Cute Kid

Last time I was here, which was about 8 months ago, my niece’s little boy was 2 and wouldn’t have anything to do with me but he’s fine with me this trip.  He turned 3 in November and is so funny.

My niece subbed yesterday and today (she’s a teacher but not teaching full time til this little rug rat starts to school) and Mom and Dad were going to keep him today but Mom had a doctor’s appointment and Dad had physical therapy and that left me!  His other grandma, Boo, (his dad’s mom) kept him yesterday.  He so loves her and if she’s around, he has nothing to do with anyone else, even his mom and dad.  I was afraid he wouldn’t be happy to be left here alone with  just me today but he was fine.

As long as the hippos were hungry, he was happy to play Hungry Hippo for an hour!  He couldn’t believe there were no games on my computer though.

Mom had given me a lesson on on exactly how to make cinnamon toast the way he likes it.  Dad had given me instructions on how to get the Barney DVD playing so I was all set.  We made it just fine til Mom got home.

Yesterday he was enjoying a leg massage by Boo.  He’s so cute and so funny to talk to.  Mom is back and they are in the kitchen drinking “coffee”.


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    That is the best age…they talk to you so honestly and sincerely…they haven’t learned yet how to be anything but just themselves!

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    Linda says

    “coffee” must be a 3 year old thing. my grandson is also 3 and tells his mom…”I need a coffee!” and he gets his hot chocolate! He definitely has attitude and lets you know what he wants!