My UFO 2011 List

Plain and simple . . can I finish all these during 2011??

1.  This quilt is at least 8 years old . . probably older.  I love it!  You’d think I’d finish it.  All it needs is binding.  That’s all it’s needed for 6 years!

2.  Another bright stars and there are chain blocks for this one too.  I didn’t count but I think the blocks are all made.

3. It’s a Wrap!  This one is probably 3 or 4 years old.  Not sure how many blocks are done but I’d like to make this into a bed quilt for Christmas but will have to see how much of this fabric I have.

4.  Borders are all cut out and ready to be assembled.

5. Vince’s quilt using Peaches & Dreams pattern.  Some blocks are made.

6.  This was the mystery quilt from this summer.  All is done except for the binding.

7. Another Morning Splash.  Main part of quilt is done.  Just needs borders.

8.  Another Big Star.  Blocks are all done and one row is made.

9. Note to Self that needs to be quilted and bound.

10.  Blocks are all made.

11. More blocks all made.

12. A second Bears in the Farmhouse quilt.  Blocks are all made.

While these two are not going on the UFO list, I would love to have them finished by the end of 2011.

This was the BOM we did in  . . was it 2009?  Blocks are all done but nothing else is done.

And this is a second Celebration of Freedom that I started in 2010.

Looks like my sewing machine will be humming 2011 . . and that’s a good thing!


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    Very pretty quilts Judy, all of them. Some of them don’t need much, so I bet you can get most of them done next year. I’ve been working really hard on my UFO’s since 2009 and I’m down to just 4, one of which I’m working on as a leaders and enders project and plan to finish a second one that way in 2011. So I’m going to pass on the UFO challenge this year. But I’ll defintiely be following all the fun and cheering for you and all the participants to meet the monthly challenges.

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    I, am being very “mature” and handling my UFO’s by ignoring them. Somehow if I just don’t look at them, they will do something????? My challenge is to simply throw away/give away those unfinished things that I don’t really like, didn’t turn out well, I have no more interest in. Hmmmm. But thanks for the prod.

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    I’m working on another Bears in the Farmhouse – it’s on my list to finish next year! I wish I were closer to you – I like to do the binding by hand!!! I have to bind my Rocket Man quilt over the holidays – yours are very welcome to come to me for that.

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    Diann Smith says

    Loved the quilts and all the bright colors. Did Vince ever start quilt after buying his machine? Never saw any more about that and wondered.

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    Loved seeing all your quilt UFO’s. Some of them don’t need much to be completed, so I’m sure you will get a lot done in 2011. Yeah! I have UFO’s, but last year I made a new resolution to not make a list –and just do things that interested me and were fun. To clean up and get rid of things I knew were not interesting me any longer. Which I did. I actually got more done in 2010 then in past year’s and with no resolutions. Go figure! I think it must me a mental thing! I have steps in the quilting process that bog me down and keep me from the finish line. Mine is backings! I hate seaming and squaring backings. If there is any new quilting resolutions here, it’s to only buy wide backing from now on! and use up all my present backing 42″ -45″ backing fabrics. LOL! we’ll see how that goes. Looking forward to 2011!

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      I started to read your comment and thought I had left it and didn’t remember until I got to the part after it must be a mind thing, Angie in No. CA. I’ve started to piece my backings using fabric from my stash and that has helped a lot to use up some I never thought to use in the top.

      I am also looking forward to 2011

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    You have some lovely things that will be finished in 2011……. Thanks for the inspiration. I too will be learning to machine quilt so that I can get some things off the stack of UFO’s and in the hands of someone in need of a soft hug.

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    I was thinking the same thing as Diann. Is Vince working on his quilt? Are you all snowed in yet. In this wintery weather stock the fridge, freezer, pantry and start the coffee and hot cocoa and you two can marithon quilt together – how romantic.

    Come on Vince buck up and get that quilt done, LOL.

    Sue P.

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    You have quite a range of quilts from ones just needing bindings to ones still in pieces. I pretty good about getting most of my UFO’s to the finished top stage so all the ones on my list will need quilting and binding but no piecing blocks or borders. We can do it!!!

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    pdudgeon says

    Hey Judy, on that quilt #3 (“It’s a Wrap”) weren’t you planning to use the elves border on that one when you bought up all of that fabric that you could find a few quilt shows ago? (and were going to make a lot of Christmas quilts)

    maybe that fabric is still in the stash somwhere.

    #10 reminds me of those directional turn highway signs, lol.
    you ought to call it “Going My Way”

    My daughter got her “Note to Self” quilt (modified) today, and absolutely LOVES IT! thanks for a great pattern.

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    The step that bogs me down in completing quilts is pinning them. I don’t have a good place to do it at home and there isn’t a quilt shop for 20 miles. I used to do it on the floor but that just hurts too much these days. Therefore ALL my UFOs are completed tops–over 20 of them! Once they’re pinned though, I love to quilt them and add binding.

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    carol c says

    Hey there Judy, I wouldnt mind doing your bindings for ya. I do them for a few locals here. takes me about 4 hours for a huge laptop quilt. I do it by hand
    the offer is there. of course that stars one you showed first is right up my alley

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    Love them all, but really love #1 and the great things you do with stripes. I didnt have ANY in my stash, but since seeing all of your quilts, they are popping up every time I can get my hands on them! I think it is amazing, and I find it hard to understand how you can get to the binding and not finish it! You are SO CLOSE, and they are SO nice. I think that is what pushes me on. I love your stash of brights and solids, and wish I had the money to redo mine! I have too many novelties. Thanks for all the great patterns. Looking forward to joining in on the fun things planned for the year, and waiting to see what everyone does.

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    I love to put binding on Judy!! I’ll do it for you since I don’t have any quilts to put binding on!!

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    Good luck Judy. I’m sure you’ll get some (if not all) of your UFO’s finished this year. Thanks for hosting this – I’m really looking forward to it! I love that Bears in the Farm House one. If you don’t finish it, I’ll be HAPPY to take it off your hands. 🙂

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    Your projects are all so fun and colorful! Wish we could trade! lol Thanks so much for the challenge. I’m really looking forward to it! :o)

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    Judy, I just know as productive as you are these quilts will be done in no time. Love all those bright colors and gorgeous patterns.
    Happy New Year! Jane

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    While waiting this morning for the first Number to be posted for the UFO project – I decided to browse some of the other particapants blogs.
    Yours was the first one on the list.
    All I have to say is….Oh My, these are all outstanding. What fun your going to have finally seeing them finished this year. I have got to try making some like these. My UFO’s are not near as spectacular. Have a great year! : )