The Yarn Chart

My yarn chart is really nothing worth sharing but I’ll give you a little hint of how I did it.  For those not familiar with Ravelry, it’s a membership type group.  It’s free to join.  For yarn lovers, there’s a wealth of information there.  Lots of free patterns, lots of reasonably priced patterns you can buy and download instantly.  There are forums.  Members can set up a “notebook”:

I’ve actually done a horrible job of keeping up with my notebook.  The first pair of socks shown was 50% completed when I last updated and both have been finished for months.  The second yarn shown is completely finished now.  I should do better but that isn’t a big priority.

You can also list your entire stash with photos:

I find loading the photos a hassle because I don’t use Flickr enough to be real familiar with it.  I don’t really need to see pictures of my yarn, I just need to know how much of what yarns I have so that when I’m going through the Ravelry patterns, and I see something I want to try to make, I’ll know if I have a yarn, and a sufficient amount.

The spreadsheet I made is just a Google spreadsheet.  I can access it from anywhere, even my cell phone or iPad.  Right off the bat, I’ll know what I have in my stash without having to go through pages of photos.  If I see a yarn in my stash and I’m not real sure what color it might be . . say Bugga in the color “Love Bug”, then I can just go to Ravelry and search under yarn, Bugga, Love Bug and come up with lots of photos:

And I’ll know right away that Love Bug is a tone on tone pink.

For my spreadsheet, I started several columns with the yarns that I have the most of – Bugga, Wollmeise 100% wool and Wollmeise Twin.  Here are some snippets of the spreadsheet just to give you an idea of what I did:

Next, I added little sections for the other yarns:

It’s just for my own use and I think it will help me.  I do feel like I have a better idea of what I have and I think I can knit all the way through 2011 without feeling the need to order yarn!


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    I tried to do my yarn stash that way a long time ago but never seemed to keep it updated. But I can keep my Rav stash updated for some odd reason.

    I DO, however, use a spreadsheet for my quilt WIPs, UFOs and completed quilts. I have broken it down to type (pieced, embroidered, applique), with columns for cutting the kit, making blocks, setting, quilting (hand, DSM or LA), binding. At each step of the process I can strike through the part that is completed. Upon finishing the project, I can hide the row in the spreadsheet, if I want to, but I found it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see all those strikeouts.

    Don’t you love Google docs? I do. I keep a lot of things up there that I need to access.

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    I think I need to look into Google docs. I use a Works spreadsheet for my yarn inventory and another one for my finished projects (quilting, knitting, reading, beading, crocheting, etc.) I enter the project when I start it and it’s there until I finish it. The project file is also an “affirmation” file because it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see all the things I finish in a year. I wonder if I can upload my Works files to Google docs? I’ll look into it.

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    Evelyn says

    Wow Judy -you have such amazingly beautiful yarn! I knit my son 2 pairs of socks and DH 1 pair of socks for Christmas – they just got the package today and loved their socks! My 7 year old has preferred hand knit socks now for at least 4 years? This is the 1st year that I have actually been able to get him to wear store bought but he is ever happy to have new hand knit socks. You knit your socks on smaller sized needles like I do – it takes time! I would say that you are very well set in the sock yarn department for awhile to come. I love it when you post your photos of your latest finished pair and your notes about what you liked/disliked about a particular yarn. Cheers! Evelyn

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    Lesa Matthes says

    I love the organization and I was believing up to the end…….where you don’t think you’ll “need” to purchase any more sock yarn in 2011.