What Would You Guess?

Would you ever dream that if you came to my house for a meal, especially a holiday meal . . that we would have no rolls or worse, storebought rolls?

Friday Vince had to run to the store for something . . mainly because it’s impossible for him to stay home for 24 hours.  He has to go somewhere . . every day!  He was only going to the grocery store.  He went to get one thing.  I asked him to get a small can of evaporated milk for me.  I had big cans but no small cans and if he wasn’t going to the store already, I would have just used half of a big can but . . since he was going anyway, I asked him to get me a small can of evaporated milk.

But, he also got rolls.  He said he didn’t know if I was making rolls.  Huh?  How many meals has that husband of mine eaten with me?

Not only that . . my rolls were already made and were sitting on the counter before he ever went to the store!  I made a pan for Christmas Eve, put a pan in the fridge for Christmas Day and put a pan in the freezer for another day.  I’m wondering if secretly, he wasn’t hoping to have storebought rolls instead of homemade rolls.

It’s a good thing he didn’t buy a storebought cake because I had made two cakes that same morning.


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    Hilary McDaniel says

    Tell him if he comes home w/any more store bought bread, you’ll not make bread,rolls, OR sweets for a month. Also, if he buys you another weedeater in 2011, you’ll not COOK for a month. PAY ATTENTION Vince, you’re married to a SPECIAL lady who does more for you than more than 75% of the female population. We mostly cook special things on holidays and weekends. My evening meals are home cooked and nourishing, but not homemade bread or dessert. That only happens on special days. Vince is very lucky.

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    Kate says

    Judy – I only have one story that tops this one – a friend of mine sent her young son into a store to buy napkins for a special meal with guests… he was around 8…

    When they got home and she opened the bag, he had bought a lovely box of napkins – but they were – well, YOU KNOW – the OTHER kind of napkins!!

    It was a quiet joke in that family for a long time!

    So – just be glad you got the milk!!!

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    Sandy says

    Judy, I think Vince and my husband could be brothers ( oops, he isn’t Italian, lol). I thought I was the ONLY woman who’s husband liked to go somewhere EVERY day! I don’t like taking DH to the store because he buys all kinds of stuff we DON”T need. And like you, heaven help them if they go alone, lol.

    Maybe you should have asked him if he liked the storebought rolls better since it could save you alot of work instead of baking them. I bet he wouldn’t bring them home again!

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    Eileen Keane says

    Why not just leave them out and make them into breadcrumbs? That way, he can rationalize that you wouldn’t have had them had he not gone to the store! Or… make him some sliders to take to work. lol

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    I got to my FIL’s house with the ham, mashed potatoes (with plenty of butter and cream worked in) peas and apple pie then realized I’d forgotten rolls! Got in the car and drove 2 miles of the main drag to find an open store. Had to settle for plain, white rolls from the 7-11. Better than nothing but . . .

    @ish we had YOUR rolls, Judy!

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    carol c says

    i dont bake bread either. But I ususally make crescent rolls from the can for holidays. This time we tried the Sister Schubert yeast rolls from the freezer case. on sale for 2,48 here. well shocked, took out 4, followed the cooking directions…………….they are GREAT! really GREAT. prolly not as good as
    yours Judy, but these were so good! glad I only made 4 or we both would have been sick from overeating them-lol.

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    Judy C in NC says

    Vince sure does know how to dig holes !!! and fall in !!! Hope it is not contagious. He is rather brave to walk into the house with store-bought rolls. Lol with you.

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    Judy I so appreciate what you are doing here. This is a great way for quilters to stay connected and see what others are up to.

    However, I’m having some trouble. I added myself a week ago as number 42 and when I come back this week, I’m missing. I’ve added myself again as number 47 now. Am I doing things correctly? I hope so. I really enjoy this and love the thought of being able to share my projects with others in this way.

    Bless you and Happy New Year,
    Deanna at Rose Cottage

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    Oh this is something my hubby would do also. I think he saw the rolls thought you would like them, and it was a sweet thing to do. Sometimes men just think differently.