Design Wall – December 6, 2010

Four patches finally got all made and are on the design wall.  I could put a plain block in there and leave them set on point, or I could set them straight with sashing.  I had almost all these squares cut for another project and decided I needed something that required less thinking so I made four patches.

What’s on your design wall?


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    I have a panel to finish for Christmas on my Design Wall today. Putting up my decroations I found I didn’t have any to hang on the walls where I have other quilts. This one shouldn’t take long to add a border and get it quilted on the machine. Just a quick UFO to add to the total DONE this year. I like the 4-patches on point! Maybe that would be a cute border for me to add onto my panel???

  2. 12

    Susan Torrens says

    Great coloured 4 patches! I plan to teach my Florida group about all the ways to make 4 patches, 9 patches and flying geese, and all the things you can do with them. Sometimes we forget what we can make with the basic building blocks.

  3. 13

    Toni says

    Good Morning! This morning I have the second of two baby quilts that need to get done before February. I’ve heard this called “Whirlygiggles” and think it is fast and fun. I’m going to do two more blocks. One in yellow and one in green to add to the mix and give me more arrangement options. With Christmas coming I’m sure I won’t get this, or my previous post, quilted until January. Now off to work on small Christmas gifts!

    Cute four patches!

  4. 14

    Linda C says

    Looks very pretty as it is to me! Slap some solids in there and call it a quilt. 🙂

    Hope your holidays are going great! I’m off quilting for the duration, too much else to do (don’t cry for me Argentina, we’re at WDW for ten days.)

  5. 17

    Perry says

    Love your four patches! Bright and Cheerful. I am up to my neck in baskets, lol. I hope your week goes well. Try to stay out of trouble, lol.

  6. 18


    I was so proud of myself yesterday, thinking “Oh boy, I have something to show on Design Wall Monday!” And then I forgot until just this minute — sheesh! Anyway, I do have some Crazy Curves on there, and I need help “seeing” where I have too many of the same colors or lights or darks together.

    Love four patches, Judy. That will be a sweet quilt. I’d love to see your quilting in the plain blocks if that’s what you decide to do!

  7. 19


    Today has been a great day to sit and browse through design walls. We’ve been inundated with somewhere around 16 inches of snow, and more coming.

  8. 21


    I felt so proud of myself when I had my design wall picture taken by 2pm yesterday 🙂 Usually I’m running downstairs before work to get a picture to post. It’s only because I was out shopping Sunday afternoon and there was no sewing going on.

  9. 22


    Nothing! Given my unexpected trip to VA I decided to downsize the quilt I had on the design wall and put a border on it. The blocks are packed and I’ll assemble them at Mom’s and be glad to mark another finished top off my to do list.