The Fully Feathered Hen

The Easter Eggers aren’t as friendly as the Red Stars.   They don’t trust me.  Could be because one of their sisters is in my freezer from last year and our friends had one of their sisters for dinner this year.  I’m just sayin’ . .

But do you see how shiny and pretty all of her new feathers are?

For the longest time, she would not eat out of my hand.  She would just sit on the perch and watch the Red Stars gobble up all the treats but today, she was happy to eat out of my hand.

And, of course, You Know Who is standing on the perch saying “What about ME?”  Ruby thinks any time there’s a camera in the hen house, she must be in the pictures.

And Vince thinks Speck is feeling left out so here he is too!

The picture makes him look sad but he was disappointed because I was going outside and he wasn’t going.  He’s feeling good, eating good and quite energetic!


  1. 1

    pat says

    I’m glad to see the chicken with all the feathers it was pretty before too.

    I have a dashound too Buster he looks sad when he doesn’t get his way too.
    When we first got him had to rush him to the vet quit eating and drinking. Did all sorts of test they said he was depressed.

    But I still love him.
    He has been a very expensive dog we have had.

  2. 2


    I love your chickens! Have you made a quilt inspired by them? One of my UFOs for the 2011 challenge is all about funny chickens! One day I hope to have some; fresh eggs… yum

  3. 3

    Sandra Neel Hutchins says

    It’s wonderful to know that Speck is doing well. I love hearing about him. I love dogs; chickens? only in the frying pan or pot! But I have to admit that Ruby looks like a sweetheart.

  4. 5

    Peggy says

    Hurray about Speck! My DH is threatening to dispose of our greyhound who recently rammed into me on the way downstairs. He’s fine. I got a concussion and a badly fractured wrist! Still wouldn’t dream of not having him. I guess he IS the most expensive dog we’ve ever had.

  5. 6

    Darlene S says

    Your Easter Egger’s feathers look wonderful. They really are beautiful creatures for chickens. Wish I had some, but too late in my life to do it now.

    I’m glad Speck is doing well. I had Christmas Eve with 2 mini dachsies (Eddie and Ella) and they were picked up and held by someone the whole time we were visiting. THey were really spoiled.!! But so cute. Dar

  6. 7


    I’m glad to hear Speck is doing well (but I really stopped to chat about Ruby, lol). Glad to see her again, you need a little button for her fans too *giggle*!

  7. 10


    Pretty hen! I’m sure she’s a lot warmer now. Have fun with yellow! Tomorrow is the drawing for the first UFO! Come on Vince…draw something we all want to work on! Sandi