW us?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Are you ready for the countdown ’til Christmas?

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    So how close are you to your goal for the year? Are you going to reveal to us at the end of the year what your goal was? Inquiring minds wanna know. ;0)

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    I have not done this, this year, though I have followed your reports and those who link up. I sorta felt like I needed to accumulate a stash before I worked on busting it. I think I’m ready. LOL! But it is inspiring to see fabric come and go (mostly go) and what’s being done with it! 🙂

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    I just discovered that I had almost no dark blue fabrics left, blue is my favorite colour, so they got busted first. I could just move on to the other colours, but because I am making a blue Dear Jane, with dark blues in the triangle border, I allowed myself to order some new fabrics (because I do want to finish that quilt). This does of course put me even more in the red (my stashbusting is still recovering from the wonderfull birthday gift of an entire bolt of white fabric my husband bought me this year).

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    There wasn’t much sewing done here, but a lot more knitting. Your numbers are great Judy — how you could use that much fabric and all the cooking you have done. You definitely are Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    carol c says

    a friedn sent me a box of fabrics from her stash, the darn box cost 36.00 to ship
    to me, it is HEAVY. i guess have to count this…………so i am not going to go thru it until Jan-lol

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    7 1/2 yards is a goodly amount, Judy. I would be delighted with that. My measly sum is close to a fat quarter – ah me. And I did win some fabric – can’t blame me for that – hehe. If you want to see my goodies it the previous post before the stash report. Hope to do better next week.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I wish I would have busted 7.5 yards this week, but alas, I only used 3.8 yards. Then I went and bought 3 yards, so my YTD totals are:
    Fabric added YTD – 88.75,
    Fabric Used YTD = 93.6,
    Net YTD – 4.85
    I am still on the right side of the equation, but just hanging by a thread!! Dar