This is a compensated review by BlogHer.

You’ve noticed the BlogHer ads on my blog and on other blogs.  BlogHer is so much more than ads though!  Do you ever click on the ads?  There’s almost always a chance for you to win a giveaway or like the Ghirardelli ad . . there’s recipes and all kinds of chocolate related info.

But have you ever been to  As a quilter, I sometimes get hung up reading just quilt blogs.  But visiting is like the best of the best in all genres of blogging.  It’s really like sitting down with a your favorite magazine — a magazine that covers every topic that interests you!  They have sections for Fun, Food, Home & Garden, Career, Family, Life, Money, and others.  It’s truly a site where I go and can’t find a stopping spot.

This week’s sweepstake at is a Full Conference Pass to BlogHer Food ’11 in Atlanta, GA. I would definitely enjoy winning that!  Visit this week’s Sweepstakes post on

My favorite section at right now is definitely the Food section.  Before Christmas, they had the 12 Days of Holiday Cookies.  They’re also have a month of sides where bloggers submit their favorite side dish recipes.   I’m loving reading through those too.

Take a moment and check out the blogs and articles at  You will need to register, which just requires an email address and a password.  They will not send you info unless you check that you want to receive info.  I checked that I wanted to get those 12 Days of Holiday Cookies posts in my email and I looked forward to the emails each day.  There’s always something interesting and informative going on at