A Late Gift

A green egg!

We have two chickens that lay green eggs. One lays an aqua-green egg (shown above) and one lays an avocado-green egg.  It has been probably two or three months since anyone has laid a green egg and Vince was grumbling about feeding chickens that aren’t laying eggs.  He was thinking . . gumbo!  In fact, with them getting older and the cold weather, I’ve only been getting three eggs a day and with the holiday baking, I almost had to buy eggs.  Can you believe that?

This picture was posted on December 3.  When a chicken moults, they stop laying and all their “resources” go towards getting new feathers.  I had heard of chickens taking months to get their feathers back.  I’m thinking it was about a week before Thanksgiving that we noticed she was getting kinda ragged looking so I figured it would be January or February before she got all her feathers back but I came back from Louisiana on December 12 and she was fully feathered and had looking all fresh and pretty.    The other Easter Egger (that’s what they call the chickens that lay the colored eggs) never lost as many feathers as this one did but both of them look really good right now.  Not sure which chicken laid this green egg but I’m so happy to have another layer out there.

Thank you chicken for the green egg!  🙂


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    My hens have finally finished molting and are back to giving me eggs again. Some are small, some are large but I’ve been told they will even out again in a few weeks. I will buy more hens before I’ll buy eggs from the store!!!

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    Yup! We have 3 Americaunas but are getting only 1 green egg. I haven’t a clue if it’s one hen doing the laying or if they are taking turns. 🙂 Our green egg looks much like yours in the picture; I haven’t seen an avocado green egg yet! Perhaps something to look forward to!

    We have 22 hens (and one banty white crested black Polish rooster who thinks he’s pretty much Hot Stuff … we call him Einstein. 🙂 ). We’ve been getting about 8-9 eggs/day right now of all different shades of brown and a couple of small-weight white shelled eggs (boring!).

    I hope all those neighbors who said they’d LOVE to buy fresh, cage-free, free range chicken eggs are serious when all the ladies start sitting down on the job. 🙂

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    Greg says

    LOL maybe the Easter eggers only lay eggs for… Easter?! You might need to get some Christmas eggers! Haha

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    Connie says

    My chickens have just started laying again and we had over 8″ of snow this weekend. After the late summer heat, molting and cold weather, I wondered if I would ever get an egg again. I had to buy store eggs and they are just terrible – I have Easter Eggers too – I just love them.

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    I have Easter eggers as well. Four of them, actually, and only one lays the avocado green color. Our hens are continuing to lay even with the snow and cold temps. We have a light set to come on at about 3 AM, and it shuts back off at 7 AM. This extends their days, and allows then to lay clear through the winter.

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    Judy, I think that girl needs to have a photo posted of her looking all sleek and gorgeous. She might hate you for posting her moullting photo again!!!

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    Sarah B says

    Oh, Judy, I’m so happy for you and boy do I miss mine when I see the basket of fresh eggs… we lost all of our girls to the coons last summer. We are going to rebuild the run, lock up the coop at night and start over again this spring. We might have fresh eggs again in 8 months and I am counting down!!