Year Round Canning

When I went to get the canner, I couldn’t find it.  I asked Vince if he had seen it.  He thought I was done canning . . the “season” was over and had stuck it way on top of an out of the way shelf in the garage.  NO!  The canner gets used all year.  As I empty jars of tomatoes or green beans, I’ll fill them with something else.

I got it all loaded and it hissed and gurgled but just wouldn’t build up any pressure.  I turned off the fire, let the vent fall down, took it apart and cleaned it three different times before finding some little speck of something under the gasket.  I had already asked Vince to get the older model down because I was fixing to load everything in it and start over when I finally got this one to work again.

This batch of canning produced 7 quarts of Nine Bean Soup with ham.   Nothing like soup and grilled cheese sandwiches during the winter.

And, I was making a double batch of baked beans.  By the time I got them to canning, I had to bring out the older canner anyway because they wouldn’t all fit in the main canner.

This double batch of beans which produced 20 quarts.  One more double batch and I’d just about be set for the year.   A double batch (4 pounds of dry beans) is almost too hard to make and since it takes two canners to get them all done, I think I’ll stick to making a single batch of baked beans.  They have to bake 3-1/2 hours before going into the canner for 1-1/2 hours and that’s a whole lot of heat in the kitchen so I don’t bake beans in the summer.  I try to build up my supply of baked beans before the summer because it’s so easy to open a jar of them when we’re grilling, which we do often in the summer.

Always something to can around here, huh?


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    Yeah, I was gonna say… Canning season never ends, it just ebbs and flows. 🙂

    Have you already published your directions for pressure-canned baked beans? I’m not terribly thrilled with my latest effort.

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    Linda Lasco says

    Hi, Judy.

    Two things–I was cutting up a jellyroll pan full of my fudge last night, sampling a bit too much of it. The recipe yields 5 pounds of the stuff, so I only make it once a year. Dangerous stuff, isn’t it?

    On the canning front, I have finally gotten my hands on a pressure canner and canned turkey stock AND some small jars of turkey meat. I’ve even purchased some extra shelves upon which to store all the other stuff I’m planning on canning (like the meat from a free-range chicken and a free-range turkey, which will be a year’s supply for me). I think I need more jars.

    You’re an inspiration. Now if I could just be as prolific a quilter as you!


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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Judy, I have one of new models that don’t have a “pressure” amt. You dial one temp or the other. I’ve never felt “safe” doing canning this way. I do water bath the acid foods but tend to freeze the alkaline foods. Did you buy yours at the Army Navy store? I’ve been meaning to see if I can find one w/the pressure gauge. We usually don’t have way more than we need, so it’s a non issue during the fall/winter/spring. I would like to make use of the tomatoes in the summer. I love seeing all your pantry items. You are so on top of things.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I know I”M REAL proud of you (along with Glenn). Just wish I had someone to help me eat all the things I can (which isn’t very much). My other half would rather drive to the fast food places than eat good, home grown healthy food. Of course, he does love fresh tomatoes in the summer. Dar

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    Judy- You constantly amaze me. Even though I’m older (I thnk), I wan tto be like you when I grow up! lol
    I was hoping you could share how you do your nine bean soup canning. I never thought about canning soup in the winter months. Though it seems that when I make a pot of soup it’s rather large. That means that DH and I will consume it for dinner a couple of times, lunch a couple of times and then I’ll freeze a bunch of it to have a couple of weeks later. It also happens that I have a large bit of ham left overs so this could be something I could do shortly.
    ALso, I recently acquired your laest quilting book and absolutely love it. I do think we are kindred spirits. Love the details with borders enhancing the quilt tops and you’ve outdone your self with this one. Beautiful ~ Thanks!


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    So trying to get on with food preservation – I have the same request as Jane in the comments. Your large pressure canner – what brand is it, if you wouldn’t mind sharing? Also, any suggestions on where it can be purchased? Really appreciate the help…… MrsM