UFO Challenge Clarifications

To grab the UFO button, go over to the button I show on my left sidebar and you should be able to copy the html text beneath my button and copy it into a text widget on your own sidebar.

For this challenge, you do not have to gather up or count ALL your UFO’s.  You need one per month, or two per month, depending on what you want to do.

If you’re a hand quilter or don’t have a lot of UFOs to finish or if you have some hug projects needing completed, you can break it down.  Example:  #1 could be to hand quilt 2 blocks on your red, white and blue quilt, #2 could be to hand quilt 2 more blocks.  Or, #1 could be to get the applique prepped for the last two blocks on a 2007 BOM.

If you do not have a blog, you can set one up for free and not much effort on several locations . . wordpress, blogger, etc.  Or, you can open a webshots or flickr account and link to your pictures.  I will not set up a flickr site for everyone to use.  I will have the link box and participants can link up there.  Many quilters maintain excellent blogs and this is another way for others to find their blogs.  Setting up a flickr account would bypass a lot of great blogs so the link box will be what we use for the UFO Challenge.

Participating in the challenge does not mean we are committing to only work on UFOs and not start new projects in 2011.  I don’t think I could make it through a year without any new projects.

If I missed any questions, please ask again and I’ll answer them.  Looks like we have a lot of participants!


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    I thought I had a ton of UFO’s but I don’t have enough for 1 a month so I’m adding some new projects to my list. Personal goals, some “me” stuff, I can’t wait! Thank you Judy!

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      I’m in. I have many UFOs, the challenge is to located them (I tend to hide them). Got the button, working on my list right now. I am looking forward to the stard of the new year 🙂

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    I’m in for the UFO Challenge. I’m new to blogging, but I’m really enjoying it. I am so inspired from visiting Design Wall sites yesterday. I have two new projects on my wish list. I could easily get an A+ on Procrastination so I’m planning to use my blog to keep track of the creative irons I have in the fire.

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    I picked up my button and am making a list (and checking it twice!). I will be picking parts of projects to complete, but I’m in. Thanks for taking on more work!

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    I now have the button – not too sure how it works. Perhaps I don’t need to know how, just that it does.
    I have my lists made and I’m looking forward to many finishes in the coming year.

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    Sarah B says

    Judy, I can’t open a blog because with 6 kids I am lucky if I get online each day AND I just closed my flickr account because I was getting hostile spam every day. Can I still participate? I don’t even care if I am entered to win anything, I just want to think I am being held accountable so I finish some of these projects I start and toss aside! Can I just post in a reply how my progress is going? I don’t know what to do about sharing photos….

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      Sarah – with 6 kids, you need time for yourself!!! If your kids are old enough to be on the net, you need to kick them off and say it time for me to post something!!

      But, that aside, I am on wordpress and I would glad to help you along in setting up and maintaining a blog and I’m sure there are some on blogger that would be glad to answer any blogger questions. The basic accounts are free and you do not have to post something every day – just when you feel like it!

      Blogging is easy and fun… and mildly addictive 😉

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    OK, Judy, I’m jumping in! I’ve written my blog and I will connect when you put up the opportunity! I’ve modified my list to where I am more comfortable with it. Thanks!

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    I think I want to try this also. I need to make my list-THAT is going to be the hard part, I want to work on EVERYTHING, all the time! Thanks for doing this Judy!