Lavish Christmas Gifts

My husband!  The ever so thoughtful gift giver!  Who wants him?

He sent me this email.  If I weren’t so nice, I’d have included the portion of the email that shows his email address so you could all tell him just what a great guy you think he is.

And because the link won’t work in the picture, this is what he found:

What I’m really wondering, is why is he even looking at weed eaters since I recall that he got me this very green one for our anniversary and another one for my birthday . . both in 2010.  I do not need another weed eater.  He does not need a new weed eater since he never weed eats or edges.  Chad does not need a weed eater because he surely isn’t going to do yard work around here.

Some husbands think when they don’t know what else to get their wife, they’re always safe if they buy jewelry.  Apparently my husband thinks that when he doesn’t know what to get me, a weed eater will surely suffice.  NOT!!

Vince is a very good husband but he definitely needs help with gift buying for his dear wife, don’t you think?


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    My mama always buys her own gifts,has them wrapped and is so excited opening them Christmas morning. I guess I need to ask her if Daddy bought her a weed wacker once upon a time. LOL

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    pdudgeon says

    oh wait….i’ve got a thought…..Vince’s new campaign slogan…..

    “A weedeater in every Christmas stocking!”

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    pat says

    Why don’t you buy him something you want for Christmas like scissors, fabric, things like that than you will have something instead of a weed wacker.

    Gift cards to fabric stores too.

    He can keep his gift to you and vice versa and both will be happy too!

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    Good grief, Judy!! Isn’t that like the fourth weed eater that man has considered buying you? Is he obsessed, or what? LOL That’s just too funny. Tell him you’re going to enroll him in weed eater aversion therapy.

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    For our first Christmas, my hubby surprised me (indeed it was quite a surprise)with a 22 rifle. Now, was a rifle ever on my Christmas wish list? Did he ever see me drool over one in the store? Had he ever known me to express a desire to shoot one. let alone own one? The answer was NO to all of the above. His reasoning-the sale price was too great to pass up, he wanted one but couldn’t afford both a gift for me and the gun. He continued to keep buying gifts for “Me” that were really for him for several years. He finally got the hint after I bought “Him” a present one year (a new sewing machine). We laugh about it now.

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    I like the idea of buying him what YOU want….and then be sure to take a photo of his expression when he opens it!!! (Because you know we will want a full report!)

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    Linda in MI says

    Judy…just remember he did buy that sewing machine and the stuff to go with it so my guess would be to get yourself something not too sewing related….

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    Cynthia H., El Cerrito, CA says

    Maybe you can buy him an extra… 😈 SNOW SHOVEL and keep it in the garage?

    Or … an edger 😆

    If these don’t seem quite right for Dear Vince, future office-holder, maybe his (ahem) “very own Ginghers” might do??? 😉

    (BTW, recipe will be in the mail tomorrow…)

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    This is about as funny as the add I got from Costco today. They were suggesting Christmas gifts one was a exercise bike and another was a weight management program. Go figure!

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    pile the 3-4 weed eaters you already have near the door so he trips over them and NOtices them…. plus there is NO grass this time of year……….. leave a jewlery catalog out,??……. hinthint. vincce. get real ! loll

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    Linda Arcaro says

    Judy, I really know how you feel. Men just don’t have a clue. I also buy myself something and put it under the tree. Except I put it from Candysue, the cat. lol

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    I think he was telling you to tell us to ask for one since you like yours so much. My Dh asks me on Christmas Eve what he can buy me, after all my wrapping of gifts is done and the Money is gone… That’s why I buy what I want all year…

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    Darlene S says

    Too funny Judy. I’m with Mary C in WA. My DH also waits until Christmas Eve and says “I don’t know what to get you. Can you give me some hints?” I just tell him I don’t need anything, then wait until after Christmas and go shopping by myself and buy what I need or want, then tell him what he got me. At least this way you don’t end up having to return whatever he got. He’s just as hard to buy for too. He won’t tell me anything to get him and then he’ll go out and buy something that he has 3 of because it is on sale.! Men!!! Dar

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    Gwen says

    He definitely needs some additions to his list of things that come in lime green! For a guy that loves to shop his sources seem limited. Good luck!

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    Dawn says

    I think Vince needs some rolls of batting and tons of thread don’t you? Then maybe next year you

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      Dawn says

      sorry the cat wanted to comment also and hit send. LOL VINCE GIVE UP SHOPPING FOR JUDY! lol

      WAS GOING TO SAY…..maybe next year you can get something that you have been wanting and maybe he will even go shop for it.
      hubby and I have a WIN WIN going on. He HATES to shop and I hate what he gets me. so I shop for all sometimes early in the year and wrap it and then we all get what we want. Not what Christmas is about but it works for us. Tired of standing in those after holiday lines to exchange items we will never use.
      Merry Christmas to you!
      Dawn in MA

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    OH my goodness…Vince is making my husband look as if he is an AMAZING man today! He better come up with another plan…Santa is watching him and so are your blog readers! LOL

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    Beth MI says

    Ha! This reminds me of my kids’ favorite gift when they were younger. For 4 Christmases running, I got PASTA SERVERS from them for Xmas. Why? I have no idea! When you opened our kitchen junk drawer, we clearly already had at least a couple too many in there taking up precious drawer space. Now that they are moving out and into their own apartments, I have perfect apartment-warming gifts for them!

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    Joan says

    Thats why we agreed when we got married NOT to get each other a Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary etc. gift. We also agreed when we really wanted something we would discuss it, then if the budget allowed, bought it, and then attached a Christmas card, anniversary card etc. Has worked well for 45 years. He doesn’t have to stress over what to get me, and I don’t have to stress on what he wants.
    But the lime green weed eater IS kind of pretty. grin.

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    Karen says

    Thanks for the morning chuckle. It reminds me of our first Christmas – I got a vacuum cleaner! He’s done better since then but now I just tell him to give me a gift card to my favorite fabric shop. He was buying me socks for Christmas but he made a comment last week that he guessed socks were no longer needed since I’ve been knitting them.

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    lw says

    Hmmm…maybe Vince just needs a hint. Something like, “Honey, I put my wishlist into your cart on”

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    We always do the Habitat donation for Xmas but this year, Keith let me buy livestock too (Heifer International)!! I was so excited!