More Socks

Nothing like sitting and knitting on these cool nights.  I love having more “down” time while it’s getting dark early.  Such a nice break from the summer with the garden and canning.  Most evenings I’m in the recliner knitting by 7 and get in a couple of hours of knitting time.  At this rate, I may end the year with no socks without mates.

This yarn is from the Simply Sock Yarn sock club a few years ago.  I can’t find the tag for it so don’t even remember the content.  It’s kinda funny how the yarn pooled at the top and then striped on the foot.  That’s caused by reducing the number of stitches for the foot.

These are Bugga and I love this yarn.  They’re actually a beautiful burgundy with hints of purple.


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    When I used the sock club yarn, it pooled between the top and the foot, but similarly on each sock. Just beware, I wore through the heels of these socks in very few wearings. Both heels. I couldn’t have worn them more than 5 or 6 times. One of these days I’ll figure out how to darn them…

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      I remember you or someone telling me this yarn had not held up. If you have a darning egg, it’s really not hard to darn the worn spots but if socks wear that badly after so few wearings, it may not be worth the effort to darn them. They’ll probably just wear somewhere else.

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    I love the burgundy pair. I haven’t been successful in making socks. I just inherited a whole ton of knitting needles and need to learn how now.

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      Keep trying! It really isn’t hard . . just kinda tedious at first and you really need a third hand but once you figure it out, it’s really easy.

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    I’m knitting this afternoon but I am not yet making socks (hope to learn tho) … I started over on the Reader’s Wrap shawl that I started a year ago. I love working with the yarn I chose but my hands get sore if I knit for too long. Your socks in the photos are so pretty!

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      My hands/wrists will ache if I knit too long so I am only able to do it for short whiles and then take breaks. It’s hard to stop when I’m making good progress but I know I’ll pay the price with aching wrists if I do it too long.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Love those yellow and blue socks and the way the yarn “acted”. I am trudging along and presently working on the heel flap. Great show over on Pat Sloan’s talk radio.

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    Judy, I’m knitting a pair of socks! My first pair in about 45 years. I knit a pair for my dad when I was in high school (or make that pre-school!!! LOL). I can’t believe how much I’m having, but the pattern called for five needles, and I’m sure that I used just four before. Thank goodness I found another set.

    Once again, you’ve inspired me. Thanks.

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    Denise says

    Great socks Judy! Try some of that sock yarn on a scarf. I’ve been combining two hanks of sock yarn – one solid or nearly solid looking and then a multicolored one that has some of the solid color in it. They look really neat knit together and the weight and feel of the scarf is so nice. Vince probably needs a green one to go with those t-shirts. 🙂

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      Penny says

      Hello Denise, for the scarf using 2 strands of sock yarn, what size needles did you use? How many did you cast on? Just a garter stitch or something else? Sounds interesting. Thank you.

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    I’m getting ready to start a new pair after finishing up both of the ones I was working on. I just love wearing them! I wonder how many people participated in the knit-a-long and actually finished a pair?

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, Your socks are beautiful as usual. To Mary, I am one who participated in the knit along, but I’m not even up to the heel yet. I’ll keep trying though.

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    I bought the book “knitting circles around socks” and the size 5 circular knitting needles to knit the practice socks. It took me probably 7 trys to figure out the cast on and get going on them. After I understood, it all went pretty well and I enjoyed knitting them. It took me most of Nov. to finish them. I now want to get the size 2 needles and the regular sock yarn and make the ones on page 39 of that book. Thanks for the inspiration. I really, really enjoy reading your blog.