New House

Building a new house is so fun . . til you get started!  Most everyone I know who has ever built a house swears they’ll never do it again and then they forget how much trouble it was and they do it again.  I’ve said I wouldn’t do it again and did!  Every time I walk into a house being built and think of everything being brand new, I want to build.  Then I remember the hassle and deadlines and inspections and people who say they’ll be there on a certain day and then aren’t and I tell myself I’ll never do it again.

My niece and her husband (and four kids) are building a new house.  I got the grand tour and for a fleeting moment, I thought . . I’d like to build a new house! Then I saw the dark circles under Kristy and Wayne’s eyes and then I hardly saw them at all while I was home because they were working on the house til very late at night.  I hope we never build a house!

The welcoming committee! 🙂  I had already seen the kids once but I never get to see them enough.

Kristy’s new kitchen is a dream kitchen!

Mom is explaining something about the stove or the downdraft but this was all I needed to see to make me ask Kristy if she minds if I just move in.

Not only is she having a gas stove in the kitchen . .

There’s an outdoor kitchen that will have a gas stove and a huge stainless steel sink.  And, that’s Kristy.  You’ll have to excuse the fact that she’s still in her pajamas and no . . they aren’t living in the house yet.  She drove over to the new house to meet us and she didn’t bother to get dressed.  Funny girl!

On the other side of the patio is a big fireplace and a TV will be built in above it.  There’ll be lots of parties out here for watching LSU and the New Orleans Saints play football.

And Kristy, being the laid back mom that she is, let the kids pick out the colors for their rooms.  This one is purple!

This one had to show me every detail, even out the door of her room, onto the deck that doesn’t yet have railings.  That kinda gives me the same feeling as crossing a bridge!

And yes, this one is pink!  Why is that when I was a kid and mom and dad built a house, the entire house was painted the same color — honey beige?

It’s a very nice house but you know what’s the best thing about building a new house?

There’s always a dirt pile somewhere nearby!


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    Karen Langseth says

    We built about 5 years ago and I know I will never have to do it again. We had a general contractor so didn’t have to mess with the scheduling…..but I gotta tell ya…..I have never made so many decisions in my life in that short of time frame…..It got to the point I didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning cause I didn’t want to have to deal with the decision (s) of the day. Anyway, you have to let the children pick their paint color otherwise they will hate you for life… daughter’s color…..neon green, which is going to go soon as she has left the nest so I can redo it to a color that is easier on the eyes!!

  2. 4

    Linda in NE says

    Wow, purple!! Bright pink!! And I thought I was being daring to paint my kitchen something called Nutmeg Frost (kind of a Southwesterny terracotta color).

  3. 6


    Wow, that outdoor kitchen is fabulous! Lucky girl!!! As for the pjs–I wouldn’t have known, she looks very comfy. That’s an awesome dirt pile. Kids and dirt!! Gotta love it.

  4. 7


    WOW…that is one NICE-looking house….although I could get by with bedroom colors that were a bit softer, but….I know that’s what kids like! Had to laugh at the comment above about the door from the bedroom making it easy to sneak out as a teenager……VERY true!!! LOL

  5. 8

    sandy says

    Building a new house is many times easier than remodeling one! I’ve done both. I think your niece’s new house colors are wonderful! Colorful paint doesn’t cost more than beige, so why not enjoy it? The walls in my house sing with different colors and I just love it. It surprises the heck out of the people who think I’m a staid old senior citizen!