Poor Chicken!

This chicken has to be getting real cold about now.

I love that one tail feather sticking up!  That’s kinda how my hair looks when I get up in the morning.  Look at the feathers on the ground.  It’s like she just stands there and her feathers fall off!  She’s moulting.  She’s the only one doing it though the other Easter Egger is probably going to start any day since neither one of these chickens has laid an egg in months.  They say that once chickens moult, their egg production never really comes back to being what it was before.  These Easter Eggers were so late in starting to lay and now this . . it’s a good thing they lay pretty eggs . . when they do lay.

I feel bad for her.  I wonder if she knows she’s ugly!  She’s never been Miss Congeniality but she’s really been a grump lately.

She keeps picking arguments with the other chickens.  Maybe moulting is similar to PMS!  Constant chaos in the coop again.  I wonder if Shane wants another chicken??  🙂


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    I have heard it’s painful, all those pointy feather sheaths coming through the skin, and then it also requires a ton of protein to build all those feathers. Plus she’s cold. I’d be grumpy too.

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    Poor, poor nekked thing! You better make her a quilt. 🙂 Or knit her some socks~ Mine would take 2 steps and 6 feathers would fly out. The last one is moulting now–it really is a sad, sorry process and to do it when the weather is so cold. 🙁

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    pat says

    I think she is pretty. Remember beauty is only skin deep it is what is inside that counts. I would take her if I lived closer to you.

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    carol c says

    does those two need to go to the basement coop and for the winter?

    i dont know enough.

    my friend is going thru hot flashes, i woke up twice last nite sweating like all
    get out, wet clothes and I dont know why I went thru this 1993, so shouldnt be, I had fans on me all nite and still wet.

    poor chickens! no I dont want to be one!