Divinity Questions

I’ve edited the original recipe but here are some of the answers to questions asked.

  1. Mom’s mixer is a newer model 250 watt KitchenAid.  Mom keeps it put away and doesn’t use it except at Christmas to make Divinity.  She’s giving up cooking I think.  I’m going to check my mixer when I get home and see what wattage it is.
  2. The egg whites are beaten stiff before adding the syrup.
  3. Start the larger pot a bit before starting the smaller pot.  Our smaller pot got to the right temp way before the big pot did so we just turned it on very low and it was fine.


  1. 1

    Carol Campbell says

    Thanks Judy for a few more details. I had kinda thought you must need to kinda time the pots close together. Thanks for sharing your mom’s never fail recipe. And thank her as well! This will be my FIRST try and I’m guaranteed success, right? Can’t wait!

  2. 2

    Perry says

    Thank you for clarifications Judy. Very kind of you to do this. You really can’t wear out a KitchenAid. I have had mine for almost 40 years and it is as good as ever. Made bread, etc, all those things. I do think mine is a higher wattage however.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Saw your recipe – asked DWH if he liked Divinity – said not his favorite thing to eat – decided, no way was I making all that for me to devour totally alone. So far I have been watching what I eat – go straight to my butt, thighs and waist. I know Divinity is really good and I also know where to get the recipe. Lol and just love your sharing.

  4. 5


    Thanks for the mixer info. I’m not sure I would use one that much either. We eat so sparingly anymore. But, Divinity once a year is sure nice!