Turkey is Gone!

All the Thanksgiving leftovers are officially gone!

Seven quarts of turkey stock from the bones.

Jars don’t sit empty around here long.  Here’s the 7 quarts of bean soup I canned earlier in the week:

And the 20 pints of baked beans.  For those who asked about the recipes, I pretty much use the recipes from the Ball’s Blue Book and then when I open the jars of beans or bean soup, I spice it up the way we like it.  For the bean soup, I’ll mash a few of the beans to thicken the soup up.

Nothing like having lots of home canned food in the pantry.


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      After I boiled them, with a little meat still on them and some skin, I got 7 quarts of rich broth and then I threw away the bones and canned the broth.

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    Elaine says

    Is there anything you can’t can? I’ve never known anybody who cans like you do! Is there anything you can’t cook? I bet you could make a meal out of rocks and sticks and it’d be delicious!

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    Doe in Mi says

    You are totally awesome Judy! I used to can, had a garden, did the whole thing and loved it. Things changed, moved, no garden, and got out of the habit. Now I’m just to dang old to do it. So I’m lovin’ seeing your stuff!!!

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    I just froze 6 quarts of turkey stock, 8 quart bags of turkey quesadilla mix, 5 foil pans of turkey tetrazini and baked 2 loaves of sweet potato bread! Now I just need to make sweet potato muffins and something with my leftover cranberries!

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    Great work…….. That is a comforting feeling to see those jars all lined up.

    Our house in NC (should we ever get there) will have a pantry and I plan to do the same thing………. I always enjoyed canning. Don’t you enjoy that little ‘ping’ when each jar seals?

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      I do! Some of the new jar lids don’t ping quite like the older ones did and I have to really listen to hear the sound.

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      I can anything I can and putting things in the freezer is a last resort for me. It’s so much easier and more organized in the jars.

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    thanks Judy for the heads up where the recipes are. I have the book so will look into it. I really never thought of canning in the winte before and it’s a great idea. Making your own stock from the leftover bones- ingenious. Thanks again.


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    Okay, questions…. How did you get 7 quarts of stock? I only got about 8 cups total (6 cups are frozen). And second, what do you do with your stock? I made sauce for my enchiladas tonight, but I’m not really certain what to do after that.

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    Darlene S says

    Yes, I’m curious too how you come up with so much stock. Do you fill the pot you boil your bones in to the top — thereby getting more stock the bigger the pot? Or can you add water to the broth after it’s boiled to ensure full jars? I’ve got mine boiled, but put back into the fridge until tomorrow. May check the Ball book. Thanks for the incentive to do this. Dar

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    carol c says

    so thats the secret, mashing p some of the beans for the soupy around it.
    hmmmm crock beans coming up! thank Judy
    you sure do great things

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    I am so mad at myself for throwing out the turkey carcass now that I see your lovely turkey stock. From now on, this is going to be a definite do at our house. Thanks for the inspiration!