Food Along The Way

As crazy as it sounds, there’s no place I’d rather eat than at home.  But, when traveling, I can’t eat at home.  It’s hard trying to lose weight and eating out because if I pay for it, I want to eat it all . . get my money’s worth, you know?  This morning as I headed out for a pretty much all day trip, I brought along snacks for the road.

Fresh sprouted lentils!  I could eat these all day.  My favorite way to eat them is on a sandwich, next is on a salad but they’re good and crunchy and I like eating them all by themselves.  This was my main snack while driving.

And just so I didn’t overdo it on the healthy bean sprouts, I brought along some divinity.  Yum!

But the main reason I wasn’t eating much all day was because I knew my destination at the end of the day was real close to a Japanese restaurant.

A little bit of sushi, along with a scallop dish.  Every time I’m near this restaurant, I stop and it’s always good.

The rest of the evening, I’ll prop my feet up on this stool, catch up on emails and knit . . and tomorrow morning, I’ll wake up early and spend another day on the road!  Ughh!


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    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    Don’t know which state you are spending the night in, but if you are in Oklahoma, bundle up because it is extremely windy and cold here in the northeast part. After, the warmth in Louisiana, you are going to freeze! Be safe on your journey, prayers for your safety. And, your meal looks yummy!

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    Judi says

    Judy, If your heading back to MO please be careful a bad winter storm is developing roads can get really bad with black ice. Safe travels.

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    Deborah Scott says

    Judy have you done a post on sprouting lentils. I would love to know how to do this especially if they are good alone with nothing else. And I love your blog – it’s one of my top sites that I follow. Thanks for the info – Deborah

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    don’t make the mistake of cleaning the plate because you paid for it, because you will be paying for it in other ways if you over eat! seriously, if you can’t purchase a smaller portion from the menu, and taking leftovers with you is not practical, try to adjust your way of thinking about things. i found this really hard to do, too, but it’s okay to leave food on the plate. give yourself permission to only eat half, then have the wait staff take the plate away as soon as you have eaten that much. if you aren’t taking it with, throw your napkin over the uneaten portion and push it far away from you to the edge of the table! remember, if you keep the weight on, you will be “paying” for it with your health – high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.!

    i’m sorry if i sound like i’m lecturing, it’s just that i’m in the thick of it myself right now. i’m trying to just hold my weight steady until the first of the year when i will resume my diet plan. good luck!

    tammy k. in illinois where it’s cold and windy! brrr!

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    liz says

    Drive safe – you’re going into a strong head wind! i didn’t see any rain in the future, but it’s sure cold and windy….good time to snuggle under a quilt!

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    Safe travels, Judy! I’ve got my dried fruit soaking for fruitcake to be made tomorrow. Between that and the rum balls, I hope to keep my family on a mellow keel this holiday season!