Feeling Bad for Santa

Poor Santa!  He has a rough night ahead.  Lots of chimneys, snow, rain, kids who are trying to sneak a glimpse!  I’m so glad I’m not Santa!  But I’m sure . . just like always . . he’ll get it done and lots of little children will wake up thrilled with their surprises.

Since Chad is an adult, Christmas morning at our house is a bit toned down.  No one is up at the crack of dawn . . well, I guess I am with the chickens but the crack of dawn is about 7:10 a.m. for them these days.  Chad’s birthday is in December and his truck insurance is due the first week in January so his combined birthday/Christmas gift for several years has been that I pay his insurance and he is real happy with that arrangement.  Since he didn’t have full coverage on his Mazda . .

. . and since the State Trooper was nice enough not to give him a ticket, his insurance didn’t go up because of the accident.  Actually the insurance on the pickup is quite a bit less than it was on the Mazda.

Overall, tomorrow will be a low key day for us.  We’ll focus more on the celebration of the birth of Christ than on the presents under the tree.  We have so much to be thankful for this year.  A few things that come to mind that I don’t mind sharing here are:

  • My dad’s heart attack was minor, his surgery was successful and he was left with no damage to his hear.
  • Chad and Jessi walked away from the accident when they both could have been so seriously injured.
  • Vince has a good job.  Chad has a good job as far as a part-time job for a college student goes.
  • We’re all happy and healthy!  What more could we ask for?

My Christmas wish for all of you is that you’re happy, healthy, and safe and that even if your life isn’t perfect this year, you can find reason to celebrate!


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    Toni in TN says

    Merry Christmas, Judy. Christmas isn’t perfect this year but we are healthy, have a warm home and plenty to eat.

  2. 4

    Sandy says

    Merry Christmas Judy to you and your family. We all have so much to be thankful for if we have our health, family and remember the true reason of Christmas. Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day!

  3. 5


    Merry Christmas, Judy, from our house to yours. We are equally blessed. Presents are fun for the children, but there’s much more of importance that surrounds the tradition of Christmas.

  4. 10


    Merry Christmas to you Judy…and to Vince and Chad and Jessie. I sure hope Santa makes it here in this snow… We have about 5 inches so far and it’s still snowing…

  5. 11


    We are pretty low key here, too. i shoveled 5 inches of snow this morning. hope your day tomorrow is filled with love and laughter. thanks for a terrific blog….i just have to go and ‘check’ on you a couple times a day. LOL Merry Christmas

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    Joan says

    Our holiday will be a bit laid back too. DH fell and cracked a rib, so things will be pretty quiet here. Will go to DD for a bit tomorrow afternoon to see grandkids and great grandson. DS#2 will drive me over. We will bring home a plate for DH. We just had about 1/2″ of snow so were really lucky. Missed us both North and South. For once we were right in the middle and not directly under a storm.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and am thankful your DS was not hurt in the accident.

  7. 15

    Linda in MI says

    Merry Christmas Judy, Vince and Chad
    we are having Christmas dinner here at home….our son and his family are coming to share the feast our daughter and her daughter are preparing for us all. my husband and i will be heading to Christmas Eve service in a few minutes.
    and Merry Christmas to everyone!

  8. 16

    Mariel says

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! We do have so much to be thankful for in this country. May God bless you richly in the new year and thanks for sharing your life experiences with us!

  9. 17

    Linda H says

    Thank you for sharing those blessings, Judy. We too have much to be thankful for.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. 18

    Lizzy Hentze says

    Amen to all those sentiments Judy! And God bless you and yours for the year to come, whatever it may bring. Hugs from the other side of the world in warm and sunny South Australia!

  11. 19

    Karla says

    Merry Christmas Judy and family. May the sun always shine on you and bless you and your chickens 🙂 I send you hugs and good wishes from Waco Texas

  12. 20

    Karen says

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for brightening my days. Overall it’s been a good year with lots to be thankful for.

  13. 21


    Merry Christmas, Judy! I’m so looking forward to this year ending, but even though it was bad in so many respects, I am thankful for the blessings I’ve received. Wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow! xo

  14. 23


    Santa was just here and he did seem a little tired to me! I am hoping the boys don’t get us up too early, last year it was 6:30.

    Merry Christmas Judy!

  15. 25

    Virginia in Ohio says

    Merry Christmas Judy to you & your family. One of my best memories from 2010 was that I got to meet both of my favorite bloggers (you and Bonnie) in October at Shipshewana,
    Hope you enjoy the day with Vince & Chad. I’ll be with my family also, which now number 35 people. I especially enjoy the little folks with their stories on Christmas.

  16. 27

    Judy C in NC says

    DWH and I are feeling very fortunate for our freedom this year. Being surrounded by military bases in NC, it is very easy to stay focused on what a wonderful world we live in and the strong men and women who are fighting to keep our freedom. God Bless Us, Everyone. Wishing you harmony and love and the happiest of Christmas and the Merriest New Year.

  17. 28


    Merry Christmas! It’s so nice to know that there are other families that don’t have piles of presents under the tree. This year there are no presents–just family time and great food. It’s pretty wonderful.

  18. 29

    ruth anne shorter says

    Judy, thank you so much for that wonderful comment. So true, so true. Being thankful is a wonderful way to live everyday. God bless all of you!!

  19. 30

    Evelyn says

    It is always a good time of year to make a list of things that you are thankful for. Christmas can be very stressful for people, so look at the good. And good health for my family always tops my list! As far as Santa – I mailed ALL my son’s Christmas presents including Santa gifts the 1st week in December and they have not arrived in Austria yet. Where are they? This is the year Santa did not arrive for a 7 year old, far from his Momma. Sigh. But his aunt got him a microscope and DH fixed a special meal and that kid is as happy as can be. So I think the ability to be happy in trying times is also very important. Merry Christmas Judy! Cheers! Evelyn