Design Wall Monday

This past week I got back to making the pinwheel blocks that I had taken down so I could make the Disappearing Nine Patch to send to the little girl with cancer.

What’s on your design wall?


  1. 7


    Love the black and white, I need to make a pure black and white quilt just for fun. My prayers for the girl with cancer, keep us updated.

  2. 8


    Two different sizes of pinwheels? Look forward to seeing how you will set them together. Also…I’m really looking forward to hearing you on the radio show today…how fun!

  3. 9


    Hum, some how I linked to the stash report… but no stash report from me until Wednesday — once a month does if for me. Progress is being made which left not much on the design wall.

  4. 12


    ARgh… and now I see I come up twice here. Judy — can you take off one of my postings? Sigh evidently the brain is not engaging particularly well today. Sorry folks.

  5. 15


    Lots of SWAP blocks on my walls today. Come play with the idea of two block swaps in one quilt idea I have. I like the two sizes of pinwheels too. Are they a Border???

  6. 17

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    Love the pinwheels. I like the combination and I bet it will be interesting when it is finished.

  7. 19

    Perry says

    Love these pinwheels. Have forgotten what you are doing them for, but I am sure it will be wonderful. Glad I have something to show today.

  8. 20


    Pinwheels are always fun, but I don’t make them that often. That will be a striking quilt — what’s the setting? Or do you know?

  9. 25


    Pinwheels are classic! Never go out of style and always look good. The little black dress of the quilt pattern world…. what does that make the nine-patch? Jeans?