Mom & Sister

This is a blurry picture but I’m often asked about my siblings. I have one sister. This is mom in red, me in the middle and my sister in black.  I had been dressed nice and had just put on a t-shirt and we decided to take the picture.

My camera has been taking bad pictures!  I don’t know if there’s a setting wrong or if it’s just getting old, but the new Nikon D3100 is calling my name and I think Santa might just have one in his bag for me . . or maybe those elves need to find one and put it in Santa’s bag!

Anyway, my sister is 18 months younger than me, she’s skinnier than me and she used to be taller than me.  Not much I can do about those 18 months but next time I see her, I’m going to be skinnier than she is.  Maybe!


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    fitzy says

    See if you can figure out how to restore your old camera’s setting to the default settings. It’s likely you’ve gotten something out of whack.

    Great picture!

    • 3.1


      I’ve already tried that and besides . . I’m looking for an excuse to get the D3100 so please don’t come up with a plan that fixes my camera! 🙂

      • says

        Looks like operator error to me. Also, with all that “beauty” in one place I am sure the camera had a hard time focusing from the natural glow!

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    lw says

    I am the thin sister. It really makes me sad when my sisters compare their weight to mine– as if it really mattered. It doesn’t. As Pop used to say to Mom, there was more of her to love.

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    Mary Jo says

    How is your diet going? This is a terrible time to be trying to loose weight, but I am sure if you are still not drinking Dr Pepper you’re doing good! I really don’t think that sisters should compare themselves to each other, but we all do. I am one of the chubby ones in my family (six of us!), so it is sometimes really hard to see the sister who probably weighs less that she did when she was 18! I am very proud of her though!