Scene from Louisiana

While driving down the road in Louisiana, right in the middle of town, I looked out my window and there was a crane. I was stopped for a red light so I wasn’t taking pictures while driving!
Thank goodness the camera is always nearby.

And it’s a good thing I was quick because it was off the ground and headed to a new location quickly.

Sure makes me feel at home to look out the window and see the swamps and the crane!

The scenery here is so pretty.  The food is so good.  Not sure I’ll ever feel truly at home anywhere but Louisiana . . but will I ever get to move back??


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    Mary Beth says

    There’s no place like home….there’s no place like home….I know how you feel. Even though I live in KC and love it here. I wish I could still live in Springfield.

  2. 2


    When we first moved to southern Delaware, I was happy and very alert each time I saw a crane. Now they’ve become very commonplace to me, BUT….your post makes me think I need to become more appreciative of them…since someday I might live elsewhere and I WOULD miss them then. (I’m glad you let us know you didn’t snap the photos while driving!!! LOL)

  3. 4


    We have a lot of the white Egret around here. Not my favorite birds as they are noisy, and eat fish—including Comets and Koi that once populated our fishpond.
    Are you house hunting while you are back in Louisiana?

  4. 5

    Jackie Warren says

    I, too, love Louisiana. Can’t ever get away from where you were born. Allen and I were just watching an alligator hunter in Louisiana on TV. Scary stuff. Love to see the swamps and cypress. Have a safe trip back to Missouri. And it is COLD here.

  5. 6


    Exactly the way I feel about Iowa. After 23 years is still home and always will be. And I agree with some others..that looks like an egret to me.

  6. 7

    pdudgeon says

    our egrets like to hang around the lake and stalk the fish, and are sometimes accompanied by a blue crane

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    Perry says

    Judy, there is an old saying from a book by Thomas Wolfe ( I think)…..”you can’t go home again”. For some reason it is never the same I am afraid. I loved Louisiana when I lived in Baton Rouge, absolutely loved it, but I know it isn’t the same any more. I think you will just have to find a new “home”.

  8. 10


    I am from New Orleans and live in Baton Rouge now. When I travel and tell people where we are from, they honestly belive that gators walk down our streets on a regular basis! LOL.

    glen: but I do have oppossums and deer in my yard (in a really nice subdivision in the city!) And a peacock one day, how odd.

  9. 11


    I’m in VA now and while I love visiting I will be glad to get back to Minneapolis. I’ve loved moving around and I expect one day there is a fairly decent chance we’ll end up back in VA (or at least the east coast).