Stash Report – December 12, 2010

Nothing used and nothing added again this week.  I’m going to go ahead and tell you that my goal this year was to use 1,000 yards net!  It wold have been hard, close to impossible, to do but I thought I could do it.  My net usage so far this year is 361-1/2 yards.  A far cry from 1,000 yards but I tried and I don’t feel bad that I didn’t make it.

Not sure what 2011 will bring but I’m not even setting a goal in yardage.  I’m just going to plan to use as much as I can before buying anything and hopefully I will not have to buy anything.

How did your stasbusting efforts go this week? Making any big stashbusting plans for 2011?


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    I’m not sure about my goals for this coming year, but like you, I’m determined to keep my buying to a minimum.

    It’s going to be a great year!

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    Frankly, Judy, I think 361 yards is fantastic! You have done wonderfully.

    I feel I have done well considering my stash….I have never had a huge stash by any standard and have only purchased 54 yards, most of which were quilt backs, with a net used of 58 yards. Next year I will keep going like I am, though I will probably have to purchase more as my “selection” in my stash is getting thinner and thinner. I am going to have to do more wildly, unplanned scrappy quilts to get it used as most is older and doesn’t go together.

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    Debbie says

    Judy, using 361 yards of fabric is pretty darn impressive. I can honestly say I have not used anything close to that amount. I would like to say that you are quite inspiring in using up the stash though. When I begin a project I do like to check the stash first. So….thanks for being your inspirational self! It helps the fabric find a new life in a quilt and live elsewhere. (as opposed to a bin!!)

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    I’m not part of the challenge, but last week I gave 129 yards to our high school whatever-they-call-home-ec-now department. 🙂 My husband looked at it and said, “I didn’t know we had this much fabric.” Ummmmm… LOL

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    You may not have met your goal, but you still used a heck of a lot of fabric (IMO). I’m not setting a number goal next year either. I just want to use up some of the older fabric and hopefully I’ll use more than I bring in.

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    liz says

    Since I’ve had two years of stash enhancement, I probably should forget about having a goal to bust fabric, but tracking is still a good process since I do stop to think about how the fabric fits into my stash. So impulse buying is way down.

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    You sure had a lofty goal – but 360 some yards, OMG I want to get there when I grow up 😉
    Thanks for almost 1 year of hosting! The stash report (my 1st year) has truely helped me to see what is getting done in my house. Though not stellar and far off my goal, I have surprised myself at how much I have sewn.

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    You’ve done so well with your stash busting efforts – you are an inspiration to us all.
    I was mostly in to keep track of what comes in and goes out. There is a strong need to rein in the purchases since there is no more room in my sewing/craft room, so I will continue to watch what I buy while trying to find more efficient storage! 🙂

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    Thanks so much for doing the Stash Busting Sunday reports. I’ve gotten a good handle on what I have – and it looks like I’ll try to avoid the quilt shops for another year! I’m working on my goals for next year – haven’t quite met this year’s goal, but have a few more days to try! I should come close!

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    Denise says

    I’m pleased with my numbers – much better than last year – and still hoping to add to them before the end of the year (the busting part, not necessarily the buying part). 😉

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    Wish I’d have had a stash used to report, but big numbers are coming! I’m starting to think now of my UFO patterns and projects to tackle for 2011! What about you? Sandi

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    Wow! You wouldn’t have been able to sleep at all to use 1,000 yards and what you’ve used is so impressive! My goal was just to track this year and I am so glad that I did and have used almost 100 yards (but it doesn’t even make a dent!). Thanks for keeping us all in line and I look forward to seeing what you use next year.

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    pdudgeon says

    that’s amazing, Judy! I’m doing this again next year, and hope to clear out a bunch of fabric.

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    It doesn’t hurt to set “stretch” goals, but I can’t get my mind around what a 1000 yards of fabric actually looks like. To have a net usage of 361 yards is just fantastic, congratulations on a successful year.

    Thank you for hosting the stash report. I’ve learned a lot about my buying habits and what holes I need to fix.

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    Judy K says

    I have started getting my goals for 2011 together. Finish UFO’s, make charity quilts, and use up the stash. Shop the stash is my new mantra!!

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    361 yards is a lot of fabric, Judy. I’m impressed. I think you should pat yourself on the back for that accomplishment.

    I didn’t start reporting til the fall and have a loonngg way to go to get my stash under control. For the most part, this year I did buy some fabric but only what I needed to complete a project so really my stash didn’t grow by much, but my scraps did – LOL.

    So my goal this year is to continue to get that stash down to one shelving unit and not in three rooms. Thanks for keeping us inspired to do this. I’m going to adapt some of Pat Sloan’s ufo busting tips to my stash and see if I can’t do better this year.

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      I went back to Judy’s post of Dec 10, 2009 and now understand what we are doing, I think – LOL. We are trying to get a handle on our stash usage, not our stash proper. Big difference! By using our stash one will eventually use up the stash. And so it make sense to me, Tamera, why one subtracts additions from usage. But I think I’m going to modify a column of her spread sheet. I’m going to count any yardage I donate/sell as part of my usage because it won’t be in my stash anymore.

      Again, thanks Judy for keeping us motivated to get a handle on this.

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    Darlene S says

    Judy, I am impressed with your net figures. I know you used many more yards than 361, it’s just those dang fabrics that followed you home from the stores that threw off your totals. I had set a goal of 200 yds used from my stash and I fell short by 50%. Of course, this is not my “net” figure. Too many shops near by and good sales kept my stash growing a bit. I’m setting my goals again for next year and I think I will do better. I did get rid of a lot of older fabric that had been sitting on my shelves for 10+ years! Isn’t that awful?? I still have more of that stuff too. Dar in MO

    Here are my totals for this week# 49.
    Fabric added 1.25
    Fabric used 5.08
    Fabric added YTD 90 yds
    Fabric used YTD 106.23 yds
    Net used YTD 16.13 yds

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    carol c says

    bought 2 bolst of WOW for 2011, then the mail came. One lady nicely sent me a box that costs 35.00 to ship me of fq’s, then yesterday a box came of more fq’s from another and it cost 15.00 to ship to me. I said hipping costs, cause I am not counting how many are in there-lol.they are all going into charity quilts for 2011. i am NOT buying in January for sure. I did get myeslf a fq each of the pink line of Lil & Will, but it was free with a punch coupon. So now I
    have my ufo list began for 2011, if i get that done. Many peoples will have free
    quilts, and I hope to make little orphan girls dresses. and maybe some dolls.
    24 hours in every day as long as my health holds up. Thats why I think I made it thru pancreatic cancer 9.5 year ago, to do this.

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    My goal for 2011 is similar to the past three years, shop the stash as much as possible including backings, patching those together if possible from stash, purchase selectively, make scrap quilts when possible and use some of the kits I have collected.
    And keep quilting fun always!

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    Well done Judy. I need to use 4 more yards and not buy any fabric to stay even with myself this year. I have a couple of weeks but not much time!
    I’ve used 112 yds but bought 116 yds so far. I have two quilt tops ready for backing maybe I can get them finished! that should do it.

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    I think you did great, using 361.5 yards. Imagine what your net usage will be if you really manage to not buy anything next year (as you said you would).
    I managed to only add to my stash this year instead of diminishing it. I used a lot from it but bought even more.