Goodbye Pool

Mom and Dad built a house in 1983.  They had bought two lots together and built the house on one and put a pool on the back of the other lot.  They lived in the house til 1995 and then they built a house on the other lot in front of the pool.  The grandkids spent many hours in that pool.  Chad had swimming lessons from Eileen’s son in that pool.  This pool . .

It never looked like this when we were swimming in it though.

No one uses it any more and Dad is having it taken out and all the concrete removed and the hole will be filled.  By the time I go back to visit again, the pool will be history.  Seems kinda sad that so much fun was had in that pool and soon it will be gone but it’s time and expense Mom and Dad don’t need since it isn’t being used anymore.  I suggested they sell this house and build another one without a pool but that only got me dirty looks.  I don’t blame them . . I wouldn’t want to build a house again either.  So, next time I go home, the back yard will look totally different.



  1. 1

    lw says

    I wonder if pool removal costs less than the +6% of the value of your home that you lose by moving (due to moving costs, real estate agent fees, closing costs, etc?)

    I wouldn’t want a pool, either, it’s taking up valuable garden space.

  2. 2

    Vicki S says

    Our house came with a pool and it was great when the girls lived at home. The next time it needs a new liner, I may just have it taken out and a storm shelter put in.