Mustard Greens

As I drove into Mom and Dad’s, the first thing I saw were the orange trees.

And the grapefruit trees!

And, a row of mustard greens.

Before I left, Dad picked a bag of oranges, 3 bags of grapefruit and a trash bag full of greens.  Yesterday I cooked a big batch of greens for dinner and canned the rest.

Seven quarts of mustard greens.  I’d sure like to have about 50 or more quarts but it takes a lot of greens to fill a quart jar.  They mash down to nothing!  I kept adding greens and when I’d pour hot water over them, they’d shrivel down to nothing.  I’d add more and they’d shrivel down again.  I’m going to try to plant some in the spring but they get tough and bitter as soon as it gets hot so my timing will have to be just right to get a good crop of spring greens.  My timing never seems to be perfect . . on anything! : )


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    I miss being able to eat grapefruit…..with the cholesterol med I’m on, it’s not permitted as it can really alter the potency of the medicine. 🙁

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    barbara says

    i LOVE mustard greens. i make them with bacon. i chop up the bacon and let that melt down first until it’s crunchy. then i add the washed and torn greens and cover. then they shrink like in alice-in-wonderland. when i stir the pot, they’re all covered in lovely, fattening, high cholesterol bacon grease. sounds terrible, but tastes wonderful. even the pot liquor gets sopped up with fresh bread so nothing gets wasted. how do you do yours?